Saturday, June 09, 2012

The Real World..!?!

OH Wow.. I wrote this blog and saved it as a draft about two years ago... I read it and thought let me publish it..!!

I just wanted to give you guys a little insight of what I think... Some of you will agree some of you will disagree... A lot of this is bullshit and i've made up haha but it doesn't stop your reading...

Anyways you all know the saying The Rich Get Richer and the poor get poorer....

If you've ever got the time sit down and have a little think... look around at those close to you... They are usually in the same financial situation as you, or more or less the same education background...

Think of this as your herd, we are all animals just slightly intelligent and have the ability to speak. Within your herd there will be some who are slightly stronger/fitter/smarter than the others.. These would be seen as the dominant figures, the leaders.
The rest will look at this person as a sort of idol, leader by example. Look at them for approval, to be accepted as this greater collect.

Now think about the rich, the celebs, footballers and anyone else you can think of. They have their own "herds" the status, the money and everything else with it is kept within their herds. Even from a young age this starts, think about the school you went to, if you couldn't perform you was rejected from that "herd" or social group, till you found one where everyone was similar. Breaking out of these social stereotype/groups are hard. I mean i've seen this growing up, going to average schools... You'll have more creative people than academics. People who enjoy "spitting lyrics" and "bustin moves" (Wow I sound old). Compared to other schools which probably talk about books they've read. Upcoming exams or what not. (I wouldn't know I never reached this level haha)

Anyways to keep this short, the rich will pass on their wealth to their children. To become wealthy you have to have money work for you, not work for money. By having the ability to pass on money which can duplicate itself in assets, you'll never become poor.

Man i'm just hating... not in a dickhead way.. Just hating it's harder for people like us to break out of these social stereotypes bestowed upon us.

Let The Games Begin..!?!!

Yeezy 2's dropped and copped... Euro's have started... Olympics Coming up... Wimbledon Coming up.. 

Daniel Khor coming back to the blog..!! 

Check Back soon I'm writing the next one..