Monday, April 30, 2007

Delay No More..!?!?

Aunt is Back With My Wii..!!!

Chipped/Hacked illegit shit... My room is too small to house this baby..!!

I think My Wii Needs To Be Clotted..!!

My Aunt Copped Me A Sick Tee..!!!

Delay No More..!?! Understand that Shit ? Say it with a chinese accent... (Only Chinese Readers will understand...!!)

(Next post I will explain it)

Friday - 27th - Angie's 21st..!!

Play Boy ?!?!

Brother & Sisterly Love...!! Out drinking with your brothers or sisters =S ..!!

Well I feel like a wasteman atm..!! Not slept for about 36 hours...

And for once I wasn't gaming >__<....

Well I'm off to Bed... Peace Out..!! Revision soon ¬__¬!!

Friday, April 27, 2007

New Phone..!!

After Weeks of Being Sold out and Father not being bothered to pick it up..

I've finally got my new Samsung phone...!!

OMG... Weekend is here..!! (Well mine started on wednesday hehe).. Means I am getting my Wii Soon... My Downloads have nearly finished ... So I will have around 7 or 8 Wii games ready for me to play on my crappy TV...

I NEED HD...!!

-----> Please Donate Money to me... to fund my addiction to trainers and a new HD TV..!!

Air Jordan III (Tru-ple...) Black Cat's Dropping on June 16th...!! HK BABY..!!

Hopefully I Can Cop these out there... They are FUCKING CRACK..!!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Fishy Fish Fish..!!

Koinobori Pack..!! CF..!!

Fish eye sole..!!

Koinobori, is a traditional japanese fish flag flown to celebrate children's day..!!

Wiki Link.!!

HERO'S IS back..!! Season 1 Part 2..!! Amazing... Check it if you haven't...

I ain't spoiling anything for anyone this time...

Peace out... More WoW Needed..!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Hungry Men..!!

After a Hard day At Uni..!!

(Well Hard as in staying awake..)

First lesson was canceled lol.. Man gets hungry.!!

And After Yesterday's BBQ Dan has alot of food left over...

Dim Idea's Kick in...

I thought why not combine all the BBQ stuff into a sandwich and munch it...

The End Result..!!

In the Making..!!!

A Sandwich with 1 Chicken Wing... (Dad took the rest..) Shredded into strips mixed with Mayo + Ketchup..!! Ham (which I found in the fridge...) + Malaysian Style Ho Fun.... With Prawn, Egg & Bean Sprout..!

All Sandwiched in between 4 slices of brown bread..!!

Another Week Lost..!!

*Snap*... Just like that it's Another Week..

One Week Closer To HK..!!

One Week Closer To Exams..!!

(list can go on..)...

Latest cop will be dropped on the site Soon...

I'm currently waiting patiently for the stuff to arrive... & for my aunt to come back from HK...

Wiiiii... I better catch some ZzzzZzz's... B4 I start tripping tomoro at Uni...

WoW Update's for those who follow hehe...

Dimind - 60... (Nearly 61..)
Dimsum - 28..!! BRAPP..!!

Will make an effort to make a more meaningful post next time haha..

Peace Out..!!


P.S ... HEROES IS BACK..!! Can't Bloody Wait... You Guys Best Have Caught up..!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

For My Charlotte..!!

Was chatting to Charlotte & I thought I would publish this from Myspace... For Laughs ^^ ...

Monday, April 16, 2007

G.O.O.D Crooks..!!

I've recieved my G.O.O.D Crooks Tee..!!

And I've finally got my Jackie Chan tee's and the designs on these are Sick..!!

Check the Dragon on the back... Can u make out what it says ?

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The End of Cotching..!!

This is My Shisha Setup @ The Back of My Garden...!! Full Lighting..!! Power & Everything... Laptop to go online...Everyone Gets Knocked out on that sofa..!!
Well 2 Weeks of Easter Flew By Quick..!!

Shisha, Parties..!! Cop's The Lot...!!

From Baby Cousin (Téa's B-day...) To Tony's !! (A Few Pictures To Sum Up Them Days..)

They Go In Order..!! Téa's B-day We Created Tony's Card...!! Which Lead To His Crazy B-day Party where we all got FOOKED..!!

The last few post's were my cop's for the easter...!! AM1's..!! (My First Pair... ELEPHANT PACK...)

AJ3's... My First Pair of Air Jordan's..!!

MiND Ltd Gonna Hit You Up In The Summer... Watch This SPACE..!!

But I won't be blogging for a while... I have to settle down and revise... Log off World of Warcraft and everything >__<...

WoW Update...

Lvl 59 Dimind (Female Night Elf Priest)
Lvl 14 Dimsum (Male Gnome Warlock)

(Facebook + Blog Has Pictures of everything..!!)

Easter went by quick... hopefully not many of you put on weight... To Mark The End of Easter... I went to watch my mates perform in some play called... Changing Fortunes...!!

I got to catch up with some mates I ain't spoken to since Jan... (Some Even Longer...>__<)

Update tomoro or the next day ... G.O.O.D Music X Crooks..!!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

G.O.O.D Music.!!

KRS One X Kanye West X Nas X Rakim = CLASSIC Nike Air Force 1 25th Anniversary Remix..!!

I'm Everywhere you've never been, i'm better than i've ever been..!!

The Beat to this is TOO SICK..!! Remixed By DJ Premier Himself..!!

Kanye West X Nas X Rakim X KRS.mp3

Video For This Beat..!

Also G.O.O.D Music X Crooks & Castle Tee Black XL.. COPPED..!!

I will post pics when I get it..!!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

It's Whats On Your Feet..!!! Pt.2..!!

Jeee MAN..!!! Got Me Up @ 10 am..!! To Go Cop These...!!

Atmos X Nike Elephant Pack... Limited to 2000 In the world..!! BRAAAPPP...!!

My First AM1's ... And These Ones Are Making A Statement..!!

Check Back For More Updates...

Signing out .... WoW Now :p...

WoW Update I am not 54... need the update soon...!! Lucky HMV Teamed up with Maccy D's and I got a £5 off voucher hahaha.... Update for £12..!! Siiickk... Save myself some cash for my kick's... hahaha...


PISSED..!! AJ3's In JD Sports...!! Fuck Them Re-Releases Lets Hope Chav's Don't Jump on that shit..!!