Friday, May 01, 2009

Haters Continued...!?!?

Wow, I never thought I would actually do another post on this topic.


You know the little game Chinese whispers, right? Shit gets back round to me.!! Say what you want behind my back, but I will find out. You know why, I am like the center of all networks. You put me down, I'll find out and retaliate. The closer the people are, the more their words hurt. It's all good tho, Dan doesn't give 2 fucks about them. But to insult me like that will definitely result in a backlash. What you say to a Chinese person will always be passed on, that's a warning to all u non-Chinese readers. And even if they not Chinese but they have Chinese friends, shit will get passed. Once again the message may get muffled and amplified. This in management is called the Bullwhip effect, and a great name it is.


Nice guys finish last? It seems the nicer you are to people the more likely they are to screw you over. A good example of this is, some girl at uni asked for my work. You know being Dan and smart and all, using my work as a guideline is a must haha. So I thought I would be nice, fingers crossed this shit doesn't fuck up my degree. The chick, copied my paraphrases and literally shoved a dildo up my ass. Hell doing that would have been better, at least that will heal. Now my trust/bond with her will never be healed. Anyways, a few people have been asking why I haven't been myself it's because I was soo fucking pissed off, my hands were shaking and shit as well. But after this weekend Dan should be back to normal.

Enough about the bad new, good news!! Air Yeezy, Black/Black/Pink colorway here Dan comes!! Also 2 exams left till I graduate!! Mother fuckers!! Dan is a working man soon, and trust me you'll see the difference haha.

Peash out ya'll.
Let me also take advantage and upload my latest cops! Can't Stop The Crooks.!!
I said I was going to stop with my cop's of Crooks and Castle, as shit is getting way too common but, these ones were too sick.

Sorry for the botch job... I am sleeping... Work tomoro.... (Next post will be YEEZY LINE UP...)

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Yeezy said...

love the crooks tee Mayn!