Thursday, June 25, 2009


Ego What Ego...!??!! Haha, I ain't got an ego!! I just admire myself and I'm confident.
In the fine words of Big Sean, I'm so Confident, I get compliments on any fucking continent. Recently I've been getting too much praise, praise I don't deserve. Maybe people just love to eat out of my ass, but seriously I'm just a regular guy turning on his swag!
I think people need to calm the fuck down! Give me some room to breathe, wait till I get celeb status then continue licking/shining my shoes.
This blog post was just to end my drought, and to inform you all about the newly spotted Spiz'ikes!! OMG, this pair I mite actually robocop 2 pairs just because I can, and I need to haha. So much for me cutting down on sneaks and trying to grow up. (No Images as I've stopped linking images I don't take myself.)
All this talk about me, has started making me call my friends my entourage haha, but I ain't rude like that man. Mates are equals I treat them how I want them to treat me, it's not my fault I gain respect from anyone and everyone, and people remember my name. (Daniel Khor, incase u forgot haha)
Summers upon us, I think it is the last exam for everyone (including A levels), I don't think my readers do GCSE's. ( much?) I'm gonna get arrested for that shit haha. (NSFW btw)
This week saw Calvin Yu, my air yeezy man. Hit 18, pictures are up on facebook. I can't be bothered to jack some photo's, as I turned up FASHIONABLY late, never had time to bring my camera.
Everyone is growing up! I mean I'm graduating in a few weeks, fingers crossed I get a decent degree even tho it means fuck all coming from Middlesex. Graduation is another excuse to turn my swag on to a hundred thousand trillion, as it's that photo all (asian) parents want. You in that stupid square hat!! And that shit will be on display till they die, so I need to be looking good. And you know that's probably the first picture my mother will show to everyone! At least she can now be proud!
I mean my mother doesn't care about anything else, just I get myself a degree and a job. She don't know what Balling is! What the hell swag is. She doesn't understand the passion for fashion. Maybe one day!!

Anyways this was typed up in my last day as invigilator! Yes, I have access to my blackberry during exams and I can take photographs, and I have access to papers way before they are handed out haha. But I ain't a cheat or thief. I hustle real money bitches!!

Aite man, off to go shopping need more louis for the graduation!! It's a celebration bitches!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Life's Hard..!?!?

Well, it's been a while boys and girls...!!
As you all know I enjoy sleeping on the streets, in my louis Q-ing for that rare sneaker. I mean I've done it way too many times. But I think my time is over!! Haha, I need to pass this shit down to the younger generation, getting too old for that stuff man.

Life's Hard already so why not make it easier man, as Jay-Z says. " I can't cheat Death, so I try beat life." Or something along them lines. I thoroughly enjoy my life, and I always find ways to make it easier. Recently Uni results came out, and I think I done well enough to get a decent pass. But Middlesex complicate the system so much, I can't work out if I got a 1st or a 2.1. What ever I get it is the deserved mark since I don't even try because life's hard already, why complex it anymore haha.

I wish I could tell u entertaining stories, and jokes to make this an enjoyable read, but nothing is actually happening in my life atm. Invigilating exams still, and working hard at the take-away. Hustling that louis V money, and staying fresh.

A lot of people read my blog just for my latest cop's, but when that money stops rolling in it's hard, your just going to have to read my bollox I write haha. Boy's and girl's summer is upon us, I know all u cats are flying off to exotic places, partying like there is no 2010. Drinking/Smoking yourselves to death, my photography should be improved this summer, I've been lazy and slacking off recently man. Not been thinking of my future, just been thinking about today or tomoro. How I look now and what I would wear tomoro!

Ahh it's too hot to continue typing this rubbish, I'll hit u up with some more crap next time. Don't look fwd to it, but I know u'll still read it, here is some Porn for u guys to masturbate over, too bad the feeling would be like u can't ejaculate since you won't get ur hands on these without parting with a fair bit of queen's heads.

Aaaiiiittteee, peaasshhh out!! Enjoy the sun while you can, British weather always throw you off the game!!

TK Society's Black/Red finally got them!!

Mean shot of Tan Yeezy's in the dark, shutter speed 30 second's in the dark. For that light effect. Fingers crossed I can set up the camera for this photo I've been dying to recreate. Here's the original, I'll show u what I will do.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

In Hype We Trust...!?!?

Air Yeezy Still Don't Know About These???
Countless celebs rocking their pairs, stupid crazy sneaker heads rocking them to death. Q-ing for stupid amounts of hours to part with £150!! Is it worth it..!?!?
Well isit hype or isit a beautiful shoe. I personally love them, but still don't think they are the best looking shoe. And this is where the blog title comes into place.

In Hype We Trust...! A piece of clothing or a pair of trainers are nothing without the hype, the limited supply, for that exclusive look but once again is it worth it..?!?

When I walk down the street and random people stop to ask me about my garms or my shoes, that feeling is priceless!! Just stopping you and commenting or having a chat about them. That feeling makes u feel superior. Haha, maybe that's why I think I am ontop of the world. I get way too many comments for my own good. I don't think there is one day I've gone without any one commenting. Coz I'm fresh to death every day haha.

Anyways this post is about Air Yeezy's haha, the last pair has come and gone. Here are the pictures for ur viewing pleasure. I've managed to get all 3 of them, coz I Am Dan Khor man.
Nah, the person who deserves thanking is my Sister, she Q-ed for me Thursday nite, right thro to Friday Nite, when I took over after work. Other people doing that shit since Monday, bloody crazy man. I don't think I could do that, for a pair of kicks just to save £300. Or tho I think they are resellers so to make £300? Who knows, I personally hate resellers, but I might be one of them haha. Pair of 3 Yeezy's in Size UK 7, 7.5 and 7.5 respectively in each colourway, for sale. I am selling to raise finance, for a louis vuitton briefcase. Haha, Yeezy's aren't for life, but Louis is, and Louis ain't about Hype!
Anyways made some good friends at the Yeezy line up, true sneaker heads. People also Q-ing for their Kids, shit they must love their kids. My parents tell me off for buying so many, yet these ones Q-ing for their children!
Q-ing like that must feel like being in the Big Brother house haha, lose concept of time. And just bored to death! Fair enuff, you have contact with the outside world but, shit that must mess with someone's body.

Aite Here comes the photo p0rn for those unlucky enough to get a pair…
I’ll do some better pics when I can be bothered… I mean I’m still fucking waste from Q-ing up only 10 Hours… Can’t imagine how the others must feel haha.. Just woke up from a nice sleep, and now it’s already time for work… Peace ya’ll
Here is a photo for you hungry fat people and I know a lot of fat people read this blog who aren’t interested in kicks… You know who you are hahaha…

Man even the homeless was ripping the piss out of us... Laughing and saying they wouldn't be able to last as long as us hahaha...

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

DK Society..!?!?!

TK Society Supra's!! (Pics Coming Soon) Not as exclusive as the Yeezy's. But check that B/Red colourway.!! Way too sexy!! Higher than the yeezy's amazing quality. The shoes look sexy man, thanx to Ben Baller's Blog I had to robocop them.
Anyways this blog isn't just about trainers, it is about lifestyle and generally the way Dan thinks haha. DK society, the title of this post, is in regards to the way I think society is. What has the UK come to, in this time and age. People don't give to the homeless, instead they spend £150, on a pair of shoes. Yes, that's me, I did that, but am I in the wrong? Society took a wrong turn, maybe it's the media, maybe it's just the way people have been brought up. Either way we are in the age where people aspire to be singers, actors, models, fashion designers. Think about it, everyone wants to provide a service. There has never been a time where someone said they wanted to be a manual labour worker…
Maybe, the riches have got to us, but we all watch them films. Where the poor kid makes it to the top, (slight reference to Slumdog), we all have that hope of becoming wealthy. Why else do people buy the lottery, everyone knows the odds of them winning is next to nothing. Yet if 3 million people never bought it, u wouldn't have a £3 Million jackpot. Even Obama's campaign was based on Hope. But what is hope? It's all belief that's why everyone has a dream, something they want to achieve. Without this dream/hope of achieving something, they are all stuck in the rat race. Maybe we are all destined to be stuck in the rat race, but I read a poster in London Academy, if your born in high society, your 32 times more likely to stay there. Does that mean people like us can never reach the top? I just think it all takes time, a self-belief and confidence.

We are in what some people call the Internet age, everything is on the internet. When I say everything I mean it haha. Come on your reading this shit on here.
The era of reality TV, why does everyone want to be a reality tv star? Look at the success of pop idol, big brother and Britain’s got talent? Is this what society has come to? Trying desperately to not work, and become a star? Where are the dreams of becoming an astronaut?
I think people give up too easily, look at all the people deciding to settle down at an early age and have children, having one that wasn't planned (by accident). I can understand, but when they have a second then they should have learnt from the first! Terrible, trying to escape at such a young age, where's the inspiration, motivation in trying to achieve something in their life? I understand, the sole purpose of our lives is to live and reproduce, but anything under 25, you've only lived 1/4 of your life expectancy..!! Well, I know a lot of people say live for today, you may be hit by a car tomoro or something mite happen… Catch swine flu, bird flu, SARS you name all them virus’s. I personally believe if your meant to die no matter how hard you avoid it you will die. Final destination style.
Many don’t think I believe in GOD (only myself), but I think a higher power is trying to control the human race. Look at what we are doing to the world, mother Earth is suffering and dying thanx to our greed.. (One of the seven sins). We are overpopulating this damned place, and using up all the resources.. I’m guilty of being greedy, but I’m just trying to increase my own chances of living and reproducing haha…
Live your life a little man, people around my age desperately looking for a partner and shit, and when they find one, throw everything away. You know what, it's not the right time to dedicate so much time to girls, I know they are my kryptonite but it's not worth it man. Family, Career and Relationships in that order! And it never ever changes!
That's it for DK society!! Next post should be Air Yeezy's Tan Colourway!! My willy is tingling thinking about it!! Yeah yeah, you probably think it is disgusting etc, it just shows how passionate I am about these kicks.