Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Life's Mystery's Dim Version!!

Alrite as my tweet sed, "My life is quite interesting, but why do people follow my life?"
Why isit you all read my blog, I'm going to give you an insight as to why I read blogs and a reason why I like to write this rubbish.

My personal blog is all about me! That's right Daniel Mother Fucking Khor, a lot of you know me by that and know I'm proud of my name and I tend to refer to myself in 3rd person!

I don't think I'm any different from you I'm just a regular guy, trying to hustle and has an eye for beautiful things. I blog about things, people like us can get our hands on. Maybe I work a little harder for it, or maybe not as hard as you but regardless I hustle my own money, and everything you see on this blog is brought by my own money.

This blog was started around College times, when I left people just kept asking what u been up to man? What have you copped and I would link them to my blog. Since then, the blog has grown. I used to post images of other shit and stuff I wanted as well as interesting stuff I found. But I've realised sooo many other blogs do that. Nothing is original anymore. I used to use the blog to vent haha, I remember my Bitch Dan mode Rants when I used to be unhappy. But now I'm the happiest bunny around. (Yes, my Chinese sign is a Rabbit.)

Alrite here goes my attempt to answer one of life's mysteries. I thought of this after hearing everyone talk about X-Factor and I'm A Celeb, about Jordan doing the walk. We are living in the age of Information, where everything is instant. If you haven't got access to your phone, the internet or even a TV. It feels like a part of your life is missing, hey it's the bloody same for me. But we've taken it for granted. I mean I don't even need to watch X-Factor to know that Jedward was pretty awful and half the nation hated their singing ability but kept them on because all 16 and unders enjoyed voting for them. I know Cheryl Cole looked pretty hot last weekend. I've never sat down and watched X-factor but all this information was readily available at a touch of a button, and I am able to read it and regurgitate it, as if I watched it.
We as humans have started to become what I would say attention seeking, and sheepish at the same time. We tend to follow the current trend, try and fit in but hardly anyone wants to try something different. Honestly, I'm sure u have much better things to do than watch X-factor, in what ways does it benefit u, watching it? It only allow's u to discuss what you saw the nite before at work/school/out the next day. To fit in, to conform to seem like your part of something.

I on the other hand rarely have the time to watch late nite television, I've no frigging idea who's on x-factor and I'm a celeb. I don't feel the need to fit in, but everyone broadcast's it around me.
That brings me back to my first point, u read this because u want to find out more about me. You may want to copy or integrate some of my personality into your own. You read this because u find my shit interesting!

I just had time to kill so I thought I'll write some crap haha, coz I know you'll read it as well.