Friday, January 19, 2007

Pursuit of Happyness.. Pt2...

Well It's now 9:30am... I've had my daily dosage of Maccy D's Grease/Manufactured Food.. and I feel GREAT ..!!

After staying awake till 4 am.. Finishing off that picture, I managed to wake up at 9:00am to get myself a beautiful breakfast.

ARE YOU JEALOUS ? HAHAHA You Should be =p... (COPPED/)Ate That Shit... Don't SLEEP..!!

You all slept on this man ... How could you, check the freshness of that..

This has made my day, so if you see me today ask me to borrow money I will most probably lend you it...

On a side note, My Crooks & Castle Tee Came in the post today..

Will Post Pics when I have time to open it... Still waiting for my food to digest =p..

AIR FORCE 25th Anniversary Commercial Filming in Julez Santana's Music Video Produced By Just Blaze..


C.Toni said...


fam said...

i <3 Julez gd blog btw

steph said...

yaaaaay ur maccy d's breakfast + its sexy bottle of tropicana!!!!! :) i'm so happy for u!
this is a cool site.. those clothes/shoes u talk about look really cool~
take care :)


giroro said...

can i hve the finished Aaroro pic please??