Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Haha, don't know what that stands for then you got murked haha. Check out this website man, funniest thing I've read in a while. While the stories may be made up, but stuff like this happens all the time man, here's the link take a peep. http://www.fmylife.com. Once again I have to say, it's been some time. I don't even know when to start, I've been recouping my assets and happy splashing on my attire. Taking shit to another level.
Air Yeezy's are coming out next weekend, uni is finishing for me and I'm growing up. Why grow up so early tho haha, I've been occupying my time with coursework, since I have to make a 15 min presentation, maybe I'll post that shit up for u peeps, need permission from my group members, since it is a 4 man thing. Well technically 1 man, 3 women. That's how I roll man, surround myself with girls. They know how to get shit done man.
Hmm, those who see me often have seen my latest cop! Maybe I'll post a quick pic for u guys.
Anyways, this post was about FML! How my life got flipped upside down, haha. Nah not really but I got anal raped by a police office not literally let me tell you guys the story. Brew your tea/coffee/hot chocolate this is some lost episode man.
I was speeding to take my mate home after a battering I gave him on pro evo 09. So I was in a good mood, just filled up my petrol tank as well. So I wanted to give it some beans, drove down to (those local would know) Mill Hill kebab house, and drove straight over 2 roundabouts. As you do at 2 a.m in the morning, when roads are clear. I kept going, then I saw some ford fiesta tailgate me, so I speed up a little, at night some dickhead wants to speed up. So I go around 40mph, down a small narrow road. Bam! Blue lights, I was jammin to some old school Eminem, My Name Is. I pull over and police officer starts sniffing my car, like I've been blazing or some shit. Ask's me my name, and D.O.B, I am nice and tell them. Other officer in his tracksuit steps out of the car, "Why, you driving like a dickhead?" I was like shit man, calling me a dick head, I just sed I was taking my mate home, "How fast was u going?", my reply 40 - 45, no need to lie if he was going to give me a ticket he would have. Ask's if I have ID , and I happened to leave my wallet at home. Calls the operator and says he wants a check on. Honda CRX, reads my number plate. He blatantly felt like an idiot when she replies back there isn't one on the system, and he just tells me to move along. Well, that's one of my first encounters with the police, and I got away luckily.

Probably bored u to hell with some shit story, so here is a funny photo I took round my mates house. One of the funniest thing's I've seen for a while. Epic failure man, tell me what you see and I'll explain the picture in the next blog haha.

Peace out mayne, stay fresh man. I'll post pics up of Air Yeezy's if I get my hands on them.

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