Monday, June 28, 2010

Blind Side...?!?!

Hmmm so did any of u idiots work out my skatedeck? Well i'm not 100% sure on my interpretation of the skate deck but let me give it a go and this is the main reason i got it. Alrite lets start from the top... You have the 2 thumbs off the hand pointing upwards. Basically this is what your supposed to do when ur praying. The typical closed hand with thumbs pointing upwards. You've got the basic all seeing eye, which supposedly means we are one part away from becoming god. Jeremy uses rabbits to represent humans and when you see the all seeing eye and the pyramid come out of the rabbits head it means if we all control our minds, and focus we can all become gods. Another meaning of the all seeing eye is god is watching over mankind, but I've gone with the lost symbol explanation as this seems correct when it's coming out of the head of the rabbit. The other half is what I think represents hell the hedgehog Is the devil and we can all be pricks every now and then haha. I've managed to decipher the sign language at the bottom and it says superfishal which is the brand of the skate deck. A little quick research will help explain that the 8 ball is a bad luck symbol but within this context it can be seen as a symbol to defy gods. What this means is if u pray, wish or do anything else which signifies good luck, then flip a coin 100 times you will most likely get it wrong 50 times, but if u use bad luck symbols you'll get it 50 times right. So having the 8 ball on the skull means ur testing fate and the gods. Has a lot of meaning on a skate deck as u perform death defying stunts.

Anyways enough about the fucking skate deck haha. It's what u all wanted to know, my insight and my vision hence the blind side title. We all are blinded in some way or another we haven't got a clear vision of the future ahead of us. We are who we are because of our past but have u ever considered what you could be. It's not how good you actually are, it's how good you want to be, people seem to emit auras as to how they think of themselves. Everything about us is deep rooted internally. All our emotions and everything is based internally. Why is it when we are happy we have this funny feeling inside, if you recognise this feeling u should remember it and know how to replicate it. But if you are replicating this feeling through external sources then you're just lying to yourself.

This blog title was inspired by the film with the same name, if you've not seen it I highly recommend watching it. Sandra bollox (intentionally spelt like that) is amazing in it, she is soo hot that I wish my future wife was half of what she is in that film lol. The film is about a white family adopting a black kid, who had the ability to be an amazing American football player. They didn't know this, they just felt sorry for the kid. The film shows how money doesn't actually buy real happiness and people have much more satisfaction via other means lol. (Dirty references are not intentional) I didn't want to ruin the story for u guys too much so I just gave a general outline of the story. You have to watch it to understand how sad the story actually is. It teaches u family values and true happiness can come in the simplest places.

I wanted to time this blog in time for my prisms but due to unforeseeable circumstances I have been unable to purchase them, and therefore unable to post a photo of them for u haha. In due time when I get paid I shall show u what's going to help me clear my vision and focus and show me the future.

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