Wednesday, June 30, 2010



Recently a kid asked me, "Sir, why are you always so happy?"
I replied because there are people who have it worse than us and they can smile. What do I have to complain about?
She didn't know how to reply, but just agreed with a "true". So I had to break the ice as I had to invigilate her, going to Tesco, incase she spoke to other students about the exam.
I asked her, "Why not try to see things differently, doesn't matter if we are smiling or crying, time still passes none the less, ever tried to force a smile when you're upset?"
This conversation goes on and on, till of course I convince her, there isn't much in this world u can't smile about.
Maybe it's easier for me, because I'm stress free and worry free.. Well I say that, but I have a lot on my mind.
Will I get a job?
When will I get my next pair of trainers?
What's coming out next that I need?
When have I got time for CoD?
What's out today for me to download?
What am I wearing tomoro?
I mean if u think about what you actually stress about it's usually something society has made u worry about. Of course your list will be totally different to mine. I worry about luxury items, things normal people don't. You guys probably worry about, university or work.
I can't tell u to stop worrying about them, but my advise is just approach everything with a smile and a calm mind, and it'll work out. At the end of the day, everything always works out. It's how the universe is programmed. It may be your traditional happy hollywood ending, but it may not. But either way ur problem is over, right?

You always hear the saying, "what's done is done?" I say stick a middlefinger up @ that saying. What's done can be improved! There is no such thing as perfect, (yes that came from me haha) everything can be improved. You just have to find the time and work out what needs to be improved (or fixed).

People just need to smile more, it's better than any anti-aging cream. Ladies it's a turn on if u have a good smile! Smiling makes u more attractive and makes u look more friendly! I'm not saying to smile and look like a fucking clown 24/7!! (Fair enuff I might look like one, but the real mug is the one who ain't happy.) End of the day it's ur life I'm not telling you how to live it, I'm just saying try to brighten it up. Google benefits of smiling and I'll bet u, you want over 80% of them benefits!

The mind is a powerful thing it can cure diseases even modern medicine can't. It can produce results faster than any modern machine. Exercise your mind, push it to greater heights. You only limit yourself when you think negatively.
The world is filled with opposites, yin and yang. If you're feeling down and upset. Why not try to smile, think positively. The day will brighten up! It's like the muller light adverts, if you enjoy your day someone else will have a miserable one.
"What comes around goes around!" If you enjoy your day, some criminal across the other side of the world may not be enjoying his. Well I say that but the world isn't fair, but positivity is always rewarded. It may not be instantly but it comes back when u least expect it.

The world is always balanced, think about it your smile may save someone's life. But all I know right now is, your smile is saving your life, and putting a smile on mine.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Blind Side...?!?!

Hmmm so did any of u idiots work out my skatedeck? Well i'm not 100% sure on my interpretation of the skate deck but let me give it a go and this is the main reason i got it. Alrite lets start from the top... You have the 2 thumbs off the hand pointing upwards. Basically this is what your supposed to do when ur praying. The typical closed hand with thumbs pointing upwards. You've got the basic all seeing eye, which supposedly means we are one part away from becoming god. Jeremy uses rabbits to represent humans and when you see the all seeing eye and the pyramid come out of the rabbits head it means if we all control our minds, and focus we can all become gods. Another meaning of the all seeing eye is god is watching over mankind, but I've gone with the lost symbol explanation as this seems correct when it's coming out of the head of the rabbit. The other half is what I think represents hell the hedgehog Is the devil and we can all be pricks every now and then haha. I've managed to decipher the sign language at the bottom and it says superfishal which is the brand of the skate deck. A little quick research will help explain that the 8 ball is a bad luck symbol but within this context it can be seen as a symbol to defy gods. What this means is if u pray, wish or do anything else which signifies good luck, then flip a coin 100 times you will most likely get it wrong 50 times, but if u use bad luck symbols you'll get it 50 times right. So having the 8 ball on the skull means ur testing fate and the gods. Has a lot of meaning on a skate deck as u perform death defying stunts.

Anyways enough about the fucking skate deck haha. It's what u all wanted to know, my insight and my vision hence the blind side title. We all are blinded in some way or another we haven't got a clear vision of the future ahead of us. We are who we are because of our past but have u ever considered what you could be. It's not how good you actually are, it's how good you want to be, people seem to emit auras as to how they think of themselves. Everything about us is deep rooted internally. All our emotions and everything is based internally. Why is it when we are happy we have this funny feeling inside, if you recognise this feeling u should remember it and know how to replicate it. But if you are replicating this feeling through external sources then you're just lying to yourself.

This blog title was inspired by the film with the same name, if you've not seen it I highly recommend watching it. Sandra bollox (intentionally spelt like that) is amazing in it, she is soo hot that I wish my future wife was half of what she is in that film lol. The film is about a white family adopting a black kid, who had the ability to be an amazing American football player. They didn't know this, they just felt sorry for the kid. The film shows how money doesn't actually buy real happiness and people have much more satisfaction via other means lol. (Dirty references are not intentional) I didn't want to ruin the story for u guys too much so I just gave a general outline of the story. You have to watch it to understand how sad the story actually is. It teaches u family values and true happiness can come in the simplest places.

I wanted to time this blog in time for my prisms but due to unforeseeable circumstances I have been unable to purchase them, and therefore unable to post a photo of them for u haha. In due time when I get paid I shall show u what's going to help me clear my vision and focus and show me the future.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


No relation to the crappy UK film!!?! It's not a review im not even going to mention it after this.

Why we as adults, (haha I say we because I'm officially classed as one but I don't feel like one. I'm nearly 23 that's a big milestone, but I'm even younger at heart!) have the right to educate kids. When we are the ones who are making the mistakes and they are just learning. It just shows we never really grow up we just take on more responsibility, get older by age and that's about it. We learn as we grow but sometimes we are expected to act our age?? But doesn't that depend in how much u've learnt?

I've been working stupid hours recently, 13 hour shifts (in 2 jobs) and pushing myself to unlimit (yes that was spelt right if you don't understand this joke then insert [The Limit] instead) 13 hour work shifts, from 7 am right to 10:30 p.m having a 30 min lunch break and about 2 hours to shower, shit and stuff before takeaway work.
Hard life, but I'm raking in the ££'s you'll see when I start posting shit like this on my blog haha. Set me back like £90 for my ipad case. £90 for them Spiz'ikes. Got glasses from Prism on it's way £205 just for the frame. FML, I'm not all about brands, it's about design!! I pay for good design, shit's worth it when it's beautiful! Look at them art pieces people pay for haha. Gotta ball like that now a days!

(photo of Prism's coming soon)
Anyways Kidulthood, interesting title right?!? I know I drew some of u chav's away from the Ed Hardy site or Abercrombie site to read this shit haha. Why we as adults don't listen to our innerchild (Trademark Christian) we need to learn to be carefree to enjoy ourselves more. Invigilating has taught me, sometimes it's not about taking on responsibility. It's about enjoying urself right now and creating those memories. I mean I see kids doing GCSE's, writing in their paper. "I've failed this." I mean I wouldn't dare do that shit, but it shows when they can't be bothered they just forget about it. These are the kids who will bend and break the rules. We as teachers look and frown upon them but they are the ones who will strive in other areas, the may even achieve more than us. Only time can tell and academia is only a small part of a persons life.

Being educated and taught that there would be mad consequences of doing something. Soon we begin to live in fear of failure, it's this fear of failing and fear of people laughing at us, is what's holding us back. That's what schooling does to us, teaches us low risk and high risk, and when to take them or not. Why do we fear failure because society brands u a failure. Isn't it just a mistake which u can learn from? Think about how we learnt it as a kid, mother said don't climb the tree coz u mite fall and hurt yourself. What did u do? Climb that tree fall and hurt yourself, what did u learn? it fucking hurt so let's get better at it, or if u've not got the guts u pussied out. The world is your classroom, it's if u allow ur mind to be active and unlimited. To be opened up to all sorts of things, sometimes we mite learn shit we think is irrelevant or not needed. But you never know when it mite come up. That's why I strive to learn a little about everything and not a lot of something. By dipping ur finger in every sauce, u will acquire the taste to create something special and unique. If you only threw the same shit together all the time then it will soon get boring and timid.

Imagine we continued to learn like kids, we would be almost god like, achieving things our minds are not capable of thinking of. Kids smile and laugh all the time enjoy every day like it's their first. We need to learn from them!! Not vice versa, what we teach them is the ability to judge right from wrong. But who has the right to say it's wrong? Apart from certain laws u may have to follow haha...

All I'm trying to say is, never forget who you are. Always be young at heart, do what u want when u want. And u'll be able to learn from your mistakes. If you make educated guesses and then value ur chances u won't make the mistake to learn from. You'll always be that normal person. It takes a lot from the inside to produce a beautiful outside.

Haha shit sounds stupid but that's what I believe!! We should be learning from the kids, not taking away their childhood!! Kids want to grow up quicker now a days, but we should learn to be more like kids! Maybe then everyone will stop being so fucking miserable!

P.S I thought it was fitting to put this photo of this skate deck on this blog...

THANK YOU MEELEE..!! It took ages to arrive but it's the first in my collection of skatedecks and probably one of the most meaningful skatedecks...

Lets see if you dumb ass people can work out the meaning... i'll drop some hints for u... free masons and The lost symbol...

I'll explain it on my next blog incase u never work it out haha...

I had to drop an image at the end of my beautiful case... It's just soo amazing and it's made me love my ipad even more..!!

You Lose What You Don't Hold.... (So Don't Blame me if I hold onto you, it's because I was told to by this amazing brand)

HARD GRAFT... Don't be cheap... Splash out on a beautiful case for your even better looking electronics..!! Video here for all you women who can't seem to visualise how it actually works..!!

TILT iPad Case from hard graft on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

We Are All Sheep In Some Form or Another..!?!?!

Hmmm... I see you're reading that blog title and thinking what the fux! It's my longest title to date, probably one of the most meaningful ones to me and this blog.

You all read my shit because it's original, none of this fake ass re-linking, regurgitating what I find on the web. Fuck all that shit, u want to know something, u google it and find it yourself or ask me face to face or via any form of communication. In this day and age if u can't communicate with me u really need to be shot! A simple google of Daniel Khor and u can get various details lol.

This blog is for me to open up my heart, my mind and myself to you. Let u understand me a little better, maybe you can even relate to me. Writing a blog and making it interesting is the hardest thing I do, I have to talk to myself but share with you indirectly. Talking in first person but showing perspective in third person. This blog started off as something for fun, but now it's a regular thing for my readers.

Don't make me bore you with all this rubbish it just had to be shared because I know half of you are sheep trying to change their ways to become the wolf dressed in a sheep's wool. It's about thinking differently, but ultimately acting the same. Breaking the norm but blending in. It's hard to do, but by thinking differently, You're able to change and adapt quicker, adopt new things quicker and be yourself.

What you read there might not make sense but it will put your dormant brain cells into work. You spend too much time browsing useless shit, reading useless information online. Think about yourself please! Think about what u want to be, no matter how ridiculous it may be. We are only limited by what our imagination can think of. We are only brainwashed by society and our culture. Make ur own culture and traditions do what u have to to survive and enjoy yourself.

Always know what you want before you do anything about it. Know when to stop, that's the problem with some people, they are greedy. They've reached their goal and don't know when to stop. You're only as good as you think you are, don't let anybody say ur not good enough.

It's a bit ironic I'm trying to educate you about following when I'm asking u to follow my advice.
This line just rendered this blog Mute!