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No relation to the crappy UK film!!?! It's not a review im not even going to mention it after this.

Why we as adults, (haha I say we because I'm officially classed as one but I don't feel like one. I'm nearly 23 that's a big milestone, but I'm even younger at heart!) have the right to educate kids. When we are the ones who are making the mistakes and they are just learning. It just shows we never really grow up we just take on more responsibility, get older by age and that's about it. We learn as we grow but sometimes we are expected to act our age?? But doesn't that depend in how much u've learnt?

I've been working stupid hours recently, 13 hour shifts (in 2 jobs) and pushing myself to unlimit (yes that was spelt right if you don't understand this joke then insert [The Limit] instead) 13 hour work shifts, from 7 am right to 10:30 p.m having a 30 min lunch break and about 2 hours to shower, shit and stuff before takeaway work.
Hard life, but I'm raking in the ££'s you'll see when I start posting shit like this on my blog haha. Set me back like £90 for my ipad case. £90 for them Spiz'ikes. Got glasses from Prism on it's way £205 just for the frame. FML, I'm not all about brands, it's about design!! I pay for good design, shit's worth it when it's beautiful! Look at them art pieces people pay for haha. Gotta ball like that now a days!

(photo of Prism's coming soon)
Anyways Kidulthood, interesting title right?!? I know I drew some of u chav's away from the Ed Hardy site or Abercrombie site to read this shit haha. Why we as adults don't listen to our innerchild (Trademark Christian) we need to learn to be carefree to enjoy ourselves more. Invigilating has taught me, sometimes it's not about taking on responsibility. It's about enjoying urself right now and creating those memories. I mean I see kids doing GCSE's, writing in their paper. "I've failed this." I mean I wouldn't dare do that shit, but it shows when they can't be bothered they just forget about it. These are the kids who will bend and break the rules. We as teachers look and frown upon them but they are the ones who will strive in other areas, the may even achieve more than us. Only time can tell and academia is only a small part of a persons life.

Being educated and taught that there would be mad consequences of doing something. Soon we begin to live in fear of failure, it's this fear of failing and fear of people laughing at us, is what's holding us back. That's what schooling does to us, teaches us low risk and high risk, and when to take them or not. Why do we fear failure because society brands u a failure. Isn't it just a mistake which u can learn from? Think about how we learnt it as a kid, mother said don't climb the tree coz u mite fall and hurt yourself. What did u do? Climb that tree fall and hurt yourself, what did u learn? it fucking hurt so let's get better at it, or if u've not got the guts u pussied out. The world is your classroom, it's if u allow ur mind to be active and unlimited. To be opened up to all sorts of things, sometimes we mite learn shit we think is irrelevant or not needed. But you never know when it mite come up. That's why I strive to learn a little about everything and not a lot of something. By dipping ur finger in every sauce, u will acquire the taste to create something special and unique. If you only threw the same shit together all the time then it will soon get boring and timid.

Imagine we continued to learn like kids, we would be almost god like, achieving things our minds are not capable of thinking of. Kids smile and laugh all the time enjoy every day like it's their first. We need to learn from them!! Not vice versa, what we teach them is the ability to judge right from wrong. But who has the right to say it's wrong? Apart from certain laws u may have to follow haha...

All I'm trying to say is, never forget who you are. Always be young at heart, do what u want when u want. And u'll be able to learn from your mistakes. If you make educated guesses and then value ur chances u won't make the mistake to learn from. You'll always be that normal person. It takes a lot from the inside to produce a beautiful outside.

Haha shit sounds stupid but that's what I believe!! We should be learning from the kids, not taking away their childhood!! Kids want to grow up quicker now a days, but we should learn to be more like kids! Maybe then everyone will stop being so fucking miserable!

P.S I thought it was fitting to put this photo of this skate deck on this blog...

THANK YOU MEELEE..!! It took ages to arrive but it's the first in my collection of skatedecks and probably one of the most meaningful skatedecks...

Lets see if you dumb ass people can work out the meaning... i'll drop some hints for u... free masons and The lost symbol...

I'll explain it on my next blog incase u never work it out haha...

I had to drop an image at the end of my beautiful case... It's just soo amazing and it's made me love my ipad even more..!!

You Lose What You Don't Hold.... (So Don't Blame me if I hold onto you, it's because I was told to by this amazing brand)

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TILT iPad Case from hard graft on Vimeo.

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