Friday, February 19, 2010

Women R My Weakness..!!

Why women are so amazing and are the superior in our species!

I know you've been out one nite and seen them skanky girls dressed in next to nothing, and your penis has already inverted because it's that frigging cold. Yet these girls are galavanting in their high heels and short skirts.
It's so cold your aroused but your body doesn't react.

Guys I know when u go out in just a shirt and it's so cold ur nipples are showing. The next day we are lying in bed literally feel like death. Girl's probably have an early shift at work or have a lecture the next day. Wake up on a few hours sleep because they wake up 2 hours before to get ready. Also when guys get a cold it's the worst feeling in the world. Yes we think we are about to die or something. Women reign supreme! When they have a cold and a fever they still manage to do everything like it's a normal day.

Well it recently we saw the rise and fall of certain celebrities. Namely Tiger Woods and John Terry it may seem women are their weakness. These multi-million earning people all share the same weakness! Women, they love them in all shapes and sizes, races and ages. They still think with their penis! In their situation they have more power, as they are seen more of the alpha male, because we are all attracted to the fittest(!)

Let me explain myself, Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest has changed during the times and ages, we now seek the hottest chick because they stand out. Women on the other hand, seek money, fame and power. Before it was who could bring back the biggest meal, now it's who can put the most designer goods on the table.
Girls reading this, I know ur there shaking ur head and disagreeing. But I've hit the bullseye. Everyone has their price!

For guys like us who seek the hottest chick, there is a simple theory explained in How I Met Your Mother! The settler and the reacher. One party in the relationship is the settler, settling for something below their standards. And there is the reacher who tries to go up against the ivy leagues. It's a simple concept and it's not fair, don't hate the player hate the game.

Women are the root of all problems!
Everything we do is for women, coming back to survival of the fittest, it needs to be updated to survival of the smartest! (Not academically) but the one who uses his head to make the most money.
Us guys only have one thing on our MiND 24/7 and I'm guessing you all know it and flaunt your assets. It's not whoring yourself out it's allowing nature to do it's business.

Aite peace out until next time.

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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Perception of Money Over Time..!?!

It seems like a few of u enjoyed my last blog and I dropped some heavy duty shit like that Acme Anvil from Roadrunner. To be honest this blog is a load of rubbish, I'm just keeping it up for myself and I know when u get bored u want to learn more about me and the way I think.

The other day I was speaking to a customer at the takeaway who has made millions. (No evidence, but I take a mans word.) We were talking about business ideas and throwing ideas at each other. Anyways let me share one of my ideas whilst it's still not off the ground completely. Jamie Oliver always has one step ahead of me haha.

Well riding on the facebook success, I was thinking of doing something similar but for food. Everyone loves food but not everyone enjoy's cooking it. I had this idea when I was on delivery one day, and I smelt some beautiful cooking. It was a sort of smell u know u can't get in a restaurant. Your mothers or grandmothers cooking!! Traditional home cooking!! I wanted to taste it but I couldn't. I only enjoy traditional chinese at home. But some of u folk can't! You only get given westernised sweet and sour crap.

You guessed it! It's a website like facebook where u share traditional cooking recipies I'm sure there is plenty of websites out there now. I thought of this last year summer, but wanted it more user orientated than celebrity chef. Jamie Oliver beats me to it and takes it up another level with an Iphone app.

Anyways this guy at the takeaway, loved some of my advertising ideas and asked my full name.

Daniel Khor

He asked me what I wanted, what I see for myself and I told him, I want to change my name into a global brand! And he was like, I can see that happening. Daniel Khor, it's got that normal first name then that special surname. I've never thought of my name as special but it has that powerful effect on people haha. Isit coz I'm Dan Khor? Haha

Let's hope that's the beginning of Daniel Khor, I hope one day I become immortal, my name is engraved into the world as a company.

Well, the title of this blog was perception of money over time. Basically the value of goods. As you all know I love my kicks, I love my designer goods and everything else that comes with it. So I went to Frost of London, IF&Co's account in UK, to check out the Ben Baller pieces. Hottest sales consultant there Chloe Parker!! U must visit just to see this girl. She can sell me anything even the £6.5k G shock watch!! (Sorry about poor picture taken on phone) I didn't want to look like a dick, taking a photo when I was trying it on.

Chloe murked my life hard! I said the watch was a bit expensive for a GShock, I could purchase a U-Boat for that price! She replied, "You know what you guys with money are like. Showing off and stuff!"

FML, I felt like gauging my eyes out and commiting suicide right there. Even tho I ain't one of them rich guys who likes to show off. I work hard for my money thank you very much!!

But what I'm trying to explain is, perception of money is everything. What you value and what I value to be worth x amount is different. But why are humans so irrational. We like to splash out on time pieces to tell time, to keep us sane! But why would u waste over £10 on a watch?

Status? Craftmanship? To fit in? To get robbed?

What ever it is, it still doesn't justify spending money on a watch to tell the time, which u have everywhere around you now a days. Your phone displays the time, I'm sure u have a computer somewhere on ur travels haha. But we still love having that expensive looking watch. Let me be honest with u guys, I am slightly slow when it comes to reading analogue time, because I've never really needed it. But I seldom wear an analogue watch just because it looks good haha. What have I become?

We percieve an item of value and make a rational choice whether to buy it. I'm guessing u've had that awkward arguement with someone who's asked how much an item u own costs and they sed it was expensive and u was like it's a bargain, coz u got 10% off it.

We rarely think of an item in a 3rd person perspective, how do people see this on me? Does it look cheap, does it look expensive? What does this design mean to that person? We usually think about ourselves only, how we want to be seen. My idea above probably explains why I've never set foot into Primark! I don't think the quality of their goods are all that, and fighting with people for clothes isn't what I do haha. But they imitate some of the big fashion houses and tone down their crazy designs to make it wearable and affordable.

Does Comfort really play a Part in what you wear?

Comfort to me is a + to an item. If I want a certain look I'll give up comfort just to have that look. I'm sure a lot of u sacrafice a lot too haha. I used to think like that! Now, I've grown up and my perception has changed. As long as I am comfortable, it doesn't matter how I look (too much). I've still got an image to keep haha.

Come on you can't say I give a fuck about What you think..!! HATERS..!!