Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Air Yeez, You Ain't Seen These..!?!?

The day trip of my Air Yeezy!! Aite, so tuesday is my shopping day, woke up, got paid time to buy some fresh garms haha. Hop on the tube, 1st compliment of the day.
"Nice Shoes, you getting the next pair?"
Oh shhheeettt, someone in NW know's about the Air Yeez's she's seen these.

Enter first clothing store, I'm going to spare these guys from embarassment and not state the name of the store.
"Brother your going hard man today, I saw a picture of Jay-z rocking them."
Same store, female sales assistant,
"I love your shirt, and are they Air Jordan's?" She ain't seen these haha.
Oh shit boy take it yeezy man, no need to murk these guys lives. But some guy proper killed me off in Selfridges.
"Bruv, where u get your trainers from?"
Me :"1948 in Shoredich."
"Isit far from here? And how you get them for?"
Me: "£150, and there were like 23 pairs, so try your luck on the next pair."
"Yeah, they coming out on May 3rd right?"
Me: "Yeah, if you want to queue for them then, anyways good luck, hope you get a pair."
"That's the first time I've seen a person actually wear them, they look sick."
Me: "Thanx man, peace."
Guy insulted my life man, I should have taken off my pair and sed, here u go bro. You complimented them rocking your shitty trainers, I think I don't deserve them.
Verdict: He just saw my air yeez, he don't know about these.

Haha, here is what I went out to cop, on the dressing more sophisticated man. Can't look like I am from the hood anymore, that look is too common haha.
Peeeaasssshhe out ya'll. Back to revision.

Link To Shirt...Too Lazy to Take photo..!!

P.S.. Urban Dictionary your name and second name (Seperately). Then do a Daniel search, that shit defines me and no, I didn't put that up...

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