Thursday, August 23, 2007

Gor Gor & G Coping..!!

Air Jordan Spiz'ikes..!!

Kings Country..!!

Check that Shit man... Don't Be Hating..!!!

Daniel G-ing be coping Brian Anderson Nike Dunk SB..!!!

Check the Colourway Matching..!!!

Dang man... FRESH TO DEATH..!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Time & Changes...!?!

I'm picking up this topic for a blog because i'm just going to rant about how I feel about changes..

There is always that debate of changes isit good or isit bad?

Also With Time Comes Changes but a lot of us decide not to change or try not to change.

I, for example decide not to change or try not to... I seek out Original Trainers because i don't like the newer stuff.. I look for older stuff and pay more than it was released ?

Why? You Ask because I think it's worth paying more to not change.

Time is the cause of all changes, To me I think it helps me a lot, it makes the clothing I buy rarer.. and Worth more... My Trainers rarer and more desired..

Well as time passes I begin to age, I think it's about time i'm jumping off streetwear... Getting 20+ wearing crazy ass colours and stuff...

Nah, Allow DAT..!! I'm Streetwear inside out, it's my culture and way of life..!!

Hey, when you feel down all you gotta do is check yourself out, look @ your kicks and BAM your smile will come back.. Or when some cat comes up to u and goes Man those are looking fresh or where u cop that man..

These are comments and feelings you can't pay for..

Stay Fresh To Death..!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

It's Been A While...Daniel G...!!?!?

Well it's been a while since i've posted anything relevant or anything which is worth a read lol...
Lately i've just been killing myself with Shisha, and just going shopping... I've not posted pics for ages of clothing and stuff...

Here are a few items i've purchased over the last few weeks...

Crooks & Castle Insect Tee 2

Crooks & Castle Ole English New Era

Upper Playground Pong New Era

I made this man temptings to buyings these itemings.
Looks like top boys on roadings not autofelationings. aheeiiiiiiii...

He been buyings these itemings

This is Daniel G's Attemptings at showing off his collectionings


Well recently Charlotte has been lending me these Economics books and stuff... i've been reading them and decided to rant about humans and the way they act.

Being Rational means going shopping and automatically buying the item you desire at the cheapest price... This is what everyone does because it is how humans behave. But on the other hand with sneaker heads they seek out the expensive price because they want to guarantee their goods are authentic and good quality.

This brings me to the question, why do people buy fakes on ebay?

Some people sell reals and authentics but to seek these out u need to be quite skilled. I don't mind people purchasing fakes but trying to floss them like they are real.. Those are the idiots lol..

Well i have some younger readers to the blog hope you all achieved good results and have been accepted into your Uni's or Colleges.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Kix R Us ..!!

Was A little bored... so I thought I would take a nice little pic of my current kicks collection...


Sneaker PIMPING..!!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Pure Wasteage..!!

Been A Long Time... Man I've been sooo bored and stuff recently... Nothing good happening...

Well Last Week Was Pat Man's B-day Went to that..!! Was a Great Nite...

I don't seem to have a pic with Pat, so this will have to do lol... The Shisha Crew Pose...

Well this happened on Friday..!!

Sunday Till Monday... I was CHUN..!!!

Here are some pic's... & The Mess... COTCH & BLAZE..!! In Bournemouth..!! Check Facebook For Pic's..!!

New Shisha Activity..

Blowing Shisha Smoke Into Bubbles And Trying To Keep The Bubble Up.!!!

Also New Photo/Hobby/Event Thingy lol... They have Sneaker Pimp World Tour w/e... I have Where Have Your Rare Kick's Been..!!

Peace out...