Saturday, July 07, 2007

3 Weeks ago... !!

June 16th... The Journey & Landing..!!

Well Aaron was weasing as per usual, being an idiot at the air port and stuff walking off..

Plane journey was quite jokes, had some laugh's with Ian...

We was perving on our HAWT air hostess I think her name was Carly lol... Food Was Amazing As well ^^

1st Day..!!

This was probably one of the longest day's of my life... When we arrived in HK and got to the apartment we met up with Tina & Nick for Dinner..

Some Ramen store lol.. Aaron was eating Chinese food for the first fucking time..!! His face was classic... If only you was there and if only you knew Aaron hahaha...!!

2nd Day..!! 16th June... The Phone..!!

This day was quite long we spent half the time searching for Aaron's Phone... Finally we found a decent bargain for him... The others know how long and tiring this day was and how much of an effort it was for us..

Oh yeah ... A Big Mention here.... We went Juice For the first time..!!

Allow that shit hole man ... They sold fuck all there But Aaron copped some Clot x Madsaki Shorts for HK$2000... DAMN Man >___<...!!

Karaoke For the first time in HK (well this Trip)... We went N E way for the buffet, got to go online play pro and sing K... I felt right at home in my room hahaha..!!

After that I copped my first real Cop...!!

Ueno Sakura's..!! & AF1 25th Anniversary Supreme's Blk..!!

Day 3... China Man Sole's..

This day was just more shopping etc etc.. But it also included the invention of a new Drinking Game...

China Man Sole's... Pic's of Us Playing Coming Soon..!!

Day 4... Drinking Buffet...!!

$250 All You Can Drink... Dan + Unlimited Drink = Wasteman..!!

Day 5... The Recovery...

Spent the day sleeping and recovering from a hang over...

Day 6... The Question..!!

Aaron Couldn't Answer the Simplest question 4000 - 100...
His Answers...


"For Fuck Sake What The Fuck ISIT... 3900 or 4900..!!"

Day 7... One Week..

Brazilian Buffet Day..!! Food Was Nice... After We Eventually Got Served Meat..!!

After Week One I Caught a bug and was in the Bog for the rest of the 2nd Week..!!

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