Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Holy Grail...!?!

Well If you don’t know what the title means then you should just stop reading here… No this is not about Jay-z’s Track titled Holy Grail…

No this is not about The Patta x Parra Burgundy AM1’s which I class as my Holy Grails…
(This is a sneakerhead reference if you aren’t sure please google or feel free to contact me to be schooled)

I titled it Holy Grail because i’m going to educate you peasants about The Knights of The Round, and King Arthur… Haha not really you don’t need a religious history lesson based on something which is a myth… What I wanted to talk about is the Oath the knights swore.

The Code of Chivalry.

The Knight's Code of Chivalry was a moral system that stated all knights should protect others who can not protect themselves, such as widows, children, and elders. All knights needed to have the strength and skills to fight wars in the Middle Ages; they not only had to be strong but they were also extremely disciplined and were expected to use their power to protect the weak and defenseless.

Well, the code of Chivalry was actually what defined Knights and allowed them to maintain their knighthood.

Let me give you an interpretation by Sir Thomas Malory who wrote a book based on King Arthur:

  • To never do outrage nor murder (not to fight or murder anybody)
  • Always to flee treason (not to commit treason, a crime where you go against your country or king)
  • To by no means be cruel but to give mercy unto him who asks for mercy (To be fair to people, and not be cruel)
  • To always do ladies, gentlewomen and widows succor ('succor' is an old word for help; this means that the knight must promise to help women if they need it)
  • To never force ladies, gentlewomen or widows (to never do any harm to women)
  • Not to take up battles in wrongful quarrels for love or worldly goods (not to start a pointless fight)
(Typing this up made me think of the dog in Game of Thrones… Took a BIG BREAK to re-watch it haha)

I see this as the basic form of Chivalry…and it’s been adapted in the 21st Century as the Gentleman’s Code.

I mean it’s a very very simple way of life… I myself follow these rules or code of conduct because I believe it should be followed without any thought. It’s how a man should act at all times. To me it’s very basic skills of living within a community. Simple shit like holding a door open for a lady or even a man. Come on WHAT DOES IT ACTUALLY COST YOU… Thats how most people think now a days… Everyone thinks about themselves and thats it…

I can list many things a man should do for a woman, or how a man should act but I don’t think I need to school any of you… If you need to be reminded of these simple life skills then please have a go at your parents/guardians you was not raised properly…. If you don’t want to pass the blame to them then, blame society because living by such a Gentlemans Code is now seen as ‘Thirsty’... No I don’t want to get into your pants… No I’m not trying to make a pass on you because every guy that approaches you has only their interests in mind… (Do you know what this last line might be true and hell the previous line must be true… but please do not generalise for the whole male race. Some of us have mothers, daughters and sisters. We expect many people to be able to have a general understanding of how women should be treated)

I do this shit not for the satisfaction… Or for any recognition… I do it because I believe it’s morally correct… It’s the same as waking up and brushing your teeth, saying please and thank you. Just think about how a house is built, how a plant grows. Without the foundations in proper order what use is the rest of the house, or how can a plant grow without it’s roots. Next time you’ve got the opportunity to open a door for someone, (make sure the person you're opening a door for doesn’t have to take more than 5 Steps..)[I think this is widely accepted if you don’t hold it open if she has to do a slight sprint, specially in heels]

I’m sorry about this blog… I’m not here to boost my Ego and say I’m perfect and I abide by these rules at all time… But I just want people to recognise there are still people out there who believe in Chivalry and not all of them are out to get you haha…

Well I’ll have to drop another Jay-z reference here…

Onto the next one…..

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