Thursday, May 07, 2009

Air Yeez, You Missed Out On These..!?!

What again? Nahh, couldn't have haha. People who hit me up got their pair. My network or the so called Dan Brigade in the Q outside 1948!! It's good to see everyone I spoke to got a pair, allow being them dickheads saying even if you have a number we aren't allowed to jump in front of them. Fair enuff I wasn't Q-ing, during the day or over nite. But people seriously need to take it Yeezy!! It was a first come first served basis, u never dedicated yourself to get them then u missed them.
Anyways, 1948 sold 36 pairs on Saturday morning. A few of them are up on the bay, but mine are up on my shelf. These bad boys, are my baby's and those who know me will see them on my feet!! Watch this space haha.
Also the girl who I mentioned in a previous blog, about her knowing about these! She worked in the store and gave me my pair of shoes!! But Saturday wasn't just about Air Yeezy...!!?!? Those of you who are into street wear and know some shit about your clothing would have heard of some of the UK brands representing UK, at the RESET LONDON market @ 1948. Big players such as Trapstar, Second Son (former known as Loki), Currency & Dope Chef also a list of other brands. Were selling some of their shit their at knock down prices, I picked up a few pieces, much love and support for Local brands man, keep doing what your doing. I personally don't like half the shit some of them put out, but that's an opinion. Everyone has their own unique style and taste, don't have to like everything everyone puts out. Pictures shall be posted up when Jee passes my camera back, otherwise you could check out WeAreHQ's blog for some photo's as well as Calvin Yu's facebook and Michael Liu's facebook. As well as Nike sportswear blog for a video, shame I wasn't featured in it, but I never made an appearance.

Sorry this blog was late, I was waiting for my camera, but by the time I get it back my information would have expired. And I was busy with revision for my 2nd last exam.
So pictures will come afterwards...

Peep this video..!! and Some Pics for your viewing pleasure...

Video of Q 4 Yeezy's..!!! Starring Andrea's... Jeeve and a few other unknown people... Sister happens to be in it hahaha... RYAN YOU GOT CAUGHT..!!!

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