Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Air Yeez, You Ain't Seen These..!?!?

The day trip of my Air Yeezy!! Aite, so tuesday is my shopping day, woke up, got paid time to buy some fresh garms haha. Hop on the tube, 1st compliment of the day.
"Nice Shoes, you getting the next pair?"
Oh shhheeettt, someone in NW know's about the Air Yeez's she's seen these.

Enter first clothing store, I'm going to spare these guys from embarassment and not state the name of the store.
"Brother your going hard man today, I saw a picture of Jay-z rocking them."
Same store, female sales assistant,
"I love your shirt, and are they Air Jordan's?" She ain't seen these haha.
Oh shit boy take it yeezy man, no need to murk these guys lives. But some guy proper killed me off in Selfridges.
"Bruv, where u get your trainers from?"
Me :"1948 in Shoredich."
"Isit far from here? And how you get them for?"
Me: "£150, and there were like 23 pairs, so try your luck on the next pair."
"Yeah, they coming out on May 3rd right?"
Me: "Yeah, if you want to queue for them then, anyways good luck, hope you get a pair."
"That's the first time I've seen a person actually wear them, they look sick."
Me: "Thanx man, peace."
Guy insulted my life man, I should have taken off my pair and sed, here u go bro. You complimented them rocking your shitty trainers, I think I don't deserve them.
Verdict: He just saw my air yeez, he don't know about these.

Haha, here is what I went out to cop, on the dressing more sophisticated man. Can't look like I am from the hood anymore, that look is too common haha.
Peeeaasssshhe out ya'll. Back to revision.

Link To Shirt...Too Lazy to Take photo..!!

P.S.. Urban Dictionary your name and second name (Seperately). Then do a Daniel search, that shit defines me and no, I didn't put that up...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Aite Chill..!?!?

As the title Says ....

Chill people... Shhheeeeeetttt.... Have a Kitkat man...

Whats up with all ya'll hitting me up saying WTF is this shit on your blog..!!

As MY last post sed i'm bringing some new bloggers on to this shit... Broadening your reading material and giving u something more interesting to read...

I actually do have a life... and I'm not always sitting infront of my Mac and My life isn't all that interesting so these guys will help fill in my gaps...

Anyways I had to blog this bloody video... This amazed me sooo much ...

Alrite a lot of you were requesting to see my project haha...

Youtube Link For Project Video..

Been on a spending spree again... And this time it's on items which you'll never imagine me rocking hahaha...

Here are a pic for your viewing pleasure...

As Big Sean says Go Getcha Some..!!

You Want my Shoes, My shirt, My Jewls too..!!
Fresh..!! Fresh, Like i'm Wrapped in Plastic..
Check out Big Seans Mixtape..!! It's called U Know Big Sean..!

And I had to add another line from his track...


Alrite... Time to start revising for Exams... Post's by Daniel K mite run a little dry... for a few weeks... I'll hit u up with some shit about the Black/Black Yeezy's..!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Where amazing happens.

Sup readers, let me firstly and formally introduce myself (NIX-ON-IT!!!) as one of the new authors on DanielKhor[dot]com! When Dans feeling like a lazy ass and doesn't blog it's our jobs as the new contributors to fill in and hopefully entertain, share or inform you on whats happening. So, "Where amazing happens." No Im not referring to myself, though not a bad guess as that statement can be applied to yours truely lol.
But instead! NBA Playoffs are finally here (Starts 18th April)! (If you don't know what the NBA is....Im shocked n appauled firstly, but there will be a video that should give you an idea of what it is anyway) Last night the NBA regular 82 games per team season ended. Leaving the top 8 teams of the East and West with the best win records to battle head to head for a trip to the finals to win that "
Larry O'Brien NBA Championship Trophy"

Teams and players will be competeting for a 14.5 pounds of sterling silver and vermiel with a 24 karat gold overlay standing at 2 feet tall. The trophy is manufactured every year for the winning team by Tiffany & Co. Valued at $13,500.

The NBA not only being a means as a form of entertainment, but also a major buissness product and name worldwide. This year they made a smart move in using Kanye West's "Amazing" track (punning on this years playoff slogan) to sell and increase publicity amoungst the public. Using arguably the biggest and most successful name, or as me n Dan have disscussed self turned "product" this year, the man with the biggest ego in the entertainment industry in Kanye, was a smart move by the NBA franchise (Y)

So I leave you with the "Amazing" video, amazing things doesn't happen to everyone or everyday, but only if you're worthy; Amazing will become you, yourself!

Peace out!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Greed is good?

Spent a little while trying to think of a topic to open up with as my first contribution to danielkhor.com, completely struggling with what to follow up Dan's cops and drops updates with...(didn't think it would be this hard to find something to talk about!)

So last week, I was in the middle of my holidays (the only joy I get from being a college student: the holidays!), got myself a hair cut, just upgraded my phone to the Sony Ericsson X1 (I don't care about the Blackberry hype that's going around, I refuse to get one!)...was looking good, was feeling good, until I got home...

Dan told me to check out his blog, so I figured he probably just wanted to show me a recent cop he made (as he usually does)...and BAM, right in front of me were the Jeremy Scott x Addidas Wings...I immediately lost the feeling of content with the day I just had, and simply craved a pair of those shoes...

Why do people always desire more? At what point can we truly say we are satisfied? I was thinking of the answer to these questions today on the way home after trekking to Convent Garden to get myself a pair (was well disheartened when Selfridges didn't have them, but nonetheless, my journey wasn't wasted!)

On my long train ride home, there was a woman with two kids (they were only about 6 or 7 years old). One of the kids was playing with a DS, and the other was whining to the mother about how they aren't sharing and taking turns. Now this woman was trying to teach her daughter morals and how sometimes we need to be selfless and let someone else have their moment. Now naturally at the age of 6 or 7, all of that means nothing to you, and her reaction was unhappy (as you would expect)...It was upon seeing this reaction from her that I think I found the answer to my question.

It is an innate characteristic within everyone to want more shit haha, 'cos lets face it, who doesn't want more? I'm sure Dan would throw a fit if you told him he can't buy any more kicks or clothes hehe. So here I am, sitting with my Jeremy Scott Wings, and a stupid grin on my face, planning what my next purchase will be...

Quite a text filled post to open up my first entry, didn't see any sense in putting up another picture of the Wings...I think Dan's photo did it justice haha...anyways, will hopefully hit you up with another blog entry once I decide what to cop next! ^_^ Peace

Sly Fox

Monday, April 13, 2009

More Take-Away Stories..?!?!

Alrite so it's been a while since I've updated u guys on my job @ Oriental Express...

Here are a few pictures of shit I've seen or walked past on my deliveries... I mean stories are good but Pictures are better..!!

I should have snapped the little grey car for u.. Since I saw that as well but I didn't have time and looked like an idiot hahaha...

I love how this person never put down a registration plate, the date or anything... And if u look carefully even got their own mobile number wrong..

Go on u know you want to text him or ring her with some info..

This image is quite blurry but it was some protective wallpaper for a lift I went in... I felt like I was in a mental hospital... All white walls...

And I never understood the warning... Caution Mirror Behind?? Why would they warn me about that ? Anyways these are just the ones I could capture in pictures let me give u some stories now...

Alrite the other day some woman came to order, and then asked for it to be delivered... When I delivered it, she goes to me I paid your Wife..!?! Wife.. ? When did I get married... ? Do I seriously look that old ? (She was referring to my Boss)...

One time there was a hot girl who came into order, I was chirpsing her, you know as I do haha... Bosses Children were behind the counter.. And she asked me how old are your kids... FML... She never shot me down, she nuked me ..!!

Anyways... This blog was to notify you, I am expanding Danielkhor.com.. I am looking for Bloggers who have the Dan Lifestyle.. Who are willing to contribute to my blog...

Please all Applicants email me @ i.am@Danielkhor.com... I'll get back to u...

Also I wanted to reach out to the guy who rung me last nite to ask me about my blog... Please email me, as the information I provided whilst under the influence was incorrect. And Everything should be asked by Email..!!

Well, new bloggers should be joining soon... WATCH THIS SPACE..!!

P.S I forgot to post this little link up...

Carlie is doing a sponsored run for Cancer Research... People who read this have a big heart and a big wallet... otherwise you won't be keeping up to date with me..

SUPPORT HER AND SPONSOR HER.. Yeah guys she is hot.. so Get your name noticed by Donating more..!!

Sponsor Link..

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Real World..!?!

Clicky.. Link for my Final Coursework ... Ever..!!!

Shit took me a few weeks to edit and patch together... I taught myself Adobe After Effects to make that shit... (It is pretty crappy but i put it together inbetween work and socializing)

This is the top I was telling you all to chip in for me... Bloody Sexy..!! It'll complete my Penguin walk and make me a penguin haha...

This blog was really to patch up all my recent ones and to inform you...

I luv Fish Sticks..!! and If I Was Homosexual and a Gay FISH I WOULD KNOW..!!
I'm a fucking Genius.. Haha...

If you don't understand this please stream the latest South Park... A funny episode... and it's created a lot of hype...

WHERE ARE YOU YEEZY'S..!! (As you can see the Air Yeezy Adrenaline is still pumping thro me)

Who's Q-ing for the next Black/Black/Pink Yeezy's..!! I'll See ya there hahaha...

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Learnt To Fly..!!?!

Oh Sheeet Boy..!!

Did I get my air yeezy's which taught me how to fly... Then I acquired my Feathers... My Wings... Courtesy of Jeremy Scott x Adidas..

Yeah I got a pair of Adidas... I hate them too... but I hated BBC and I got a jumper...

My Swagger is moving up to a hundred thousand trillion..!!!

Man... Been splashing like crazy lately...

And this blog was just to show off my long awaited Adidas releases...!! (I missed out on first shipment and when they got them in again I couldn't miss out)...

And my marketing presentation is finally finished... maybe i'll upload it for u guys in the next blog... but I have to ask permission from the other group members haha..

Anyways let me quickly explain the photo in the other blog...

The Cupboard over the Pillar.. haha Shit made me laugh too much...

Someone built a cupboard over a pillar which takes half the room of the cupboard... EPIC FAIL..!!

Waiting on Michael to upload photo's for me when he gets back to Nottingham... Penguin walk people say I have... I have a jacket to match it... People chip in and get it for me..!!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Where are you yeezy..!?!?

Fuck that shit, I got my Yeezy's where are your yeezy's. 12 months maybe more in the waiting, I've finally got my pair, and guess what it was well worth the wait. These going to break more neck's than your mother in her prime. Let me edumacate u about some guy in uni, man this guy was a total joke. Scenario, I walk into the library, and he was leaning back at his computer and saw me walk in. Begin the stare! He was watching my feet for a good 2 mins. I was rocking my Clae hi rollins or some shit forgot the actual name. He staring whilst I pull out my laptop, and set it up. So after that good stare he continues his work. So I cross my legs. You know how men cross their legs, not the women way. And he stands up, bends over to read the name at the sole of the shoe. He could have just asked me man, instead of literally breaking his neck. Haha, anyways this post is about my air yeezy's baby.

Almost 10 hours in the Q, I was like 6th or 7th. Check this pic of me, when I got my pair. Not my jacket, but that saved my life, kept me warm and kept my swagger a little higher than usual as I went straight from work. Day was killing me man, woke up at 9 for uni, straight to work, from work to blaze, blazed to Q. And then from the Q home to shower and then ended up back at work. And finally I got a good nites sleep, this is the reason why the blog is up tonite and not yesterday. But, these shoes are crazy, I need the black pair in my life. I had them on as well, when I was in the shop.

Man, the story of the air yeezy's are all over the forums. Size? Carnaby only had 7 or 8 for sale to the public, I think covent garden store had a few. Nike town had like 28 for sale @ £117. And, 1948 store had 22 for sale, UK7.5 being the smallest and I got them for myself. Largest size was 11, and the rest were 8's to 10, a lot of half sizes. But shit looked amazing on display. When I saw them I kneeled down and crawled, just to have a laugh with the staff. They were either rocking their grey's which they got 3 weeks ago, or their black's. Which are a month early!!

Anyways enough talking haha, guessing you guys want to see pictures and for those sneaker heads, u want to see fit pictures. And for those even crazier heads u want to see the glow in the dark photo's.

And here you go!

There you are yeezy's!!
Much love, and I've just bought a Bape jumper to go with my chino's that I am going to rock with my Yeezy's fit pic's will be up when I get it delivered. Don't hate just appreciate that you are one person closer to seeing the Air Yeezy's in person and actually touching them.

Also, they fit slightly larger than normal, but not a whole size. I think I would give a tip to those buying them in reseller prices, to buy true to size. Since they are comfortable running slightly bigger.

Peace out, this was typed at work so I should get back to work. Haha, lazy mofo, I am. Also I should have a video for you guys, my presentation is being edited by me as (I type) we speak.

Check me on this blog..!! See if u can work out what i am rocking..!!
We Are HQ Blog