Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Trust Much..!?!

Well you guessed it haha, this blog is about trust. See these kicks here? Air Yeezy's anyone? Ato's ?

Reeboks EX-O-Fit Hi S.G. Strap, they were bought today with a staff discount. Don't hate coz they are reeboks, and yes it's another to my stupidly large collection. There is a story behind these. And this blog was brought to you in Starbucks in Tottenham Court Rd haha. I had my laptop with me to finish off my book.

Anyways, the story for all those who love to read about my life. I saw them in the shop window in reebok store. So I walk in and try them on, no size 7! WTF, they only came in on friday, but the guy goes try them in 6 and 8 they fit slightly large. So I try them on and they are shop display, the eastern European guy inside beat me to the last size 8. So I am reluctant to part with 115 for them, since I could have got the cigarette case from LV for that price. I ask the guy can he hook me up with staff discount? Guy was like you know what, I like you and I will help you out. I finish at 4 so come meet me outside Size? and I will get them for u. I meet him at 4 and he asks me for £80. I give him £80 and TRUSTED him to come back with the kicks. Guy bought me a tea and everything, told me to wait in Progresso, so I wait and wait. Shit has he screwed me over? Who knows, I sip my tea message people on my blackberry. He turns up with my kicks after a good 15 mins. Takes down my number, "I can get you discount in Size?, Addidas and Reebok, just txt me."

Shit just got myself a hook up, don't hate coz. I am that sick haha. Another story to add to the lot, was walking around Covent garden, waiting for this guy, and my mates. Some girls stop me and ask if they can take a photo. Looking sick as I always do, they say it is for a fashion blog, who knows I was just like check out haha.
Shit was a jokes night tho, got to meet ah sol, and have dinner with her. But what the hell is up with girls paying for me, that's a first for Dan but, I had to pay her back. 1st rule of Dan, never take money from a girl. Unless it is a gift on a special occasion, I have a face to show haha. Always a first for everything, but the thought and gesture was great. Thank You, Kathy, I know you will read this. Haha, if not this is a note to my brothers.

Aite man, reading week is over, back down to serious work, bloody sitting on the bus as this was typed. (11:45)

(Next Day add)

Hmm seems like I forgot to post up another blog of mine... So i'm going to quickly shorten it and add it onto here..

Thats my laptop sleeve for my Macbook Pro.. As I couldn't fork out £400 for an LV case...

I'm not Bouji enough... So I settled for this next piece of hand crafted lambs wool, genuine leather sleeve... It's sooo beautiful..!!

I had some big rant about Valentines day... but it's past so it's really irrelevant haha, maybe the same views will come up next year and you can read it then haha..

Anyways Here is Kanye West's New Video...!!!

And here is a video interview from DETAILS magazine..

I believe him when he says He can refer to himself in 3rd person.. As I tend to refer to myself in 3rd person a lot, because We are BRANDS... He's just doing a better job than me marketing it hahaha..

Alrite got work now... Sayyyffeee..!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Vans R Us..!?!

Another Pair... Lately i've been (quote Wayne) 'On The Vans Flex'..!!

It's been a while... but i've been completing my big e-book... So far i've completed a few chapters... Available upon request..

Anyways recently on facebook people have been writing these random 25 things about themselves... And i'm tempted to do one so I thought being Dan and fancy with a wider audience on this... I'll give u 25 things hahaha...

1.I claim I have more of a life than to do this crap... But I did it anyways..
2.I've been saying i'll be a millionaire at 21 since I was 11... (10 Year Dream)..
3.I currently own 70 pairs of trainers/shoes all boxed up and cleaned...
4.I always carry a fortune (I think it's called that) from a fortune cookie saying "All people who have achieved great things have been great dreamers."
5.My mind is actually 10 x worse than what comes out of my mouth.
6.I plan my outfit almost a week in advanced so people don't see me wear the same thing twice in one week.
7.In relation to number 6, I try not to wear the same pair of trainers in the same month.
8.I've waited 10 hours for a pair of shoes and never got them..
9.I'm actually dumber than I portray.
10.The Dan you know is actually an alter ego I created to stand up to bullies.
11.I am only ever stressed about what to wear.
12.I've had grey hair since I was 10, and some people believe me when I say I dye each strand.
13.I can actually see without my glasses, and my vision is road legal. I wear glasses because I think I look good in them.
14.I have 6 piercings, 5 on my left ear.
15.My only weakness is women and being tickled.
16.I used to be really skinny.
17.I LOVE Gossip Girl and Desperate Housewives.
18.I can't hold a conversation over the phone.
19.I walk with a limp because of an old injury not because I don't want to crease my trainers.
20.I can't tell analogue time properly, it takes me a while still to count.
21.I'm hopeless with remembering dates, thats why I love my gadgets.
22.My ego is fueled by you not me. (HAHAHA)
23.I don't play basketball yet half my shoes are basketball trainers.
24.I am actually in love with Kanye West..(Had to have a Kanye Comment).
25.I don't actually believe in myself, but I do stuff to make people believe in me.

Alrite, thats my lame random 25 things, facts, habits, or goals about me. This has been clogging up my Facebook Homepage for the past week... So lets hope these things will die down..

Here are my vans...

I will post up the laptop sleeve I ordered for my macbook pro... Going to look SEXY..!!

Oh right, this blog was to confirm my last blog about the Turkish coffee reading thing...

I did get a phone call on the 3rd (Feb) from a Girl who's name began with an M... She invited me over to blaze and I saw a Cactus..

Argh it's 4a.m and I've got coursework to be doing... Nite nite all...

Happy Friday 13th.. !!

Monday, February 02, 2009

sNo Future..!?!

Well Today is snowing like crazy... I can't be bothered to take my camera outside to take photo's so you 56kers are spared my high res images hahaha..

(only 1 in 10 households have Broadband) Consider yourself Lucky BB users...

Anyways... This Snow is going to mess up a lot of your plans... School/Work etc... Bet your outside rolling around in the snow making snow angels w/e...

I'm more mature than that hahaha... Going out to make Yellow Snow Cones instead... (Yes if u don't know what it is google it)...

Well I think the title of this blog is throwing a few people off their guard... Because I know how some of you like to guess what my blogs are about from the title (or am I over thinking shit)... Anyways...

Today I had my fortune read/told... Via The Turkish Tea...
My (Nah I think I should use A)... A Friend's mother is knowledgeable in reading someones future/fortune by looking at the way tea stains a cup...

Probably by telling you all this, it won't happen now and I've managed to change my own fate... But i'm going to inform you anyways because i'm really interested in it and being able to read palms and peoples facial features it would be interesting to add to my arsenal of Cull Lui Techniques haha...

Well I was informed my future is orange.. (Bright).. I've planned my future and taking it step by step... My future is stronger than a tree... it's a bloody Cactus... So Avoid stepping into my future haha..

There is a special lady in my life... The Letter M is of some importance... But it's most likely my mother hahaha...
I'm going to receive a letter and a phone call which will change my future... and i'm going to be successful..(Well This was already read/predicted by me hahaha..)

The most important thing I managed to get out of it was i've got a recurring problem.. it's nothing major like (death.. (touch wood).) But it's something thats bothering me and it comes and goes but it's nothing big... and it shall be sorted in connection to the number 3... maybe 3 days, 3 months or 3rd of a month or even March.. So lets hope it blows past so I can be on my way to success...

Well it's stupid o clock in the morning and i need to wake up tomoro morning to fix my windscreen wipers because the snow, dislodged them again...

So i'm heading to bed... Remember boys and girls... your future is in your hands... Fortune telling and predictions aren't always accurate... They are only to inform and to give u false hope... I believe in stuff like this because I can do it too but don't follow it like a guide...

Everyday there are external factors which affect you, you can't control these factors so just take care of yourself's and don't play in the Snow too much...

Peace out...

Sunday, February 01, 2009

More Pairs..!?!

As informed by me, chinese new year was on monday. Everyone is rich and happy haha. I am more well off.

This blog is being posted due to conversations that have been recently raised by some people and myself.
The motivation of men. Well if your male and your reading this you'll know what I am talking about haha let me shorten it to a single line.
Everything we do is to get laid.
Think about it logically, we grow up go school, get a good job to find a wife to reproduce. Depending on how much money you have, that will depend on how hot your wife is. Why do we all dress up to go out, to look good so we can be accepted. Why do we keep ourselves groomed to be more appealing and seem more attractive.
Why isit when we do anything competitive, we always want to prove we are the best. Always with that fighting spirit. Coz we want to seem the dominat male, the alpha male. All this to get laid.
So what motivates women, why do they get out of bed in the morning?
I can only express the male arguement, so if anyone can supply their own opinon feel free to. I shall post replies in the next blog.

Latest pair of sneakers for my growing collection...

Ordered these way back in January... Got them last week...
Clae... Supporting the Oriental Designers...

Signing out... Peace...

P.S... Christian (Eski).. Your motivated by the thought of being able to beat me...
I'm G.O.D...