Wednesday, January 31, 2007

BBC Is Me..!!

Homeboy Jin.. Releasing His Canto Album Feb 20th..!!

Check that motherfucking DROP..!!

This is an exclusive video of his first song ABC..

CLOT X Neighborhood X Maggie Q Tee Drop @ Juice..!!

Heard some people got screwed over... no real news update... just heard some rumours...

Q-ing Fucking up the Street Wear Industry...

Have your Say..!!

Prison Break preview Episode 16..!!

On other new's Windows Vista has officially dropped...

Let The Bug's Go..!!

HEROES 14..!!!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Jigga WHAT..!!

Can't Stop The Crooks..!!

Jay-Z Repping C & C Exclusive Colourway...!! Been Looking for that one for time..!!

He does it in style..!!(Toni.C Got The Same Tee In Another Colourway..)

Valentines Day Just Round The Corner For Some...

Money Grabbing Day =p... Few Drops From Bape, Nike etc... (Bape Have BearBricks as well)
They all Look Shit and aren't worth much after Valentines Day lol...

Got My Hair Cut Today..!!

I thought I would try something new hehe...

Still got the pony tail..!!

In other news, After Royal Dragon i've been ill and recovering... Today i've achieved full recovery lol...(No Medicine needed)

Clot X Maggie Q X Neighborhood Released Tomoro As well..!!

P.S Heroes 13 & Prison Break 15 Both Episodes Were Sick..!!

Great Series... Can't Wait To Watch Next Weeks Prison Break..!!! (Shall I Post Preview... Comments Please..!!)

Check back when you have time ..!!

Update..!! Wii's Are Finally Back In Stock... I've Seen Them Out and About Game Store's etc...!! Grab one whilst you can... (I'm waiting for the chipped ones still :p)

Friday, January 26, 2007

12 Days Later...

This pic inspired my blog title... and it was quite scary walking home that early in the morning... with no people or cars... and the weather being quite gay... Proper freezing and all I was rocking was a Tee and a Hoody..

Walking Home At 3:20 in the morning... Sobering up after a half decent nite at RD...

Had such a long day today..!!

Went to Central to do something =p... Ended up Smoking Shisha in Troc's Bar which was amazing... (well I Paid £8... for it) ..
Not had Shisha for some time now... Well nothing as smooth as this..



Battered Aaroro on VT3... Then some random chink challenged me and I got BEAT DOWN...
But I Beat Aaroro 6 straight games...

Never copped my 12 Bar as I wanted to ... check it out on Saturday Hopefully have it in XL for me =p...

Today saw the release of my Uni Timetable... Pretty sick timetable...

Mondays, Tuesday & Wednesday..!! Start After 9a.m... Finish b4 4p.m... Can't ask for anything better..!!

Blog will be updated when I get hold of pics...

Check back after the Jump...!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Fanboy's & Girls...

To All You "Geeks" out there...

Gunblades, Keyblades & Vincent's Gun Is Avalible For Preorder..!!

Works out to about £30 Shipped for one of them..!! Not Too Bad...

But for less than 30 CM it isn't a 1:1 Replica >___<...

Pre Order's Here..!!

Dim Update Bringing You The Best News...!!!

24th Jan... Wait Is Over...!! I Still LOVE H.E.R... feat Kanye West By Teriyaki Boyz....!!

H.E.R. stand for HipHop in it's Essence and Real. This was originally from a song from Common Which Was I used to love H.E.R.

Click Here For My FILES..!! Get It Here First..!! EXCLUSIVE...---> Link on Connexions...

Signing Out...


P.S.3... (LOL Playstation 3 =P...)

Playstation 3 Hits Europe March 23rd.. £425... 60 GB only...!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Late Nite + Morning Call...

5:30 Am.!!!

I am still awake watching You, Me & Dupree... I manage to fall asleep probably around 6am...

(I own a Samsung PGH-300 mobile) Samsung Phones Don't STFU (Shut The FUCK Up) Unless you've read the text...
I get a text from Tony, 8:30am... lets go Maccy D breakfast..!! (I agree to meet at 10am..)

10am..!! about 4 hours sleep... I'm there munching on Maccy D Breakfast..!! The Gods Gift To Hangovers =p...

Big Breakfast Meal + Orange Juice = £2.69
Egg Sausage McMuffin Meal + Orange Juice = £2.49

My Stomach + The Dirty Smile On My Face After = Priceless..!!

Whilst writing this I have toured London's Carnaby Street, Covent Garden + Oxford Street...

You know what gave me the energy..!! THAT MACCY D's =p...

Breakfast - Want to know how it got it's name?

Break - Fast... in other words you are breaking a minor fast you've had whilst u was sleeping ... But When you've had a Fully Loaded KFC Tower Meal At 12 am.. The nite before your not really fasting lol...

Yeah i'm fat and greedy, Unhealthy and everything else... But who cares, I enjoyed both meals and you should get into the Hobby of eating ..!!

Onto The TV Series Stuff...
Heroes is BACK and With a Vengence... Much Better Than Prison Break atm...
Prison Break is getting good as well...!! WATCH IT ALL AHEAD OF THE UK ...!!

You Can Catch The Series Online @
Check VIDEO's AT The Bottom..!!

Anyways on the fashion news lol... (Waited for all my gibberish for this)...

AF1 25th Anniversary LUX PACK...

Pricetag = £1,400+ = US$2000+

Don't worry your paying for the 18k GOLD on the Lace Tag + The Lace Tips...

Nikes Made In Italy...!! Premium Materials Used.. Probably the Godfather of All AF1's..!!

Shame I ain't going to splash that type of cash on stupid trainers...

P.S I would like to recommend Everyone listen to NAS's Album.. Hip Hop Is Dead...!! + The Track With The Same Title... Beat is too SICK..!!

Prison Break Season 2 Episode 15 Preview..

Heroes Season 1 Episode 13 Preview...

Monday, January 22, 2007


Same Shit Different Day...

If you've seen Dreameater, Some trash film about alien's or something forgot lol...

You'll understand SSDD.. Anyways let me fill you in about the past few days...

Friday I went to Chloe + Charlottes + other people's lol Birthday.. was some crazy 4 people birthday... (See if you can spot me in the pic..)

Home Boyz Nixon & Ryan + Old School Beg Friend Mike.. Who is Kool now...
Charlotte in the background pulling some weird pose lol... but we have to learn from her she makes it look so simple..!!!

Saturday, I went to Central London for Ice Cream, well I am boring and don't eat ice cream anymore...

(Face I am making is an Inside Joke..)

Sunday, was my Cousin Jorden's B-day... He's 9 years old... >___< I feel old, I remember when he was just born... I had just moved into my new house... My OWN Room =p... We went Hollywood Bowl.. which was quite jokes...

Today's Monday the 22nd... 22nd You know what that means.. Today marks the return of Prison Break and Heroes... Both well respected TV series in the US... If you've not picked them up yet... CATCH THAT SHIT MAN...!!

Reported Snow In the next few days... So Hopefully I will be able to blog some pics of snowmen/snowball fights/ Random Snowed in Days... Anyways on the fashion side of things... I know alot of my subscribers want to read this haha.. Pastelle By Kanye West... Collection not dropped yet but my guess is this shit is gonna be WACK..!! I truly respect the guy, but he should stick to producing and writing lyrics... Lately his dress sense has gone downhill... All these people be jumping on what he be rocking.. Trilly & Truly (Lupes Label) & Swagger (Japanese Streetwear)... Have come together for a Limited edition tee...

Yeah, I "bum" Lupe, many props to the guy who was unheard of last year... to become one of the biggest influences in Hip Hop/Street Wear... Guy has MAD Style.. and He is lyrically talented...

Jay-Z Watch Your Behind... This Guy Could Be Taking Your Seat..!!

Anyway's going to Finish watching The Andy Murray V Nadal Game... 5th Set.. Nadal up 3 Games Love...

Friday, January 19, 2007

Pursuit of Happyness.. Pt2...

Well It's now 9:30am... I've had my daily dosage of Maccy D's Grease/Manufactured Food.. and I feel GREAT ..!!

After staying awake till 4 am.. Finishing off that picture, I managed to wake up at 9:00am to get myself a beautiful breakfast.

ARE YOU JEALOUS ? HAHAHA You Should be =p... (COPPED/)Ate That Shit... Don't SLEEP..!!

You all slept on this man ... How could you, check the freshness of that..

This has made my day, so if you see me today ask me to borrow money I will most probably lend you it...

On a side note, My Crooks & Castle Tee Came in the post today..

Will Post Pics when I have time to open it... Still waiting for my food to digest =p..

AIR FORCE 25th Anniversary Commercial Filming in Julez Santana's Music Video Produced By Just Blaze..

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Pursuit of Happyness..

No, I Didn't Spell It Wrong... I know there is a bloody I in Happiness.. But this is in relation to Christopher Gardner's Book... Made into a film Pursuit of Happyness..

Sorry about this, but I am going to link it to my older blog Life Made Simple... Happiness: "Happiness is an emotional or affective state that is characterized by feelings of enjoyment and satisfaction" (Wikipedia, 2007)
Yet why do we all strive to make money, and to keep happy? It's only an Emotional state... Anyways Let's move on..

Pursuit of Happyness, is an amazing film.. It attacks you at every emotional level.. You smile, you cry, By the end of the film you feel as if you've met Chris Gardner Yourself and lived thro his troubles with him.. (This is what a real film is suppose to do)..

"Don't Let Anyone Tell You, You Can't Reach Your Dream, Not Even Me!!"

Quote of the Century...

Reach a Millionaire By 21... Still within Reach... Hehe very unrealistic but it is a target to reach... I am working hard with MiND Ltd and On My studies Wishing one Day I No longer need to Pursuit Happyness.. Just like Christopher Gardner..

He made plenty of sacrafices... I have still yet to make any... The Path is chosen by you no one else...

Pursuit of Happyness is not only for yourself but your loved ones around you..

I am very upset I never got my MaccyD brekkie today... So no Pics Maybe tomoro.. =p

Monday, January 15, 2007

Life Made Simple...

Today Marked the end of Exams for me... =p... Free Again...

And Today Marks the end of the Great TVB Series... Life Made Simple...(On Chinese Channel.. Aired in HK Donkey Years Ago)

Play Song Whilst Reading This POST..!!

Here is the opening for all of you who want to reminisce...

This series has taught me... Money isn't everything in the world... it's just a minor part...

Being Rich Doesn't Mean Your Happy... I'm sure it is easier for a rich person to be happy but still...

Life isn't as complicated and stressful as some of you make it. Trying to achieve little goals you've set yourself is enough. Being Happy and living life to the most is the main objective in life.

Maybe i'm too young to lecture some of you about life, but to me it is an opinion...

On the topic about being Free... Prison Break Has Returned the UK Finally..!!

Jan 22nd For US Viewers EPISODE 14 of FOX's Prison Break..!! Also the day NBC's Heroes comes back onto air..!!

Teriyaki Boyz X Kanye West Track Closing in as well... Only 7 days to go..!!

I'll drop the track on my filefront so try update regularly..!!

On the Clothing front... Just Copped Another C & C Tee... On Sale... Some Tiffany Teal Coloured Laces to match my kicks..!!


Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Aftermath & The Meal...

Well, Happy 19th B-Day To Jono Lou..!! Party was great... I got a bit fucked... Hopefully it is all cool...

Well after a whole day of recovering and attempting to do some revision...

When I went out for a meal and walked into a random grocery store check out what I saw...

A Lamb's head for £2.50!!! I was going to buy it just for jokes...

Then when I was walking out I took a glance at this GUNPOWDER Tea :p..

Saturday, January 13, 2007

May The Best HitMan Win...

Dim's Personal View...!!

This Film Does Not Follow Hollywood Conventions...

Saw this today... and it has got to be one of the most complicated storylines todate..!!

Infernal or Internal Affairs... (The Departed [US Remake])
Was simple as ABC compared to this..

Anyways about the film...

The film has a slow start but near the end you'll be sitting at the edge of your seat... Certain scene's made my stomach cramp.. Because it was sooo intense and some parts were plain funny..

Ben Affleck as you've never seen before...

Alica Keys big screen debut, she wasn't half bad. But then again wasn't paying much attention to her acting because she was looking HOT..!!

I recommend you check this shit out, because i'm going to personally call it most probably one of the best films of 2007...

Don't Understand that Shit... Hit me up... More than happy to explain this "Square Root" Shit to you... (Insider Joke... You'll understand if u watch the film)

Friday, January 12, 2007

My Kix Collection..!?! As @ 20.08.08

Air Jordan 5/18 Collezione

Air Jordan 6 Rings B/Red

Air Max 90 Ostrich Premium Infra Red

Reebok Sir Jams Electric Blue

P-Rod II High Jordan White

W)Taps X Vans Chukka Boot

CF Basic Persian Basic

Air Jordan Spiz'ike Gold

Air Jordan 4's / 19's Collezione

Air Jordan 23's Stealth

Nike Dunk High Premium Horse Hair

Nike Air Zoom Infiltrator II

Nike Court Force Hi White/Black/Chill Varsity Purple

Air Revolution Vivid Blue (Air Yeezy's Little Brother)

Gourmet Cease Sneaker (Based off AJ7)

Supra Hightops White

Reebok Reverse Jam's Black

Air Jordan Spiz'ike Fire Red

Nike SB Air Trainer II Metalic Gold / Reflective Silver

Nike SB Blazer Low Tiffany Appreciation

Nike One Piece Dunk Zest/Grey Purple (Quickstrike)

Vintage Nike Dunk Be True Iowa College (Quickstrike)

AJ4 Black Cat's

Vans Chukka Boot Black on Black

AJ Spizike Cement Grey (Black Laced) (White Laced)

Ato Matsumoto's Black (As Seen On Kanye West)

Hufquake Nike AM1 (Quickstrike)

Vans Syndicate Half Cab White Bulletproofs

AJ Spizike Womens Ice Blue/Hot Pink

Nike Neko Dunk SB Hi

Nike Dunk SB Hi MF Doom

Vans Half Cab Crown Purple

AJ8 Aqua

Nike Dunk Hi Earthquake

AJ Spiz'ike Kings Country

Nike Dunk Hi Reflectors aka Bullets

AJ3 Pure Money's

Trainer Dunk High X Mita

AJ3 Black Cat's.

AJ3 Pure Cat's (Black Cat's X Pure Money's X Dim Creations)

Creative Recreations Sample 1 of 1..!!

AF1 25th Anniversary Supreme Black

CF High Uneo Sakura's

Jordan Spiz'ikes Red/Green/Black

Jordan Spiz'ikes True Blue

CF Low Koinobori Pack

AM1's Atmo's Elephant Pack

AJ3's Re-release Fire Red

CF High "Un-Tiffany" Croc Reflector Pack w/ Tiffany Dunk SB Laces

The Kick's I Got This Year..!! So Far.!!