Thursday, July 30, 2009


It seems my lack of updates has steered away some of my fan/reader base... I would like to call you all my fans haha but some of you are just hating on me and just like to read this blog...

I've been living a crazy life for the past few weeks... Straight after graduating...
Working stupid amounts and losing a lot of money and it isn't even on items I bought..!!

Well I've purchased a few more Louis Vuitton Items... and a Pair of Kicks since my last blog post...

This photo is the last photo I managed to take with my camera... As I've passed it down to an up and Coming Dan... U know when shit gets old u have to pass it down haha...

So photo updates will be kinda poor for a while whilst I search around for another DSLR...

Anyways apart from working i've been jamming and chilling with people who are slowly coming back from Holiday...

This week saw me go to my First Summer BBQ... (Well I wouldn't call it the first but... the first i'll mention haha)

Look how FRESH I am dressed to cook Burgers and Chicken Wings... HAHA... That just happens to be what I was carrying at that moment in time... I think i'm over doing it a little... Need to tone it down..!!

As for the shoes... Yes they are ODD... I'm not colourblind or anything I didn't order the wrong pair.. Also I didn't buy two different pairs to get the look...

They are designed and released like that...

No smart comments like. "You Should Have Bought Two Pairs And Wear Matching Shoes!"
TBH they are pretty ugly shoes...But the whole design concept and idea behind it appealed to me and i thought it was worth buying and i've got the "kugelsack" to rock them out in the street... Don't care what people think or say... I'm Amazing haha..

Anyways i've been penning down my ideas for my own clothing label... Just need to get into (insert fashion jargon) and I should be able to release some Samples... As soon as I have something physical I shall be putting them up.... As for ideas I have many... Can I execute them only time can tell..!!

Aite now this was typed out During my 2 hour gap from work... Peace out y'all and I promise you more insight to my thinking... More cops and more posts to come...

Just been a little busy blazing it up... Gaming till 7 am in the morning and shit... I ain't actually been at home at all...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why We Aren't The Future..!!?!?

Most of the time when you read crap about Global Warming, it says they want to make changes for our kids, kids. For the younger generation because they are the future. Do your part by recycling and stuff. Here's the Dim view on that, we aren't the future. We will be living in the future but that's about it. How ever hard it is to live in, with the global warming issues, what's done has been done. What human's do now can't change the damage that's been done. Michael Jackson himself tried to make change way back when I was a kid, with earth song and shit, but people still never reacted and we are all still doing what the video showed.
These past few months have been crazy for everyone. The death of the legend, surviving in this recession and now all us graduates looking for jobs. Which I ain't even started doing. People need to relax and chill, worrying over the swine flu as well.
Lately I've been trying to materialise some of my business plans, but all of them will probably fail in this current economic climate and also with my lack of expertise/experience it is bound to fail haha.
Anyways I'll been dropping some swagger bombs recently and it's got me thinking, why don't I bring my crazy imagination and ideas to the fashion world, but where do I start? I tried it with MiND Ltd, streetwear scene but that ended up in the drain.
So fingers crossed I can actually learn the trick to the trade and start making some real clothing. I mite have spent 3 years doing marketing but I think my future lies within the fashion industry. I ain't got the body to become a model, I ain't got the status to become a socialite. But I've got the mind to become a designer, I understand there are a lot of people within this industry.
But I shall try and bring to you, the Gift's of Dan, clothing!
Yes that's right, Gift's of Dan. What's that as an acronym. G.O.D's Clothing!! Hopefully I can get samples together this summer so I can rock them myself. Looking for someone to draw up a logo, don't worry money is involved haha.

Business cards coming soon, been saying that for ages, but always end up spending my money in Louis Vuitton or a pair of Nike Kicks. Summer begin's, spending is gonna be cut down to a minimal, been needing to do up my room and it begins. Need to clean out all them useless textbooks and work I've been saving. All my old consoles and games. I'll take some before and after photo's. Time period is 2 months! I'm gonna get started now! Need to sort out the feng shui and shit man. Living like I do now isn't good for my fortune haha.

Picture Coming Soon... I had to blog this quickly because a Fan kept pestering me haha..

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


It's a celebration bitches haha, I've managed to graduate from uni, met some amazing people and done what I didn't think I would.

I wanted to drop out of school at 16, coz I'm not an academic person. But it seems like I soldiered on and achieved something my parents can be proud of and something I will remember. Fair enuff I never achieved the best of grades, and I never ended up in the best Uni's.. I repeated a year in college, so I graduated a year later. But the time has come for me to suit up and work!!

Graduation was pretty long and boring.. Apart from Someone Pulling up in a Maybach outside the Uni Gates... I was like... No way this person is seriously taking the piss..!! Theo Paphitis stepped out... I was like no way..!! Walked over shook the guys hand and looked down upon him man... Anyways Google him if you don't know who he is.. But yeah I graduated the same day as he was made Doctor of University (or some shit like that)

(Regards to My Facebook Status.. I Didn't apply for Dragon's Den and I would never pitch an idea to them idiots..)

Here are a few pic's from graduation, and I celebrated my 22nd birthday! Man's getting old, and never made my £1 million by 21. What ever man, deadlines been extended! 25, I shall be a millionaire haha, well I have the lifestyle of a millionaire right now but just not the time to enjoy it. Looking for jobs is a drag man. A lot of people are confused as soon as they come out of uni, don't know what they want to do. And usually end up in deadend jobs with low pay, but it is needed to gain that vital exp and level themselves up. Late birthday presents are welcome, also would like to than those who wished me a happy birthday.

I didn't throw a party or anything as I rarely celebrate my birthday, only a small family gathering. But money over celebrations!! I was working on my birthday, I thought I'm getting old let's be a little mature and not use my birthday as an excuse to get time off!

Celebrating is over and it's time to face the real world. Head to head battle in this dog eat dog society! I'll come out on top, it's only a matter of time. Applicants for my entourage and P.A are welcome, as I will soon need them haha.

Been busy gathering my garments for my graduation which is why I ain't bee blogging. My outfit for the day, and this will be the outfit I will end up wearing for job interviews!!
I'm Rich Bitch!!

P.s who ever rang me to ask me about my blog and where to cop items. Please state your name when you ring me!! Your not worthy of treating me as an equal!!

P.P.S Some Dirty Spider I tried to Kill @ 4a.m in the morning the other day haha...