Monday, May 13, 2013

Please MiND The Gap..!?!

As all my regular readers know, I’ve always believed the mind is the most powerful thing we humans possess. I believe this is what differentiates us from animals, it is what keeps us sane and what keeps us going. Each and every individual has a different mind. Let me throw in a quick definition of what Mind is from a quick google define search (coz i know you are all too lazy to do that)

Fuck it i’m going to post all 8 definitions Google spat back at me..

  1. The element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel; the faculty of consciousness and thought

  1. A person's mental processes contrasted with physical action

  1. A person's intellect

  1. The state of normal mental functioning in a person

  1. A person's memory

  1. A person identified with their intellectual faculties

  1. A person's attention

  1. The will or determination to achieve something

I’m actually only going to pick on 2 of these but for your benefit I threw all 8 of them here...

‘to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think and to feel; the faculty of consciousness’

Alrite so let me break down how I interpret this... a lot of us actually take for granted many of our senses and everything around us. To be able to feel, and to see shit around you, not all of us are capable of this.
Let me take this to a whole other level, and throw in a keyword... SOUL..

Is our mind our soul, I personally believe so (who gives a shit what you think) and our soul is immortal, I also believe that our soul actually has a physical presence. (I’m sure i’ve read of an experiment where someone weighed a body during sleep and found that our weight actually drops when we are asleep because our soul leaves the body, and they weighed a dying person and there was a slight minute change in weight when someone passed away) [Too many brackets but this is a thought process]

So there is no actual experiment carried out by myself as i’m a cryptic of this shit, but I just have to believe. Believing is a very strong factor of how our mind/soul works, your mind consciously or unconsciously can think of something and manifest that very thought into something.

‘Illness is 90% mind and 10% disease.’  
Daniel Khor (Date Unknown)

Yes I quoted myself, but I think if we are strong minded we can actually fight off any illness and problems, you know you hear all this crazy ‘miracles’ and life changing experiences because that individual believed and thought of it. Their mind was set in stone that they are able to overcome this obstacle that ‘powers above’ have thrown at them.

[I’m going to summarize all that jargon above into a quick sentence]

What you hear, experience, think about or even don’t think about will manifest into reality slowly, because your mind is a living matter and the universe is living. Your brain fires synapses through your neurons (scientist’s correct me if i’m wrong) and as soon as this process has begun the universe will begin to ‘snowball’ this chain of thought. So let me throw this curveball at you, and get them neurons working...

What if you are told you’re going to fail.....

1. You believe you’re going to fail and so the universe begins taking you down that path to make this [Statement] come true.

2. You don’t believe this is going to be true, and that's made you think i’m going to go against that and make sure it doesn’t come true. Once again that initial thought process is the beginning.

This is where I come back to number 8 in the definition. The will and determination to achieve something, don’t let people dictate what is going to happen. Only you and I mean only you have the power to chain reaction your future. It all starts with a simple thought process, if this can be achieved.

All of the above can be interpreted in any shape or form, once again this is my own thought process and has no scientific backing, no religious views or even evidence that this all exists. I just believe our mind is a powerful thing and if you learn to control it you are the God of your own future.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Too long!!

It's been so long I've even lost my fucking domain name!  It is a shame because I'm just being too jewish to update that shit!  You know what it's about time I put heart to keyboard for you guys!  Ever since I started working full time I've not given anything to you. I've decided I'm going to give u weekly if not at least monthly heart to hearts! This blog started out as something for fun, and it did grow into something i looked forward to posting. I wouldn’t call you my fans but my reader base was quite large.
Well I think it’s time to let me re-introduce myself and fill you in. The whole blog layout, links and everything will be re-worked in due time.  Regular readers know what to expect from this crap, thats why they keep coming back haha... For the new readers let me give you a quick recap... Nah, Fuck that... if you really want to get to know me click on the archive on the right, that shit will give you a full insight into who I am, who I want to be and what you should be aiming for haha...
That was the rolling start.....................
Since the last blog was just a copy and paste job and the ones before didn’t really give you a full overview of what i’ve copped.. Let me just give you a few snippets...

Yeezy 2’s, Undefeated x Bape x Adidas, Couple of Jordans and a few more Nikes... I’ve moved into higher end fashion now... Junya Watanabe, Visvim, W)Taps... That shit has begun to bore me hahaha... No need to mention all that if you want to see all of it follow my instagram, twitter or facebook...
Twitter: @DanielKhor
Instagram: @Dankhor
Facebook: Daniel Khor
Recently, I found out that my best friend for almost 10 years has left the country... Moved back to homeland to start up a new life, this has become more or less a common occurrence. I’ve lost a few friends to the Far East.... and you know what I might be joining them... I mean I wish had more to stay for, but there really is nothing in the UK... I can’t say there isn’t opportunities, but every path seems to be a dead end... (Let me provide a few motivational quotes here)

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

Every wall is a door.

These two quotes are very powerful they keep me strong and keep me going. All my life i’ve tried to prove something to others, to be something i’m actually not.. Over these past 6 months i’ve learnt that.
A great man is always willing to be little.

I’ve thought too highly of myself, i’m a little arrogant but thats what ‘society’ has done to me, I feel as if I need to tread on others to become better, but back in the day I was the smaller man (Ironic, since i’m soo bloody short now compared to kids back then)
So I let people bend me a little and it’s finally taken it’s toll on me, people have taken advantage of my ‘nice-ness’ ← (Please insert a proper word here)

As the quote above suggests maybe i’m the greater man or maybe i’m not, but it’s finally hit me. I need to fight for myself, I need to be selfish and stop being that ‘Yes’ man...
I think i’ve got a blog about a few rules I follow, a couple of gentleman codes that I swear and live by. I feel as if I need to break these codes because they aren’t serving me as well as I think they are. You make mistakes you learn from these and you move on. When i’m on my deathbed i’ll look back and thank myself for all these mistakes i’ve made because that will have defined me. (Wow that sentence was soo fucked up when I was typing it, past, present and future tenses)
I’m going to cut this short as it’s 3am when I was typing this up. I type these blogs when i’m just not feeling myself, when a lot of things are on my mind. 20% of the time these blogs don’t actually make it to final cut haha... I end up saving them as a draft and publishing it later if it’s worth a read but most of the time it’s for personal reasons. Someone once said to me ‘Daniel, you can’t be happy all the time, I can’t imagine how you must feel when you are sad.’

This is what Tao’s will call Ying Yang... There is always an opposite... So for me to be Happy 90% of the time... (if you know me personally you know how happy I am haha) the come down from that natural high is painful and deep.

None of you care about this,(Sorry to have wasted your time) so i’m going to cut it but before I sign off I’ll leave you with a little something for you to ponder over..

Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.