Friday, December 10, 2010


I've not really blogged much recently and at first I didn't really have a reason, but then I realised why!

Material development only brings us physical comfort; mental development depends on training the mind. - Dalai Lama

Working with that phrase I can share with u, my homo brother Nixon (@Nixonit24seven) has been stuck in Malaysia without me. Or shall I say I'm stuck in UK without him!

Man was suppose to be back on the 5th December I've been counting down the days like a fucking children's advent calender but cat goes and changes his flight till the bloody 3rd Jan! So it's another long month of Xmas without my other half!

Well let me share with u some of my time killing activities. I've begun practicing various magic tricks, been trading and losing more money. But living life stress free and enjoying the bum lifestyle.

I mean I could give u guys boring updates and shit like that but I know u don't want to read that. I mean I'm trying to write more inspirational, motivational and asparational stuff for u guys.

Times are hard, weather is messed up. In this economy no one is really motivated, I think everyone just wants XFactor finished, and xmas to come. Drop ur crappy 'XFactor Xmas Number' and be gone till next year. What u looking for this xmas? Just to be with family and friends. To get drunk and wash away ur problems. Get the gifts u wanted.

You know what we all really need? Just a nice meal where u can forget about dieting and shit, fuck sake everyone around me is like dieting for what reason? To fall ill and look pale? To lose some weight when it's not needed? Dieting is for healthy reasons and to do it healthily, the way some of u guys are doing it is just ruining ur own life. Enjoy food just not excessively, add some exercise into ur routine but don't dedicate ur life to it.

Ever thought about mental training? Mental exercise and dieting? Your physical state is just as important as ur mental state.


If ur not already a reader of his blog please and I beg of u to visit it. He will put some fucking sense into ur useless minds.

Peace Out and Merry Xmas!