Wednesday, May 30, 2007

你 都 DOG geh!!!

MiND Mother Fucker..!! 07 Summer Release For You..!!

Lei Du Dog Geh if you don't Cop one ...

£30... Delivered ... Drop Me A Line..!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Tradition's ..?!

Chinese Traditions, English Traditions.. Everyone has traditions and we all live by these..

They could be culture specific, lifestyle specific, religion specific or just stuff you do as a routine..

Friday, was my "Jeh Jeh's" B-day.. She turned 12..!! ^^ lol..
(Yeah I know it doesn't work when I am 7 years older haha)

The funniest thing happened @ Dinner... Chinese readers should know about this...

Covering The Bill @ The End of A Meal..!! Chinese people always fight for the right haha... (White folks thinking STUPID CHINK'S... Let the other person get the bill.. Black folks thinking free food HELL YEAH..!! Brown folks thinking that meal was expensive..)

Well Auntie was fighting to pay the bill and literally attacked the Waiter for the Bill.. I was creasing when he put his hand's up and surrendered... Then when she looked @ the bill it was for the other table...>__< How embarrassed we was...

Following the blog theme... I have to say Sorry to a few people... I've let alot of people down recently...

Tony C.
Aaron H.
Charlotte F.
Esther L.

Some of the closest people to me right now... I don't know how people see this but I put Hing Dai's before girlfriend >__< (Don't Hate Me)... But trying to keep both parties happy is hard.. I'm trying to give enough time to everyone so please forgive me.!! But by doing this I seem to upset both parties or just piss them off... *Sigh*.. (After My Last Blog.. I'm still not fully recovered)... But Depressing times are over..!!

Let me leave u with a link to Kanye West's New Single Dropping Soon From His New Album..!! Link

"If the Devil Wear Prada, Adam & Eve Wear Nada
I'm inbetween but way more fresher."

Friday, May 25, 2007

Still Human..!!

When your weak, there is always someone to look up to... For Many of you it maybe a parent figure, a brother, a sister or maybe your partner... Hell For Some of you it may even be Me..!!

I am usually a strong character, a fighter someone who doesn't show sign's of weakness or emotions.. I only show one emotion and thats happiness.

To Face The Day With A Smile, The Day Shall Smile Back At You... I've lived by that rule/law/statement which i've thought of myself... And it has treated me well.. I've had no problem's... and when I do all I do is look up and smile..(or pick up one of my kick's and just admire them)

I've heard alot of saying's such as..

"Dan, I Hate You. Your Always Happy.!!"
"Dan, Aren't you ever upset?"
"Dan, Everytime I see you your laughing!!"

Well, it takes a weak person to lie about their emotions, At the end of the day I am still Human..

I don't like showing sign's of weakness because of the fact some people look up to me... Some people feel as if my positivity rub's onto them and then they can face the day with a smile..

I've always felt, as long as you've gone thro the day and you've made ONE person smile or laugh, your day is complete... The best of times are happy times, so Why can't everyone just get along and have a laugh...

Sorry about this Blog... Not Feeling Very Dim Today... I'll be alrite.. =)..!!

Anyways back to being DIM..!!

LOST Season 3 or whatever the hell it is on... SUCH AN AMAZING ENDING..!! The Ending has made it the best season ender this year... Prison Break had a lame ending... Heroes was worse... Desperate housewive's I have no idea where that is going... Ugly Betty seems to just be going round in circles... (Yes I am a woman I watch all these shows)...

Apprentice.. DAMN RIGHT SHE SHOULD BE FIRED..!! Business is Business..!!

I'm going to smoke some shisha and cut my life shorter... Live For Today Not Tomoro..!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Beautiful..!?! Kicks?!?!

Well Last Few Day's Been Busy Helping Esther Pick Gift's For Sister's..!! Caught too much jokes... but also my arm's are killing me >__<...!!

Anyway's On the way home today from seeing Char ^^...

I sat next to some beautiful girl, (some like squeedish model) @ The Tube Station...
(Yes I am Shallow I sat next to her because she was leng...)

Anyways... Yeah Then I Thought if I Sit With one foot up. (Crossed like a Gentleman)...
People walking past will stare ^^ ...

The Guys in Suit's all perved on her... and guys with sense of fashion all stared at my trainer's .. HAHAHA I was going to let out a laugh but it seems all guys are the same ^^...

Man Soo Hot and Sunny Today... I look like a frigging Indian >__<...
(First thing mother sed to me today... Hak Jor Geir.!!) is finally up and running...

Heroes has finished and it was a crap season ending..!! *Sigh*... Not even going to talk about it..!!

Apprentice & Lost Talk Tomoro..!! Hehe..!!

Considering Whether To Cop Sakura's Or Pure Money's ..!! HAVE YOUR SAY..!!

Oh And Today I was reading starsign's coz SOMEONE*Edit*(Esther..!!!.!) Got me into believing that crap...

"You Have No Choice Now But To Be Positive About A Recent Development"..


*Edit* Was For Esther Because I Didn't Know She Wouldn't understand my JOKE @ 4 am in the morning when she read my blog..

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Spiz ikles ? I DONT NO.!?!

Well Long Day Today..!! END OF EXAMS..!! I Am A Free Men..!!

Thought I would be nice and get myself a Well Done You Survived Exam's Present..!!

Air Jordan Spiz'ike's True Blue..!! Can't Touch This..!!

I laughed too much today... Gonna get a six pack from all this laughing hahaha... (I wish..)

Thanx To All Those People Who Brought A Smile To My Face Today...!!


SPERM-OFF (Nice)..!! HAHAHA ^^ I just added it and it made me laugh more...

Hope My Lo Por Jai Feels Better Tomoro >__<...
Missing You.!.!

NEED PIC'S OF CHLOE Drunk..!! That is going onto my Whiteboard so I can laugh myself to sleep and laugh myself awake ^^.. (Dunno if that makes sense but it's frigging 4 am in the morning...)

Time for me to Tidy my rooms since it is the end of the exam's..!!

Chapel of Dawn.. Juno's New Album..!!

Nite nite going to bed..!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Street Wear Apprentice..?!

No They Didn't..!! HAHA...

Apprentice UK Stepped all over our territory..!!

Carnaby Street... Showing off Bapesta's & Roadsta's...!!

And Calling REEBOK's TRENDY... They know NOTHING..!!

Street... Why would u name a brand Street..!!

I wish I was on the Apprentice taking up this task... I would pass with flying colours..!!


Well I certainly know what my street is haha... Definately not them kick's... they need some tips on designing..!!

Me looking fit for The Apprentice..!!

Anyways Watching Apprentice triggered this post... now back to revision >__< ..!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Build Up..?!!

I've finally Done "IT"?

This is the state of my room building up to the exam's..!!

I will post a pic of it clean and tidy after the exam's when i've binned all my work and stuff... If only my phone's camera was big enough to show u my whole room lol...

Late nights "Revising", fat stomach needed filling..!!

This blog is about Heroe's...!!

Next Week is last episode >__< ... 2 episode special..!!

Those who have not seen it... Hurry up and catch up..!!

/blogmodeoff.. Back to revision..!!

Monday, May 14, 2007


More Like LACK of...

>__< Man's been Wasted for a few days... Today the week of all my exams... I decided to sleep from 8 Am to about 3 P.M..!! The most hours of sleep I got in a few weeks...

I don't usually blog about games... but one game has to get a special mention...

BLEACH Wii..!! Bloody Amazing...!! But I Suck At It Atm...!! >__< ... The game has a massive replay value...!!! (for an anime based game)... I've also finally caught up with Bleach as well.. and it is getting good..!!..

Not tried this on Blog before but I think a few people get a special Mention... Hehe...!!(Readers want a special mention just hit me up and i'll wrote a comment about u)(WARNING: You May Get Cussed)

Aaron: You Bloody Gay, Stop Cheating On Bleach HAHAHA..!! And Bumming SanJ ^^..

Esther: Get some Sleep..!! and cheer up... your making all of us miserable..!! I'm still recovering from all the injuries u gave me on saturday >__<...

Charlotte: Well done for passing theory..!! Big improvement since Saturday.. When you didn't even know what a crossroad was ¬___¬.. Why DO You always have such Busy Day's... Even if I want to speak to you I can't >__<...

Fashion side...!!

TRUE BLUE..!! Cop or Not ? Still need to try these bad boy's on..!! Aiya... Too many pairs releasing ... No Money..!!

DANG..!! You Know I Love Collabo's But nothing This BIG Should Hit Street's..!!

FooK..!! Copping that SHIT...!! Rare As Hell Union NYC Drop.

Let me finish this blog off with the Top of the range SHIT...!!

KANYE WEST...!! Dropping New Album Soon "Graduation"...


Friday, May 11, 2007

New Era..?!?

Well I've Shown You Lace Lock's... Jean Jewelry to stop baggy jeans scraping the floor...

Now I bring to you...

Bite... A Japanese brand which makes initials & numbers which clip onto your new era hat...

Imagine my Pigeon New Era Saying Dim Hehe...

Pics Via Strictly Fitted

A Sneak Peek of Up Coming Tee's and Shit I mite cop before HK..!!

This Update Was Influenced by Esther..!!

"Sek Sek" ^^

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Esther We Love You..!!!

Esther We Love You..!!

A Pic For Ivy, Whitney & Vanessa..!!
(Log's Onto Facebook For Esther Pic..!!)
There Are None of Her by herself... And The Ones You Can See Her She is making weird Faces ..

Well it's Been 12 Hours Since I got my ear done... and it's finally stopped Stinging >___< ..

We are Such Druggies ¬___¬...

We only Live Once... This is all Aaron's Fault I Have this..!!

Anyway's back to the Real Dim Blog..!! Hehehe...

Well I Ain't Kept Up To Day With the Fashion side....

Here are a few Up coming brand's i'm Planning to keep an Eye on..!


NikeiD America Have Finally Got Nike Dunk Hi Top's On it..!!

We've Got Nike AF25...

My First Design..!!

Signing out it is Late... >__<...

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The 3rd Hole..

Self Explanatory..!!



Well Check it if u can..!!

Sneaker/Kick/Trainer Update..!!

PURE MONEY AJ3's..!! Avalible For Pre-Fuking-Order..!!

Check that shit man ... Dope as Hell..!!

Under £100 Delivered..!! Want To Be 1% of UK That Rock AJ3's..!! These will Stand out in the crowd...!!

Shame I am Saving For The Black Cat's If not Deffo COP..!!

The Long Weekend..!! Crooks & Castle.?!?

BAM..!! Crooks & Castle..!! The ORIGIN'S..!! The Meaning..!!

Everything behind one of the best upcoming brands... (Upcoming or not... it's BIG)..!!

Well a Quick Blog Update..!!

Saturday Met Charlotte & Esther (Kiko to some hehe).. Not seen them for months... was nice to catch up..!!

Esther I know u going to hate me for calling u that.. haha SMILE for me ^^... (I am writing this as I am txting u)

Saturday Nite... Karmen's 20th..!! GETTING OLD..!! Roller Disco/Club thing hehe... Was a laugh.. Fell on my Fat Ass a few times >___<....

(Crap Picture because we didn't know which way to look..) But A Group One Nonetheless..!!

Sunday & Monday.. Shisha X BBQ X Curry Rice/Noodles/Chicken..!!

SHISHA Crew... lol...Man Feel Wasted From that stuff..!!

Never forget... I managed to fit in some WoW Time..!!

LVL 40 Dimsum BABY..!!

Mite be getting my ear pierced tomoro... If I don't Pussy Out.. hahahaha..!!

Check Tomoro or The Day After For Pic's..!!