Saturday, November 15, 2008

Admit Defeat..!?!

Let me set you off with a little question..

6 Drinks + 3 Ice Creams Cost £8.52. 6 Lolly's and 3 Ice Creams Cost £9.24. What is the cost of 1 drink, 1 ice cream and 1 Lolly?

This is a 10 yr old school homework question.. And it troubled me for at least 20 mins.. I admitted defeat in the end and gave up... (Well Actually Tina Told me The Answer)..

Anyways... Monthly Round up quickly for you guys since i've been really really busy and missed out telling all you guys about me and my life...

Alrite here is a quick Round up... Request of pictures of my coppings can be made and I will get up off my ass and take photos haha..

Crooks & Castle Bandito Stadium Jacket
Crooks & Castle Mechanic Twill Pants
Crooks & Castle Scripter Flannel

Quickly google them up or check out Karmaloop for them.. As I Broke my Karmaloop Virginity to purchase one of them items... (I'm Pretty upset with myself haha)

Went to watch the latest James Bond... Quantum of Bullshit or something... That crap isn't even James Bond Any more... It's not as good as Bourne and it doesn't even compare to the older James Bond... I'm Disappointed.. But When I went to see it I got to see Emma Watson... (Google if you idiots don't know who she is)

Went Kanye Concert on the 12th... (Not the 11th when he messed up Love Lock Down haha)

Not as good as last years but none the less decent... Kid Cudi performing Day & Nite amazing live... Kanye no wardrobe change? WTF is up with that man... He lives by his clothing and his crazy attire yet he wore the same thing the whole nite... But DAMN.!! Air Yeezy's.. I need those in my life..

Alrite and here comes the whole theme of the blog and a little story for you guys..!!

Yesterday Marked the release of Call of Duty World At War.. (Multi Platform Release)..
Marco the idiot comes up with the idea of buying the game @ 3a.m in the morning... So we go get our Regular Chicken from the closest chicken shop open till 4a.m.. Then we decide to locate 24 Hour Supermarkets..

Here comes the longest drive off my life, First we enter Asda in Colindale.. (Near Oriental City for you guys who aren't local) SOLD OUT... Tesco near Brent Cross SOLD Out..!!
Where else is open at this time? (It's about 5a.m now) Asda in Wembley (yeah behind the stadium) Manager: "We sold out in the first hour we were selling it Friday @ Midnight, and there was a q not everyone was served."

6a.m We admit defeat and head on home... Restless as I was i managed to pick it up this morning and your probably asking why the HELL aren't I playing it now and typing up this shit?

No idea, Safe ^^

Monday, November 03, 2008

I'm Back..!?!

It's been a while since i've blogged and I know you've all been missing me hahaha...

I've been pretty much pre-occupied with Pro evolution Soccer 2009 on PS3..

Yes thats right I've got a PS3 because a few people seemed to be surprised when I sed I had one..

Anyways i've also been writing my little project and it's been taking all my free time inbetween work and Uni..

It seems i've not posted much about my clothing in the past few weeks... So i'm going to fill you all in with some Crooks Porn ^^... Their style and designs are moving places man..

They've become mainstream... I mean i've seen 4 people actually rock their shit and I mean they aren't even in my circle haha..

Dan's no longer exclusive... So i've decided to move on and step up...
No more Streetwear... Lets GROW UP..!!

On that note I won't be blogging for a while as I will be receiving this game soon and I know I will lose sleep and a few years of my life to this little game haha..

Something for you Final Fantasy Fans...

When you have time check back for photo's of my latest Crooks Tops and stuff...

(Also in the next blog there will be a sneak preview of my works... As i've finished the Introduction and a little of the first chapter [Which may change]... Comments and shit are welcome... )

Peace out... Time for Work..!!