Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Don't Make Fun of The HOREAN'S..!!!
Hmmm if you don't get the joke you ain't seen Russell Peters hehe...

Another Nite Another Meal..!!

That is How We Do @ The Khor's...

Meal Was for Smoker Woman's B-Day ...

If you Don't Know Who Smoker Woman is... Then You Don't Know Dan Well Enough..!!

Peek the pics you know your hungry..!!! Hahahaha...

Well Nothing new just another Day for the Khor's..

Just started Getting into Pokemon Diamond Man's Addicted..!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Summer Bum!?!

Been Back from HK for 2 weeks...

What have I Done and Achieved?

Nothing hahaha....

These are all i have to show for...

Trainer Dunk Hi x Mita Some Crazy Trainer mix & Match...

They took aspect's from the NIKE FREE, Nike Dunk, Nike Assault, Nike Huarache & Alot of random material's..

Just been chilling alot... Cotching and smoking shisha probs lost about 5 years of my life this past week haha...

This blog was written @ Tony's, so cutting it short haha...

P.S Don't Visit the New Era Store it is the Shittest place to buy a New Era..!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Getting Fet & Vain-ess..!!

Another Week... Another Food Story... Hahaha... !!

July 15th... BBQ @ The Khor's..!!

ANGIE YOU MISSED FOOD..!! How Do You Feel..!!

The Shisha Crew Is Slowly returning to UK.. But it's been such a long time since we have had a BBQ @ The Khor's So We decided to have one even tho the weather was forecasted to be terrible...

Weather was nice... And FOOD was Amazing..! Mother made some Nice stuff..!! (We are too fat never took pic's of the food we just ate it...)

Well Karmen & Jessica was being VAIN as per usual... HAHA Expected from our family... We are all vain and we love it..
They went around Copying every1's poses and took pictures with everyone's car's ..!! Here's my Pose & My Car pic..!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

New Style or Bad Style ..!?!

Hmmm Well today i got a b-day gift from my Sister..!!

Nike Dunk Black Reflector (Rifle According to the guy from Size?)

Also Got the AJ3 Pure Money's ...

This is what I was thinking of doing....
Please Comment As I Mite Rock them like that hahaha..!!

Monday, July 09, 2007

20 Years & This Is Me..?

Well It's only been 2 days since i've returned from HK...

But I had to celebrate my b-day with my family so they took me out for a meal... As many of my readers LOVE FOOD..!! HAHAHA You Know WHO You Are...!!

Living The High Life..!!

My Poo Prawn.!! Tasty though..!!

Here is a few pic's of some NICE INDIAN Food ^^...

Ice CREAM..!!

Man We Are Some FET Family..!!

I am getting too lazy to type after my stupidly long HK Blog... So i'm going to give myself a rest for a few days or a week maybe... Check this space Soon..!!

HK Summer 2007...

I'm Too Lazy To Take Picture's But Sure Doesn't Stop Me From Posing For Pictures..!! ^^

Here are a few Taster Shots which I nicked off Facebook Courtesy of Tina & Aaron...

Lazy Bugger's Add Me on Facebook & Just Look On There If your Sooo Nosy ^^

Day 3... China Man Sole's..!!

Day 7... The Brazillian Buffet & TST..!!

Day 9... Disney Land..

Day 14... Small World..

ONDog & Friends...!!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Birthday & The Return & Thanx..!!!

Whilst Typing This I've Just Read All The Comment's Left On My Facebook Wall..!!

THANK YOU ALL WHO WISHED ME A HAPPY B-DAY..!! Sorry I am too fucking lazy to reply to each one... But the msg got thru to me... 20 years old... >__<... Feel like Half of you out there now hahaha...

As Karmen Sed... 1 More Year Left Till I Am A Millionaire..!! (Not Even Close)..!!

Well it is my 3rd and Final Week In HK..!!

Day 15.. Harbour City..!!

Went to one of the biggest shopping center's and We got proper lost and confused... Walking around in Circles and stuff..!! Spent a Whole Day in this place... Half the time was trying to find the entrance we came in from..!!

Day 16... 1st July 10 Years..!!

We was planning to go see the fireworks but then the weather made us all confused so we missed it.. >__<... Hope you guys caught it on TV..!! Went Korean BBQ Buffet & Sing K... So Just another Day In HK for me..!!

Day 17.. Cash Flow Problems..!!

What an UN-nur..!!

Thought I was meeting Michael Today so I went to Sogo with Aaron and waited for 10 mins... Till I realised it was the Tuesday I was meeting him not Monday..!! So Met up with Ian instead and Mei... Went to Watch Die Hard 4.0 in Mong Kok..!! Inside the cinema I was reading the sign's which sed stuff which you shouldn't Do in the Cinema and guess what I saw...

Do Not Wank..!!

After Do Not Yawn, Do Not Spit There was a whole list of jokes stuff... couldn't take a photo of it tho... got in Trouble >__<..!!

Day 18... Spiz'ikes..!!

Self Explanatory..!! Took Us Ages to Find..!! Copped Some Subcrew Tee's as well from the FITTEST Sales Assistant to ever be Hired...!! She looked like Cecilia Cheung Mixed With A whole lot of Fit Celeb's with Bigger Tit's and a Better Ass..!!

Day 19... Happy 4th of July..!!

None of us Celebrate it ... But I thought I would wish you people one anyways hahaha...

Today I Copped A Tee To Match The Spiz'ikes I Copped Yesterday... Here is a pic of Both in Play..!!

Day 20... July 5th..!! Birthday..!!

20th Day... 20th B-day it is as if I planned this shit.. Hahaha.. Thanx Angie & Kevin for the amazing Cake... !! (Pic's Coming soon)...

Thanx to Tony Who Managed to Set up a B-day For me In HK.. in Such Short Notice and alot of people managed to turn up and I thank them as well ^^ ... Never got too wasted... But Still Felt the Effect's the next day >__<..!!

Day 21... The Last Day..!!

3 weeks Went by Quick... Gave you a quick Run down..!! Copped my Shit... Had My Laugh's with the Shisha Crew - Some.. Missed My Yuki & My Charlotte..!!

Well I am Not Back in UK..!! Pic's Will Come Soon... I am going to Label them By Day's..!!

Disneyland HK..!! It's Small..!!

Well.. 2nd Week Continuation from the 1st Week ^^ ...

I had the run's so going out wasn't fun for me hehe...

Then we decided to go to Disneyland..

Day 8.. Day B4 Disneyland...

We didn't do much because the nite before we were at Karaoke till 6 am... So we got up @ Stupid O clock and went to a Net Cafe..!!

5 vrs 5 CS match... We kicked ass hahaha...

Day 9... Disney land HK..!!

Proper Hot and Sunny Day... I was suffering soo much ... I'm sure i'll stick up some pic's later when I get them off people ^^

Day 10... The Fart..!!

Well nothing much happened today... I was ill so I decided to have my only water diet.. Dan starving himself isn't good haha... So I finally gave into my stomach and went to MX for a meal..!! After ordering my meal and sat down to eat it... Some Old woman sat next to me.. (without food) and just started farting..!! Put me off my food instantly..!! So I never ate anything the whole day..!!

Day 11 & 12... Wastemen..!!

11 We went N E Way... So we were drinking again... Man this was killer..

Aaron was an actual dead man... he was throwing up and had the run's ... He looked more white than usual (he is mixed raced)... Never did much apart from sleep and shit hahaha...

Day 13.. Glasses Prick..!! June 28th

Went to get my new glasses... Glasses prick is a nickname Tony gave me ages ago..!! After I picked my new glasses went shopping... Guess what I saw... BUG's..!!

Thats Right Beetles for Sale which can battle each other... Proper Disgusting and Expensive..!!

Day 14... Small World..!!

Shopping all day then went Clubbing... Met up with Mei..!! "It's A Small World After All"..!!

End of Week 2... Finally Recovered... Spent alot of this week drinking and clubbing and Singing...

3 Weeks ago... !!

June 16th... The Journey & Landing..!!

Well Aaron was weasing as per usual, being an idiot at the air port and stuff walking off..

Plane journey was quite jokes, had some laugh's with Ian...

We was perving on our HAWT air hostess I think her name was Carly lol... Food Was Amazing As well ^^

1st Day..!!

This was probably one of the longest day's of my life... When we arrived in HK and got to the apartment we met up with Tina & Nick for Dinner..

Some Ramen store lol.. Aaron was eating Chinese food for the first fucking time..!! His face was classic... If only you was there and if only you knew Aaron hahaha...!!

2nd Day..!! 16th June... The Phone..!!

This day was quite long we spent half the time searching for Aaron's Phone... Finally we found a decent bargain for him... The others know how long and tiring this day was and how much of an effort it was for us..

Oh yeah ... A Big Mention here.... We went Juice For the first time..!!

Allow that shit hole man ... They sold fuck all there But Aaron copped some Clot x Madsaki Shorts for HK$2000... DAMN Man >___<...!!

Karaoke For the first time in HK (well this Trip)... We went N E way for the buffet, got to go online play pro and sing K... I felt right at home in my room hahaha..!!

After that I copped my first real Cop...!!

Ueno Sakura's..!! & AF1 25th Anniversary Supreme's Blk..!!

Day 3... China Man Sole's..

This day was just more shopping etc etc.. But it also included the invention of a new Drinking Game...

China Man Sole's... Pic's of Us Playing Coming Soon..!!

Day 4... Drinking Buffet...!!

$250 All You Can Drink... Dan + Unlimited Drink = Wasteman..!!

Day 5... The Recovery...

Spent the day sleeping and recovering from a hang over...

Day 6... The Question..!!

Aaron Couldn't Answer the Simplest question 4000 - 100...
His Answers...


"For Fuck Sake What The Fuck ISIT... 3900 or 4900..!!"

Day 7... One Week..

Brazilian Buffet Day..!! Food Was Nice... After We Eventually Got Served Meat..!!

After Week One I Caught a bug and was in the Bog for the rest of the 2nd Week..!!

Monday, July 02, 2007

The Return..!!

Dimsum Shall Return On The 7/7/07...

Watch out For The Holiday BLOG..!!

Copping BLOG and just PURE Jokes..!!

Coming Soon.......!!

Check Back Later...!!!