Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Well this is just a quick update/rant after seeing what shit's out there. Fair enuff my own clothing line wasn't the best out there, hence why I've stopped. But fingers crossed I will be motivated and release better shit for u guys. You know with my acquired taste for luxury goods and fresh looks.

At the end of the day this is my blog, and I can say what the fuck I want haha. You reader's, can either accept my opinion and take in my words and stop hating coz I'm on a whole other level. After looking at the new England shirt, (Football) I think I mite purchase one. Not coz I support England, well I kinda root them on but, because it is a craftsmanship of another level. It's simple, it's elegant and beautiful. It doesn't look like a football shirt, and it mite give some of you/them football hooligans some class. As Jay-Z sed, you can pay for school but you can't buy Class!.

Yeah, this blog is about those start up clothing lines, from dorm rooms at uni. I must say, if I can release some shit so can anyone, but some of the shit I've been exposed to recently actually insults intelligence and people actually thinking their shit will sell. Hell, your mates are buying it to support u, coz they are your mates. They wear it because it beats wearing shit from primark, you know with the hard times. They actually want u to discount the garms as well, that's what friends are for. You know what, don't sell to your friends, ask for my opinion and I will straight up tell u that stuff is rubbish. Here is a clothing line, by some guys in my uni.

Facebook Group Page..

After taking a peep, they are actually taking the Mickey (mouse) out of the clothing industry, what's up with that rubbish design, and the name? Yike's, I'm wearing something slightly more expensive than Primark, and Yippee, I am getting noticed? I don't even know how that's pronounced man, people asking me about my opinion about their designs, and throw idea's at me.
What's up with everyone wanting to use text! Shit is dead man, move with the times. Fashion is about trends, multi-coloured stuff is in, the flowers, the prep-school look is in. People just need to open their eyes and see what is out there, at the end of the day making a clothing line is about what you like, and what u envision, but releasing it for profit is about what people like and what people want. But I suppose, now a days people have little or no opinion in what they wear, they like to rock what is out infront of them, in highstreet stores and what's the latest celeb rocking. Also what is currently in fashion, etc. At the end of the day, that's the beauty of the fashion industry, you can wear what you want, as long as your confident it looks good, no one except Dan (God) will judge you haha.

Safeeee, signing out, better get back to work!

This was typed up on my blackberry wireless device @ Oriental Express.


Haha, don't know what that stands for then you got murked haha. Check out this website man, funniest thing I've read in a while. While the stories may be made up, but stuff like this happens all the time man, here's the link take a peep. http://www.fmylife.com. Once again I have to say, it's been some time. I don't even know when to start, I've been recouping my assets and happy splashing on my attire. Taking shit to another level.
Air Yeezy's are coming out next weekend, uni is finishing for me and I'm growing up. Why grow up so early tho haha, I've been occupying my time with coursework, since I have to make a 15 min presentation, maybe I'll post that shit up for u peeps, need permission from my group members, since it is a 4 man thing. Well technically 1 man, 3 women. That's how I roll man, surround myself with girls. They know how to get shit done man.
Hmm, those who see me often have seen my latest cop! Maybe I'll post a quick pic for u guys.
Anyways, this post was about FML! How my life got flipped upside down, haha. Nah not really but I got anal raped by a police office not literally let me tell you guys the story. Brew your tea/coffee/hot chocolate this is some lost episode man.
I was speeding to take my mate home after a battering I gave him on pro evo 09. So I was in a good mood, just filled up my petrol tank as well. So I wanted to give it some beans, drove down to (those local would know) Mill Hill kebab house, and drove straight over 2 roundabouts. As you do at 2 a.m in the morning, when roads are clear. I kept going, then I saw some ford fiesta tailgate me, so I speed up a little, at night some dickhead wants to speed up. So I go around 40mph, down a small narrow road. Bam! Blue lights, I was jammin to some old school Eminem, My Name Is. I pull over and police officer starts sniffing my car, like I've been blazing or some shit. Ask's me my name, and D.O.B, I am nice and tell them. Other officer in his tracksuit steps out of the car, "Why, you driving like a dickhead?" I was like shit man, calling me a dick head, I just sed I was taking my mate home, "How fast was u going?", my reply 40 - 45, no need to lie if he was going to give me a ticket he would have. Ask's if I have ID , and I happened to leave my wallet at home. Calls the operator and says he wants a check on. Honda CRX, reads my number plate. He blatantly felt like an idiot when she replies back there isn't one on the system, and he just tells me to move along. Well, that's one of my first encounters with the police, and I got away luckily.

Probably bored u to hell with some shit story, so here is a funny photo I took round my mates house. One of the funniest thing's I've seen for a while. Epic failure man, tell me what you see and I'll explain the picture in the next blog haha.

Peace out mayne, stay fresh man. I'll post pics up of Air Yeezy's if I get my hands on them.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Display Purposes Only..!?!

Alrite been busy lately....

Peeing on the latest Banksy's... Stunting on people and front'n

It's all about the Dan Lifestyle hahaha..

Anyways here some photo's for your viewing pleasure...

Well nothing much to say... apart from a quick rant..


As you can see the rich get richer and your getting further away from me bitches..!!!

That reminds me the other day whilst walking to Uni, some guy and his friends were walking towards me... He looks at me and then goes to his friends...

"This guy has Swag, SHIT..!!" I mean I ain't even walked past him yet, I dunno whether to take it as a compliment or what..

He didn't have swag... So he should admire me not have the right to compliment hahaha... I felt like I should have taken off my clothes and gave it to him... Insulted... Someone of his class likes it, I'm doing something wrong man..

Anyways the pictures above... if you want them in Hi-Res for your viewing pleasure please feel free to drop me an email..

I.Am@DanielKhor.com ..!!

Peace out going back to Uni work.. Safe..!!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Heart & Mind...!?!

Blog Much..!?! Probably what your wondering right now as you read this...

Regular readers were probably anxious for me to release a new blog, more recent readers were probably checking for cool updates.
But I've been taking time off to complete my own writing and I've managed to put down as much as I could.

Download Link..to my teachings haha, some have called it a Manual for Dan and the way he works...

Anyways this blog was really to notify you guys I'm still around and blogging, and I just took some resting time to catch up with uni work... Juggling everything has been taking it's toll on me... Mind, Body and Soul (Sole).. I've become tired and unhappy, moody at times... (Signs of weakness) Dan is never unhappy haha...

But this cheered me up... And it's my first and probably last BBC Cop..!!

Heart & Mind Crew (Black)

This crew-neck has many different meanings, to me anyways haha... (Shits Kinda Tight)
If you take time and analyse the design you can see it is a heart and mind (Duh..!!)
The heart is a socket, the start, the roots, the power (My own interpretations)
The mind is a light bulb about to be connected to the heart, the mind and heart needs to be in sync for shit to work.. Also this crew is linked to my own Brand MiND... Without giving it my all and believing in it... Nothing good will come out of it.. So When I first saw this design I had to get it... Even tho I personally dislike BBC...(Dan wears Designs not Brands..!!)

BBC Slogan - Wealth is of the Mind & Heart, not the pocket...

This is powerful and just amazing.. Goes in line with my writing and everything I believe..

Which is why I bought the crew, and I had to finish up my writing to be released at the same time...

The read is like an extended blog... So it will contain many Dan Moments and Quotes haha...
I hope you enjoy reading it and if you have any questions, comments, feedback or criticism feel free to email me i.am@DanielKhor.com ....

Haha See how that shit works now... Beautiful.. It's like poetry in motion...

Anyways I'm off to uni... (even tho when I typed this up I was in Uni...)

Last night me and Marco found the funniest branded drink ever...
(Of course I never purchased it) He's the pussy hahaha...

Pussy Juice... Stop drinking Red Bull... (This shit is disgusting..!!)

Peace out... Check The download link (Above)... if it doesn't work Hit me up..!! Safe...