Saturday, September 12, 2009


Well Yesterday was 11/9 or as American's put it... 9/11... (Gonna start the blog with a little depressing mood..)

8 years, wow it's been a long time... But I can remember the events so clearly even at a young age of 14...

Year 10 Period 3 (maybe my timing mite be a little off)... English don't even remember how we found out... but we was informed... I came home watched the events unfold on TV... I think i managed to make it home before the Twin Towers actually collapsed..

Father was on the phone, saying this is mad, something you don't believe will happen.

At the age of 14, I was care-free and immature, didn't think much of it and just continued with my activities...

What was you doing on that day 8 years ago?

Anyways back to my normal self.... Well it seems it's been almost a month since I last posted... I used to update regularly... Anyways let me fill you in on what has happened in the past 2-3 weeks i've been missing...

Blueprint 3 Dropped... (leaked when I was listening to it) Best album of 2009 easily... Kid Cudi's Man on the Moon was leaked... I'll give the guy some mad props man from Zero to Something... I remember when he opened up at Kanye's concert in O2 no one knew who he was... (of course O.G Dan knew) Been on that Day n Nite Grind since 2008..!!!

Other than that nothing really exciting has been happening in my life...

Well this blog was to inform you all i've been fasting in time with Ramazan (Ramadan, what ever you want to call it)
Many have asked Why i've been doing it... To be honest I myself can't answer that question... I personally have no idea why I am fasting... It started off as a sort of challenge from the Muslim Driver... He calls me a fat man, and I can't go the day without eating. So I took him up on his challenge and decided to fast for the week to prove to him, if he can do it Why can't I.

The first few days was hell, my mouth was dry, my belly wouldn't STFU, but Food has never tasted so goood.
The thing is my sleeping pattern and lifestyle kinda screw's me over. I don't sleep till 7 a.m in the morning, and don't plan to eat at 3 am in the morning, clashing with work from 5-10:30.. When It gets busy I don't eat till 9:30 or 10... Or i'll wait out and have some Jersey Chicken at 11 or even later...

Therefore i'd only eat one meal a day and only drink Water after 8... I personally think everyone should fast for a week, maybe not a whole month.. But after a few days you begin to realise you only need to eat when your hungry and not when your bored... (Yes I know some of you readers are fat haha)

Speaking of Jersey, another challenge came along the other day... All you twitters will know... I was challenged to eat 40 Spicy Wings from Jersey. Being Dan I accepted the challenge and when I tell you it's the first time I was scared of food. I was literally in tears and just couldn't go on, and I only managed 20..!!!

I've recently been pre-occupied with watching Code Geass, a quite recent anime. When I say this anime is awesome it must be ranked pretty highly!! I couldn't predict much, but being Dan and amazing i managed to get some of the twists but others they didn't hint so there was no way of me predicting it.
It's also a quite fitting anime, as it's about a guy who wants to become King/God and have power to protect people he loves. Something I know a lot about haha.
Come on I have essays written about me!!! (Not going to Bait the guy out)

"The person who I admire, is a good friend, in fact he’s a family friend. I also trust this person with my life because I’ve known him since I was born till this very day and he’s always been in my life since the start. I also look up to this person because when ever I go to him and ask him for advice or whenever I am in trouble, he’s always there to help me and I know he’ll never let me down. I called my friend saying, the trains have stopped working, then he said to me, "give me your location and I’ll be there soon” I was like wow.., he’s actually going to stop what he’s doing and come and pick me up from a mess that I have made. He also supports me in everything I do like when I ask about general questions he’ll always reply with a straight forward answer.

When the person I admire does all this to help me, I can’t help but feel appreciative and thankful towards them. This makes me feel even more inclined to look up to them and use them as a guideline to my life ahead. The reason for me looking up to my friend, is because who he is today just inspires me, it shows you that there are some good people in the world that you can always rely on, even though I dislike his bad habits for instance Cursing. Cursing is something that I see as a flaw, but that has also taught me that not everyone is perfect, he may have helped me a lot and he may be someone I admire, but I can learn from him that no one is flawless

The person who I admire is Daniel Khor. He has helped me become the person who I am today. Dan is a person that I will continue to admire and I will never forget the ways that he has helped me. He plays a big role in my life, another big brother to me that I can always rely on, I am thankful that I have him as a friend."

Cursing was edited by Me to make this blog post more family friendly (Family members read my blog too)

See I don't have an ego... it's you people poisoning my mind giving me that big head of mine haha...

Anyways I'm going to bed... Hopefully i'll bring something better to the blog next time..

Haha i'm guessing you all understand the point of this picture... But it's hard to take a photo with a DSLR with one hand, using live view and without a correct len's to get the depth... But you know what i was going for..!!