Friday, December 10, 2010


I've not really blogged much recently and at first I didn't really have a reason, but then I realised why!

Material development only brings us physical comfort; mental development depends on training the mind. - Dalai Lama

Working with that phrase I can share with u, my homo brother Nixon (@Nixonit24seven) has been stuck in Malaysia without me. Or shall I say I'm stuck in UK without him!

Man was suppose to be back on the 5th December I've been counting down the days like a fucking children's advent calender but cat goes and changes his flight till the bloody 3rd Jan! So it's another long month of Xmas without my other half!

Well let me share with u some of my time killing activities. I've begun practicing various magic tricks, been trading and losing more money. But living life stress free and enjoying the bum lifestyle.

I mean I could give u guys boring updates and shit like that but I know u don't want to read that. I mean I'm trying to write more inspirational, motivational and asparational stuff for u guys.

Times are hard, weather is messed up. In this economy no one is really motivated, I think everyone just wants XFactor finished, and xmas to come. Drop ur crappy 'XFactor Xmas Number' and be gone till next year. What u looking for this xmas? Just to be with family and friends. To get drunk and wash away ur problems. Get the gifts u wanted.

You know what we all really need? Just a nice meal where u can forget about dieting and shit, fuck sake everyone around me is like dieting for what reason? To fall ill and look pale? To lose some weight when it's not needed? Dieting is for healthy reasons and to do it healthily, the way some of u guys are doing it is just ruining ur own life. Enjoy food just not excessively, add some exercise into ur routine but don't dedicate ur life to it.

Ever thought about mental training? Mental exercise and dieting? Your physical state is just as important as ur mental state.


If ur not already a reader of his blog please and I beg of u to visit it. He will put some fucking sense into ur useless minds.

Peace Out and Merry Xmas!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ignorant Shit...1!!!!

It has been a very long time, casual readers should have noticed I now have adverts on my page! That's because they don't fucking leave me alone! I will not cave into pop ups. So don't worry! I also don't beg u to click the links because I personally hate them! They don't even have anything related to my blog at all, but I get paid for that shit.

Alrite since I've been MiA for a while as I've not been inspired or motivated to write a blog, but I've also been busy! I've quit my job, I went to malaysia, I'm looking for a suited job just so I can start collecting suits. (Ahh shit I should stop with the !'s marks haha) I'm doing my room up so in a few weeks it will look like a fucking shop haha.
[Catch Up End]

You all don't give a shit about my life, only what I do, my attitude and the way I think haha. You all want to dig deep into my gold mind (mine), so just like the Chiliean miners I'm not going to trap them (my thoughts) in, and allow them to surface!

Going back to malaysia has made me realise my chinese roots, kinda funny since Malaysia isn't even a chinese country, it's just run and held up by us fucking chinks. I realised I'm more black/white than I am chink, so I'm proud to be british!
[Useless Thoughts Over]

Since I've allowed Ben Baller into my life (yes this man is like a religion to me) he has motivated me and allowed me to rethink my life and my plan to conquer the world, well not in that sort of way but to achieve something in my life. Those who think we are out of the recession have shit twisted mayne, watch this xmas we won't be spending as much as last year we are all getting hit, but not as hard as some people and some of us still have the means to act Ignorant!
Check the pic above, my new money clip!! £2 money clip, rolling around like a fucking G, pulling £50's haha. Well I wish! I haven't been paid in about 1 month, so I'm broke atm, but that's a fucking temporary thing.
People believe in credit cards and shit. I get calls from companies still offering me more and more credit, but don't be sucked into direct sales or marketing. Anything that says credit is the worst thing in the world. My advice is don't start and u will never need it, u'll never get into debt and it's spending money on shit u don't need with money u don't have.
Crooks and castle have the saying, it's better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. If your buying it with ur own money fair enuff but if not then work that much harder to earn the money to buy it!

So my trip to malaysia/singapore was for a family wedding, but to me it was more of an escape. A time period where I can visit some temples and find myself. I had my fortune read by various masters and even a parrot haha. Let me explain the parrot one first, some people don't believe this shit some people do. Well I went to feed the parrot and then, it picks up a card for u. I read the card and it tells me something quite interesting. I would love to share it with u, but what I read is for myself!

The second reading or fortune telling what ever u want to call it was from a Buddhist temple. Pray to a buddha and it has a wheel, u spin it and it gives u a number. It gave me the number 23! Michael Jordan Mother Fuckers haha, and u pick up a slip regarding ur future or solution to ur problem. It told me I was about to attend a wedding. So shit was already quite accurate!

A third was more of a question being answered! There is a mini gold buddha statue it's not too heavy but u ask it a question and then you pick it up. If you can pick it up ur question will be answered if u can't then it won't. I won't tell u my question but I managed to pick it up. And seeing a white guy twice my size unable to pick It up, made me believe it has some kinda special power. Who knows, a lot of people don't believe this kinda superstitious stuff. But I'm quite religious if u would call it that, I believe in a lifestyle and I live by it.
[Unbelievable Shit Over]

Anyways i'm at home alone and i'm fucking hungry.... going to cut this piece short and leave u with some photo's from Singapore..!!

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Why Update..?!

Well I didn't have much to think about apart from missing my special someone. So I've not had time to blog. But today (5th August) I looked through my blog, and saw there were not photo's!! WTF mayne!! U guys must find this shit boring without Photo's haha..

So here you go my recent money droppers!! Everything else there's a Master Card, these images fucking priceless!!

BePositive+ Wallbe x Air Max Sole!
Unique shit, you ain't seeing that shit anywhere else. No one else makes hybrids like this! Not even Nike!

Clae Khan's!!
No idea how to rock these but I got them none the less.

Visvim FBT Neon's (2007)
I'm such a mad sneaker collector because of the visvim shoes. They are like my holy grails! When I saw them on ebay in my size I had to snap them up. Don't hate because they look ugly! In person they are fucking sexy and probably one of my most comfortable shoes.

Clarks Original Desert Boot Tough Tech
I saw these and I had to get it, that woven look and that electric blue! You can't go wrong with that shit! Classic shoe as well. Simple it kinda speaks for itself really!!

And finally what u've all been waiting for! And what I've been waiting for, from Ryan. Coz he took them to HK to get len's fitted in for me.

My matte black Prisms!! Yeah they are pretty big on my face but they are the shit! I'm keeping the rest of my cops on hold till I get back from Holiday! Coz I gotta finance that shit some how hahaha.

Anyways if you are reading this! I miss you!!

Update on my life! Doing fuck all!! Week off next week so maybe I'll have some interesting stories for u.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pride : The Value of Pride..!?!?!

Well I've been giving u guys a lot of advice and shit, but the lesson is probably never taken away. I don't mind as long as my blogs are read and the idea has been inserted into your head. It will grow and become part of you. (Inception right there). @Innermoi wanted me to write about pride, I told him pride is worth shit. Which is true to a certain extent...

Pride, what does it mean to u? It may mean something totally different than what normal people define it. There are a few definitions of it, a quick one pulled up on the Internet shows it means, A sense of one's own proper dignity or value; self-respect.

Let's give u a simple example of a mans pride. Like I strive for a career and a fortune so I can provide and protect my own family. To me that's something which I value and hold close. I'm never going to marry a woman who brings in more a month than me. But is that really important? To some people out there it isn't... But to me and my old fashioned way of thinking, the man has to be the breadwinner. To provide and protect the family. At the end of the day how else is the word pride used?

Lion King anyone?? Lions live in prides, and if ur useless u become an outcast. It works the same way with humans. We are just like animals if we haven't got pride to hold our heads up high and walk around how else can we differentiate ourselves from each other and from other animals.

But sometimes it's about giving up ur pride and in the long run, become the bigger man. It's a law to power, if ur fighting a losing battle, retreat regain power and strike back. I mean as I said earlier Lion King is the fucking best example. Who says watching cartoons isn't good for you. I'm sure u all know the story with Simba how he leaves the pride and comes back a grown lion (man) and reclaims the pride.

Do you hold ur head up high full of pride, or know when to lower urself and give up that pride. By knowing when each one applies and when to use it u will have given urself power and generally have a better understanding of yourself!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Spoon Fed...?!?

Last blog was just a quick update and not a motivational one or informational one just a personal one. For me, and my extended family who actually respect and give 2 fucks about me. I know I'll put my own life on the line to do shit for them. It's nice to know I have close friends like that who will go out of their own way for me..

Enough of that stuff, emotions? I don't have emotions haha.. And if I did I only have one emotion! Happiness and greatness if u can call that one. I gave u the title of this blog on my last post, because I'm setting myself challenges to write a post with the title set way before I even know what to write.

If you have any suggestions hit me up, they have to be smart and witty. If u read my titles u are usually intrigued and want to read more. I know this because of feedback not because I said so haha.

A lot of you have been emailing me and saying my blogs are quite contradicting and hypocritical. I don't speak straight forward and I call u guys idiots. So spoon fed..!!? You're probably thinking we aren't spoilt brats with our silver spoons in our mouths, you are (referring to myself).

Well this blog is referring to u guys. Everyone now a days wants everything delivered to them directly. Require no thinking at all! What fun is that? Knock your brain cells a bit, give urself a challenge. I mean I can see all this by the type of music u listen to, ever realised when u listen to all them RnB songs ur letting the artists emotion tunnel into u. You start to think oh I can relate to them. All these crappy love songs, what are they doing to u? Making u weaker! This is what I mean by spoon fed. We (I don't class myself within that category) are taking in what is on the surface, rarely do we look underneath the outer layer!

Humans are quick to voice their opinion when it's following the crowd, but if it's the opposite to what the mass are saying then it's wrong?? The greatest people we all follow and idolise, their opinions that we voice and pass on, mostly had one thing in common. I'm not going to spell that shit out for you, I know u know the answer. By standing up against the masses their views made a change. You don't know if your's will make such a dramatic change but even small steps count. Changing one persons view will trigger a chain reaction. When a human believes in something, they are usually quick to pass their view and try to convince others.

My blog posts are hypocritical because I am still learning, I make assumptions too quickly. Jump to conclusions and then later on I admire and become educated. We are all human, we aren't perfect, we all make mistakes. They say u never forget a lesson learned from a mistake, but have u ever thought about the lesson learnt from someone else's mistake? That's the most valuable, listen to ur elders or people who've made the mistake before. They have insight, they've lived it and learnt the mistake. They are trying to educate u. Most people just laugh at these people and then make the same mistake. That's what makes u weak!

I'm not sure if ur a keen follower of my blog, but I quoted a post from Kanye West before saying nothing's a fact anymore. Only a common opinion! Everyone just follows like sheep so they aren't singled out and picked on.
Stop acting like u being spoon fed, think for yourself and be the person feeding. Knowledge is power, only if u know how to spread ur knowledge. No use knowing everything if u can't show it off haha. We soak in media, advertising words and even opinions and voice as our own. Get pulled into the culture, the traditions that surround us and never create. We should be creating our own [culture or traditions] making our own memories. Not re-living someone else's, but saying that never forget your roots, they are what make you who you are. (your oxford definition)

Don't be spoon fed, have ur own views! Don't be afraid to voice ur own opinion. If it inspires 1, you will gain 1,000 haters. But thanks to all them haters u will become stronger, and gain that much more power! (No Man Should Have All That Power!) Because of people hating on u, u strive to do better, improve yourself to inspire them!

Again I'm not here to teach/preach my way of life, take in what u read and decide what to do for yourself. Not everything I say will apply to you, what u need to do is for u to decide. Not me, not fate, not God, just u and ur ideal future processed in ur mind.

P.s I was writing this on my ipad on the train, and I finally saw someone else with an ipad on the train. He was hating on my case and we geeked it half the journey haha. Talking about our ipad and stuff. Proper geeky but I know u hating.

I was going to mention the other form of spoon feeding, claiming benefits from governments but I am sure u all know my views on that shit and if I get too deep into it this blog will be boring and shit haha.

Christian (@innermoi on Twitter) wanted to provide you guys with an image as most of my blogs are quite text heavy.

I'm going to give u my intepretation of this diagram he drew, but if he was to explain it he will probably just say he draw some random shit together lol.
Let's start from the bottom up....

He drew a star with the x as eyes symbolising death or confusion by hiding it behind a road shows he has given up on his road to stardom. It's a long and windy road to stardom, but he doesn't see the end. The light at the tunnel. Because further up we have the sun, but once again it is hidden so, he knows there is a light at the end of the tunnel but he has to clear his vision. Clear the clouds his own mind, is cluttered with all these emotions. The sad raindrop represents his sadness, he needs to shed a tear or two. Release his steam, the stress he has accumulated. On the top of the diagram we have his dream to become a star with a clear vision the star with the eye. He knows his dream is in film. At the highest point we have a kinda stalk sticking up from the top. This represents a desire to reach higher than most, a kinda Jack in the beanstalk. To slowly climb into his own dreams and live it, make it happen.

Anyways I,m signing out this was a long one hope u all enjoyed it.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Another Year..!??!

Wow, it seems like last week since I wrote a blog about getting older haha. I know you are all tired of reading shitty lines like that. Words telling u how fast time has past. You know what, to me it hasn't been that quick haha. I wish time would move a little faster, we would all grow up a little quicker. Because we are in the age where we want everything instantly!? And wouldn't a bright and sunny future be great. Specially if it could come a little quicker.

Sucks getting another year older, people expect more things from you. At 23, I'm suppose to have a career, some savings to prepare for my own place. You know what I don't give a fuck. As long as I'm living day by day happy as I can be, doing what I enjoy. Life will soon pass by, and the job will come. The house will come. It's not aiming for them and just surviving that gets u them things. The universe has a way of doing things like that. If u plan for something, it usually misdirects u and leads u another way. Some people may call this a distraction, some people call it fate.

As you can see, this year I've achieved more things than last year haha.. But I'm more or less in the same position, and have I actually grown up? I'm still as short as fuck haha.
Well what people usually mean by that is, have I grown wiser? You tell me. My blogs have become more boring, and more about myself than anything else.

Anyways this was a quick post for ya'll..
And I didn't have much in mind to share... I would like to thank everyone who surprised me on my birthday. Probably the best birthday ever, and all we did was have a midnight BBQ haha..

Anyways if u want a full breakdown of it... Jenny has a full blog on it.. Of course her's isn't written as funny, and great as mine but I only have my p.o.v on this one.. She has the 3rd person with all the organising!

Look fwd to my next blog... Spoon Fed..!?!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010



Recently a kid asked me, "Sir, why are you always so happy?"
I replied because there are people who have it worse than us and they can smile. What do I have to complain about?
She didn't know how to reply, but just agreed with a "true". So I had to break the ice as I had to invigilate her, going to Tesco, incase she spoke to other students about the exam.
I asked her, "Why not try to see things differently, doesn't matter if we are smiling or crying, time still passes none the less, ever tried to force a smile when you're upset?"
This conversation goes on and on, till of course I convince her, there isn't much in this world u can't smile about.
Maybe it's easier for me, because I'm stress free and worry free.. Well I say that, but I have a lot on my mind.
Will I get a job?
When will I get my next pair of trainers?
What's coming out next that I need?
When have I got time for CoD?
What's out today for me to download?
What am I wearing tomoro?
I mean if u think about what you actually stress about it's usually something society has made u worry about. Of course your list will be totally different to mine. I worry about luxury items, things normal people don't. You guys probably worry about, university or work.
I can't tell u to stop worrying about them, but my advise is just approach everything with a smile and a calm mind, and it'll work out. At the end of the day, everything always works out. It's how the universe is programmed. It may be your traditional happy hollywood ending, but it may not. But either way ur problem is over, right?

You always hear the saying, "what's done is done?" I say stick a middlefinger up @ that saying. What's done can be improved! There is no such thing as perfect, (yes that came from me haha) everything can be improved. You just have to find the time and work out what needs to be improved (or fixed).

People just need to smile more, it's better than any anti-aging cream. Ladies it's a turn on if u have a good smile! Smiling makes u more attractive and makes u look more friendly! I'm not saying to smile and look like a fucking clown 24/7!! (Fair enuff I might look like one, but the real mug is the one who ain't happy.) End of the day it's ur life I'm not telling you how to live it, I'm just saying try to brighten it up. Google benefits of smiling and I'll bet u, you want over 80% of them benefits!

The mind is a powerful thing it can cure diseases even modern medicine can't. It can produce results faster than any modern machine. Exercise your mind, push it to greater heights. You only limit yourself when you think negatively.
The world is filled with opposites, yin and yang. If you're feeling down and upset. Why not try to smile, think positively. The day will brighten up! It's like the muller light adverts, if you enjoy your day someone else will have a miserable one.
"What comes around goes around!" If you enjoy your day, some criminal across the other side of the world may not be enjoying his. Well I say that but the world isn't fair, but positivity is always rewarded. It may not be instantly but it comes back when u least expect it.

The world is always balanced, think about it your smile may save someone's life. But all I know right now is, your smile is saving your life, and putting a smile on mine.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Blind Side...?!?!

Hmmm so did any of u idiots work out my skatedeck? Well i'm not 100% sure on my interpretation of the skate deck but let me give it a go and this is the main reason i got it. Alrite lets start from the top... You have the 2 thumbs off the hand pointing upwards. Basically this is what your supposed to do when ur praying. The typical closed hand with thumbs pointing upwards. You've got the basic all seeing eye, which supposedly means we are one part away from becoming god. Jeremy uses rabbits to represent humans and when you see the all seeing eye and the pyramid come out of the rabbits head it means if we all control our minds, and focus we can all become gods. Another meaning of the all seeing eye is god is watching over mankind, but I've gone with the lost symbol explanation as this seems correct when it's coming out of the head of the rabbit. The other half is what I think represents hell the hedgehog Is the devil and we can all be pricks every now and then haha. I've managed to decipher the sign language at the bottom and it says superfishal which is the brand of the skate deck. A little quick research will help explain that the 8 ball is a bad luck symbol but within this context it can be seen as a symbol to defy gods. What this means is if u pray, wish or do anything else which signifies good luck, then flip a coin 100 times you will most likely get it wrong 50 times, but if u use bad luck symbols you'll get it 50 times right. So having the 8 ball on the skull means ur testing fate and the gods. Has a lot of meaning on a skate deck as u perform death defying stunts.

Anyways enough about the fucking skate deck haha. It's what u all wanted to know, my insight and my vision hence the blind side title. We all are blinded in some way or another we haven't got a clear vision of the future ahead of us. We are who we are because of our past but have u ever considered what you could be. It's not how good you actually are, it's how good you want to be, people seem to emit auras as to how they think of themselves. Everything about us is deep rooted internally. All our emotions and everything is based internally. Why is it when we are happy we have this funny feeling inside, if you recognise this feeling u should remember it and know how to replicate it. But if you are replicating this feeling through external sources then you're just lying to yourself.

This blog title was inspired by the film with the same name, if you've not seen it I highly recommend watching it. Sandra bollox (intentionally spelt like that) is amazing in it, she is soo hot that I wish my future wife was half of what she is in that film lol. The film is about a white family adopting a black kid, who had the ability to be an amazing American football player. They didn't know this, they just felt sorry for the kid. The film shows how money doesn't actually buy real happiness and people have much more satisfaction via other means lol. (Dirty references are not intentional) I didn't want to ruin the story for u guys too much so I just gave a general outline of the story. You have to watch it to understand how sad the story actually is. It teaches u family values and true happiness can come in the simplest places.

I wanted to time this blog in time for my prisms but due to unforeseeable circumstances I have been unable to purchase them, and therefore unable to post a photo of them for u haha. In due time when I get paid I shall show u what's going to help me clear my vision and focus and show me the future.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


No relation to the crappy UK film!!?! It's not a review im not even going to mention it after this.

Why we as adults, (haha I say we because I'm officially classed as one but I don't feel like one. I'm nearly 23 that's a big milestone, but I'm even younger at heart!) have the right to educate kids. When we are the ones who are making the mistakes and they are just learning. It just shows we never really grow up we just take on more responsibility, get older by age and that's about it. We learn as we grow but sometimes we are expected to act our age?? But doesn't that depend in how much u've learnt?

I've been working stupid hours recently, 13 hour shifts (in 2 jobs) and pushing myself to unlimit (yes that was spelt right if you don't understand this joke then insert [The Limit] instead) 13 hour work shifts, from 7 am right to 10:30 p.m having a 30 min lunch break and about 2 hours to shower, shit and stuff before takeaway work.
Hard life, but I'm raking in the ££'s you'll see when I start posting shit like this on my blog haha. Set me back like £90 for my ipad case. £90 for them Spiz'ikes. Got glasses from Prism on it's way £205 just for the frame. FML, I'm not all about brands, it's about design!! I pay for good design, shit's worth it when it's beautiful! Look at them art pieces people pay for haha. Gotta ball like that now a days!

(photo of Prism's coming soon)
Anyways Kidulthood, interesting title right?!? I know I drew some of u chav's away from the Ed Hardy site or Abercrombie site to read this shit haha. Why we as adults don't listen to our innerchild (Trademark Christian) we need to learn to be carefree to enjoy ourselves more. Invigilating has taught me, sometimes it's not about taking on responsibility. It's about enjoying urself right now and creating those memories. I mean I see kids doing GCSE's, writing in their paper. "I've failed this." I mean I wouldn't dare do that shit, but it shows when they can't be bothered they just forget about it. These are the kids who will bend and break the rules. We as teachers look and frown upon them but they are the ones who will strive in other areas, the may even achieve more than us. Only time can tell and academia is only a small part of a persons life.

Being educated and taught that there would be mad consequences of doing something. Soon we begin to live in fear of failure, it's this fear of failing and fear of people laughing at us, is what's holding us back. That's what schooling does to us, teaches us low risk and high risk, and when to take them or not. Why do we fear failure because society brands u a failure. Isn't it just a mistake which u can learn from? Think about how we learnt it as a kid, mother said don't climb the tree coz u mite fall and hurt yourself. What did u do? Climb that tree fall and hurt yourself, what did u learn? it fucking hurt so let's get better at it, or if u've not got the guts u pussied out. The world is your classroom, it's if u allow ur mind to be active and unlimited. To be opened up to all sorts of things, sometimes we mite learn shit we think is irrelevant or not needed. But you never know when it mite come up. That's why I strive to learn a little about everything and not a lot of something. By dipping ur finger in every sauce, u will acquire the taste to create something special and unique. If you only threw the same shit together all the time then it will soon get boring and timid.

Imagine we continued to learn like kids, we would be almost god like, achieving things our minds are not capable of thinking of. Kids smile and laugh all the time enjoy every day like it's their first. We need to learn from them!! Not vice versa, what we teach them is the ability to judge right from wrong. But who has the right to say it's wrong? Apart from certain laws u may have to follow haha...

All I'm trying to say is, never forget who you are. Always be young at heart, do what u want when u want. And u'll be able to learn from your mistakes. If you make educated guesses and then value ur chances u won't make the mistake to learn from. You'll always be that normal person. It takes a lot from the inside to produce a beautiful outside.

Haha shit sounds stupid but that's what I believe!! We should be learning from the kids, not taking away their childhood!! Kids want to grow up quicker now a days, but we should learn to be more like kids! Maybe then everyone will stop being so fucking miserable!

P.S I thought it was fitting to put this photo of this skate deck on this blog...

THANK YOU MEELEE..!! It took ages to arrive but it's the first in my collection of skatedecks and probably one of the most meaningful skatedecks...

Lets see if you dumb ass people can work out the meaning... i'll drop some hints for u... free masons and The lost symbol...

I'll explain it on my next blog incase u never work it out haha...

I had to drop an image at the end of my beautiful case... It's just soo amazing and it's made me love my ipad even more..!!

You Lose What You Don't Hold.... (So Don't Blame me if I hold onto you, it's because I was told to by this amazing brand)

HARD GRAFT... Don't be cheap... Splash out on a beautiful case for your even better looking electronics..!! Video here for all you women who can't seem to visualise how it actually works..!!

TILT iPad Case from hard graft on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

We Are All Sheep In Some Form or Another..!?!?!

Hmmm... I see you're reading that blog title and thinking what the fux! It's my longest title to date, probably one of the most meaningful ones to me and this blog.

You all read my shit because it's original, none of this fake ass re-linking, regurgitating what I find on the web. Fuck all that shit, u want to know something, u google it and find it yourself or ask me face to face or via any form of communication. In this day and age if u can't communicate with me u really need to be shot! A simple google of Daniel Khor and u can get various details lol.

This blog is for me to open up my heart, my mind and myself to you. Let u understand me a little better, maybe you can even relate to me. Writing a blog and making it interesting is the hardest thing I do, I have to talk to myself but share with you indirectly. Talking in first person but showing perspective in third person. This blog started off as something for fun, but now it's a regular thing for my readers.

Don't make me bore you with all this rubbish it just had to be shared because I know half of you are sheep trying to change their ways to become the wolf dressed in a sheep's wool. It's about thinking differently, but ultimately acting the same. Breaking the norm but blending in. It's hard to do, but by thinking differently, You're able to change and adapt quicker, adopt new things quicker and be yourself.

What you read there might not make sense but it will put your dormant brain cells into work. You spend too much time browsing useless shit, reading useless information online. Think about yourself please! Think about what u want to be, no matter how ridiculous it may be. We are only limited by what our imagination can think of. We are only brainwashed by society and our culture. Make ur own culture and traditions do what u have to to survive and enjoy yourself.

Always know what you want before you do anything about it. Know when to stop, that's the problem with some people, they are greedy. They've reached their goal and don't know when to stop. You're only as good as you think you are, don't let anybody say ur not good enough.

It's a bit ironic I'm trying to educate you about following when I'm asking u to follow my advice.
This line just rendered this blog Mute!


Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's not the truth!!

Sometimes it's not the truth that hurts it's the hiding of the truth!!
We as humans have the function to forgive, our conscious allows us to decide what's right and what's wrong.

To be able to forgive someone who's hurt you give you a lot of power! If your a regular reader of my blog you will have heard me reference 48 laws of power quite a lot, if u've managed to grab a copy of my e-book then u've probably invested in the 48 laws. Let me explain.

If someone has lied to you, cheated you or done anything to hurt u, be it physically or mentally. The usual way to get over this would be to ignore said party and move on. But then u may have lost a good mate. Well "good" mate haha. But if you can be the bigger man, the stronger character and learn to forgive them. They are forever in your debt, because their "guilty" conscious has come into play. By having a stranglehold on that person, they will feel inferior because your able to let them go as a friend quicker than they can apologise.

Trust me with great power comes great responsibility!! They will try and do everything for you, so it will seem like you owe them. This may all be internet text but the lesson learned will give you immense power over your relationships and yourself.

I can hear you saying to yourself, but sometimes I just can't forgive them! Then you'll have to do the reverse of this law, try and fuck them over! Do what they did to you, revenge is a dish best served cold. But never forget, retreating and planning your own attack is never the cowardly option. You may have lost the battle but the war can still be won, never assume you are the weaker one. By assuming you are, you've already become weak.

Anyways mayne, peace out I'm going to watch Lost on my Ipad!! This final season is slightly shit, but I've already wasted 6 years waiting for this to end, mite as well forgive and soldier on!

Here's what most of u have been waiting for my iPad blog/ Dan-review!!

So I Q-ed up fucking 9+ hours for my iPad 64GB 3G. The top spec, that's how we ballers do shit now a days. None of that half arsed shit, wifi only or anything. The line was a right laugh, I had a great time and great support from my Man Nixon. Ray, Geoffrey, Sara, Rosie and Sanjay came down in support of my name haha. 8 people and only 1 person was buying it! Now that's what u call friends!

Shit was a mad laugh, we met a few geeks! And when I say geeks these guys made me seem like a fucking jock. I was baffled by some of the terminology they were using. They showed me shit which I didn't even think was possible! 1 guy, connected to some random wifi, turned on his tv and imac at home via his iphone and watched it all on his CCTV set up via his Macbook Pro! He also managed to set his sky+ box at home to record his interview on GMTV. This guy was soo crazy he downloads up to 800gb a month!! I can't even think of that much shit to download!! So those who would consider themselves or even consider calling me a geek think twice!!

Anyways back to the iPad!! For all those haters who say it's a giant iphone it's exactly the same why u buying it, etc etc. I would like to say. The same fucking reason u have an iphone!! The ipad is an iphone yes, but it can be so much more! It's what u make out of it! The iphone isn't much use as a phone. Typing on it sucks, reception on it sucks! Battery life is the worst, if u leave it on and go bed without charging it, when u wake up it's dead (even if it was 100%) standby drains battery too!
So I've had it for over 24 hours and I've only just put the shit down and out of my reach. Web browsing on it via wifi or 3g is amazing. Speeds are quick and navigation is simple. Typing on it is probably just the same as typing on a standard apple keypad, maybe not as accurate because it's got a different feel to it. Not many good apps on it atm, but that will definitely change. I've not picked up anything extra for it yet, as everything is soo expensive and pointless, I.e a dock, wireless keyboard and shit. But I'll see to them in the near future. Battery life is amazing, been using it with wifi + 3g turned on, watched movies and listening to music whilst browsing. Still had a good 30% left after 24 hours. This was from 100% charge.

It's well worth the money, and when u start using it, and switching back to the iphone. U feel as if the screen's too small and not as responsive! Let's hope the 4G will live up to the hype. The only thing I can say about the ipad is, be prepared to pay a little extra for the apps and stuff. It's pretty shit without the apps!

Last blog to be written on my Blackberry!! Rip my little friend!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ipod, Iphone, Ipad..!!

It seems I've been completely Appled!! Inside out I've owned or I own, every Apple device in any shape or form, you know what I used to only Microsoft. Hypocrite some you mite say, but I was only as dumb as my knowledge!!!

This is why Knowledge is one of the best things in the world! It manages to give u power! This is why I'm always educating myself because one day I hope it will be put into great use!

Alrite so when this post goes up I should be on my way to getting my Ipad!! It's needed in my life!! When I didn't know about it, what it could do for me, I was like all the other haters.

"It's just a Giant ipod touch!" Etc etc.. But it's not! It's more than that!! It's the ultimate media device which is kinda portable!! Fair enuff the size is slightly big to some, small to others!! It really depends on the user!!

I'm not allowing anyone to bash any other product unless they actually own one, then they are give their opinon!! None of this shit fake stuff, reading reviews and using them as ur own opinon!! I can personally say, as a phone the iphone was the worst device I've ever used!! But as a device to absorb media, it was the best thing since my macbook pro haha. I've got rid of it for my nice ipad!! Since I don't need 2 phones and I have a 3G ipad!!

Many of you are probably thinking what's the fucking point of getting the pad, and I'm just getting it to show off etc etc.

You know what fuck all y'all, just coz u ain't got Stacks like this!!

Courtesy of Ben Ballers Blog...
Ben Baller approved mother fucking shit.. This week I've had next to no sleep, been working hard hustling them ££ to stack them like that haha. So I'm slightly pissed off.. A life lesson on my next blog!! This one's just to inform u, my blogs will now be written on my ipad haha.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Teacher Till The Last Day..!?!

Well as I've been working stupid hours I've not had time to really write a blog. But I'm guessing u've all been keeping track and crossing out the days I'm not writing haha..
(I wish)

Anyways I've been enjoying my invigilating @ the school. And no I'm not entitled to bribes for exam answers, or am I willing to get hold of papers for you!!

I've been asked by many people why aren't I a teacher? The students love me and I always have a smile on my face when dealing with the students.
The schooling system is a failure to these kids, they don't know jack shit, and are usually more concerned with having fun than learning.

I've been considering becoming a teacher, just because the general satisfaction I'll have knowing these kids are better because of me. I've been reading a book recommended to me by Marco, Tuesdays with Morrie.

It's about a teacher who wants to help his former student complete a thesis on life and death.

"If you learn to die, you'll learn to live!"

Life isn't about all the things I've been chasing, a faster car, a big house, designer clothes/handbags or the latest gadgets. (Ipad is out 28th)!!
Life is about finding ur purpose and to give your love.
The book has opened my eyes what I wanted in life isn't going to make me happy, it mite make me rich. But being rich, amounts to nothing when I die. It'll just be a hassle for those close to me fighting for what I have haha. But if I was to be a teacher/preacher a role model of some sort, the advice I give will be like a voice speaking to them within their head constantly. As If I'm a sort of God or Prophet guiding them on their path.

Haha that's my god complex kicking in. It's been a while since I've called myself one, but it seems like my mind has been cleared. I was in a dark place. My vision was clouded. I'm now back on track and become stronger!! Just comes to show, the difference a person can make.

Recently I've been flowering towards my sun, she has become my eNerGy source. Time seems to freeze when we talk, giving me time to recollect my thoughts, harness the energy and plough through. As Lupe Fiasco says "I'm Beaming".

Everyday you learn something new, because no day Is the same. People who do the same shit different day, change it up. Read a book, read a magazine or even visit a different shop. Even something so small can begin something better. It's all in the detail, a con artist will tell you.

It's a marketeer's job to change your lifestyle, break you out of your habits and try something new. I'm trying to do that, not by telling u to buy our product, but to open your eyes and see further into the future!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Lifes a Game..!?!

Life's a bitch!! You've heard all that shit before.. It seems like people don't give it (life) a chance!

We play life like a game, but do we follow the rules? But then again who makes the rules? If only life was like GTA, L1 aim, R1 shoot, one less person you have to deal with. Press start to pause the game and do something else, come back and resume in the same position.

Sometimes we wish we can load a saved state. Go back and re-do our own mistakes. But there are no such options in life. We have to live and learn. Life's learning curve is much steeper than that of a game, after the tutorial, your done, u've got ur wings to leave the nest.

Usually there is only one objective to reach the end, but what is the end point in life. Some of u may say Death, but in my eyes, the end point is when u've achieved everything u've dreamed you could. Hitting that 100% mark on GTA isn't easy, specially if you've cheated. I know most of u here are a bunch of cheats, done something illegal in ur time. I'm not saying I'm perfect and I'm not here to judge.

Sometimes life is much simpler!

Alrite enough of that mumbo jumbo! Let's get to the good shit haha.

Man, I've probably been playing way too many games to make up shit like that haha. I've managed to get hold of a New PS3 Slim, waiting for the RED Dead Redemption to drop on May 21st. Enough about games.

It seems like the 'lost generation' of "Broken Britain" will become a bigger problem!!
Speaking of Britain as a whole elections are coming up! Everyone keeps asking who I'm voting for, and my answer is Conservative! I was too young to vote for last PM, but this time round we need a change. This donkey isn't helping me at all, all Labour wants is fat lazy white people who benefit from benefits. Get up off ur ass, we are becoming some poor, lazy nation thanx to all u benefit fraudsters!!

I'm also voting conservative because one day I'll be the upper class, fuck having all these taxes when I'm one of them. I've seen changes take longer than their suppose to, it takes on average of 4 - 5 years before MP's implement anything. And fingers crossed by then I'll be up there with upper class haha.

Also I've reaped all the labour shit I can already, student loans and what not. I never qualified for EMA, Under 18 free travel what ever else they've given us.

It's time we worked for ourselves.

Anyways that's the fullest extent of my government and politics knowledge goes.

Vote Lib Dems before Labour! We want to reinforce 16 year old porn! Haha, that's the worst. Jail Bait! Shit just encourages more teen sex and paedophilia!!

Anyways peace out I'll give u guys more Dan Updates when I have time!!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Footlocker Ghost..!?!

Dear Footlocker Ghost...

I don't know if you read this shit, but I was shocked and surprised by your random encounter...

I've actually got a few sources selling Yeezy's... I was about to tell u to hit me up and give you my number so if you read this hit me up and i'll sort you out..

I'm just wondering why you literally disappeared into thin air once I put down the Foamposites. I couldn't even see you upstairs or outside Footlocker...

Anyways it's nice to know i'm Well known for the Yeezy's..

Looking fwd to hearing from you (Footlocker Ghost)

Daniel Khor

P.S Introduce yourself next time because you knew my name, I had no fucking idea who u was... (Stalker Much?!?!)

Sunday, May 02, 2010

I Relax..!!?! (Borat Voice)

*Note This Was Typed during the Easter Holidays.
Forgot to update, but newer blog should be posted soon.
Relaxing too much hahaha!!

Well it seems like everyone enjoyed their 2 weeks off. Same Shit for me, I've been off since last year haha. Sorry for not posting recently been relaxing too much at home, well when parents aren't there that's what happens haha. Bringing out all the crazy shit, with my mad set up in my living room. It seems as if I've not really progressed with my blog.

Everyone seems to be jumping on hype's bandwagons and shit now. I've been there done that, still fucking doing it. I'm not a follower of trends, and when people jump onto my ship I'll look for another method of transport. (I'll(m) just fly)

This had to be written down because shutter island is probably one of the most confusing films I've watched in a while. I mean I sussed it all out before the end. But I dunno if I was right till the end. It was worth the watch, and I wanted to give u guys a little opinon on life based upon shutter island. (Advice don't watch it when u are high as fuk)

I'm guessing a lot of you kind of have split personalities, or what most people are like now a days 2 faced. Some find that insulting to me your playing the game correctly. We as humans have learnt to adapt and survive. Come into contact with a new group and u'll be quiet for a while. If ur too loud to begin with, they won't gel to you. And probably start to dislike you. Play their game, ease urself in. Change the way u are to fit into the group. I'm not saying don't be urself, but hold on back till they understand u.

A lot of people get this shit wrong. U can't just be the way u are around everyone, not everyone shares the same humour or tastes. Read, analyse and evaluate. I never thought I'd be using them words after school. But that's what every situation needs. Learning to do all this subconciously and then once u've evaluated you share, so u can be analysed and evaluated (or judged) but who are they to judge u? (I hear u asking)

Because every single one of us has an ego, we tend to judge. Tbh, fuck it don't give a shit what people think. As long as the people think how u want them to, that's when u come out on top.

Everything around u is a power game, who is one step ahead? It sounds really pointless and complicated but this shit gets u far in life.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Counter Ur-A-Jew..!?!?

I'm not intending this to be a racist post it's just an honest opinion that I have. None of this is based on fact like half my shit haha. But I just like to write shit, and I'm guessing u just enjoy reading it.

So everyone think's Jewish people are the stingy ones, the ones who are tight with money. I personally don't think that's the case! They fucking love spending money on lavish shit, but what makes them smart is they spend it on their own people. They take money from non-jews then spend it at Kosher shops. Well putting that aside, I'm going to give u guys a marketing insight to what being Jewish really means. (Not religiously)

This mainly applies to you guys who look after the penny's. I'll revel the consequences of your jewish like actions. I know you chinks out there who are cheap and like to go for them B.O.G.O.F offers, ever thought about the last time u actually used that service or product? The most recent one being some Thorpe Park tickets. If you know ur a victim it's a shame u can't report the crime haha. Coz your the one cheap enough to fall for it. Ever realised offers are usually on the shittest time of the day, and only apply to a very small number of shops?
That's a marketing stunt, to get u to buy products which aren't being sold, or an introductory product to convert u. Very simple technique right, here's the best one. The ones where u have to save tokens and then still pay for the product or service. My example about Thorpe Park, when do u every consider visiting it? Holidays and stuff. Rarely ever during the middle of a school term. But these offers draw ur cheap asses in, you think ur the one coming out on top. You've spent money, probably had a good time and then talk about it on facebook or Twitter, then people think oh what a bargain and ask you where u got ur offer from. And it's a vicious circle, all your cheap asses are drawn in and they've made a contribution during a slump. Here is a more recent example that's still going on as this is written. McDonalds Monopoly, we all know we aren't going to win that car or what ever it's they are giving away. But that false hope that maybe your next meal will win u something. Or that extra chance on that larger deli meal which cost u £6 will win u something. Chances are u'll have to spend just as much on Maccy D's as the car to win it.

I know this Monopoly Maccy D's offer works because it's like the 3rd time in 2 years they have done it, and it's usually around the time kids get off on Holiday! Companies plan these things and manipulate people.

Buffets are another great example for those of u who apply Jew Tactics. You can go to a decent restaurant and buy a decent meal which will fill u up for the same price as that £12.99 buffet. And the shit they serve at the buffet is usually very very limited. And even then it doesn't cost them much to make them larger quantities.

Think of what ur about to buy in a business point of view and u'll realise your only saving money in the short term, ur falling victim in the long term. Stop being Cheap, u pay for the quality you get. Businesses operate for a profit, don't try and Jew them out because the only loser is you!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

To Be A Thief..!?!

As you all know the internet, e-books and e-magazines are taking over!! You flick through a magazine and find shit u've read online printed in there. Not many people read them anymore. I mean most newspapers cost next to nothing now a days. But I still love to splash a little ££ on printed material. Call me old fashioned or out dated.
Well it's been a year since I've subscribed to Wired Magazine probably one of the most interesting magazines I've read ever! Tells me everything from, latest gadgets to happenings online and the latest ways to produce renewable energy sources. The shit I read in there is the future, some of you may not care about the future but it's coming and u'll be living it.

Anyways there was a story which I found pretty amazing and thought I would share it with you. A Canadian guy called Gerald Blanchard. Wiki him if u need to, not much pedia on him tho.
His life story kinda made me think twice about my own. He knew what he wanted, and he did what he could to get it. Not many people can do that. He enjoyed the adventure and the excitement!
That's what we all need to do, forget about the main goal, the end result and enjoy the high getting there.
It's easy to block out all the shit and streamline to ur goal, but once u reach it your lonely and have nothing.

But yeah, give it a read I think Wired put the feature online so look up Gerald Blanchard and turn ur life around! Never betray your friends and never lie to yourself. When your down there's always a way back up. There are always more than one or two ways to see things. By seeing it at a different angle u'll always find the solution. If not u can always ask me haha.

P.s I just wanted to post this before another post I wrote. The next one is total bullshit and I'll apologise in advanced for the crap u'll read. My head wasn't screwed on properly, and I was kinda ill.
I'll try bring u more entertaining and interesting shit! Or if you have anything you want me to express don't hesitate to email me @[at] .

Friday, March 19, 2010

Positive Association..!?!

Alrite I've wanted to change my layout on my blog for a while, but I've not given myself enough time to do it. So it'll change soon enough but right now we'll make do with this. Check my latest cop, Spiz'ikes which I saw like last month. Any tweeters would have seen that on my twitter account (@DanielKhor)

So the title of this blog was Positive association. It means exactly what it says. But do you acknowledge it, it's actually really powerful and can change your mood instantly.

Let me try it out a little, just for fun. If I was to ask you, will the sun come out tomorrow?

Will you be successful?

Depending on how quickly u answered them questions and general body language (I've just noticed this shit doesn't work via the INTERNETS) but let's see if u have that feeling I want.

When you read the 1st question, will the sun come out tomorrow? You probably smiled and didn't hesitate to say yes because it's 100% that it will. But when u read the second question did u have the same feeling, or did u slow down and think?

There are only 3 possible answers to that questions, that's Yes, no and maybe/I don't know.
Those who asnwered yes, and had the same response as the first question are the one's who are confident in life. That's signs of positive association because you'll definately smile after confirming the sun is coming out.
Those who answered no just have no confidence in themselves or they are the average joe's with no real ambition, come on guys and girls. You can achieve anything as long as ur mind, body and soul all want the same thing!
Those who answered maybe/i don't know, start dreaming! Give yourselves a goal, we are all Powered by Dreams.

Anyways when I typed this up I didn't get round to finishing it. I had to import my blog to another host, I was playing CoD:MW2 and I recently got Madden NFL 10 which I'm loving.
As I am writing this, FF13 should be on it's way, I have NBA 2K10 on the lines and Heavy Rain Q-ed. That's some crazy PS3 time haha. (Dimsum118 PSN) if u want to add me and whoop my ass!

Well, since my last post I've robo-copped a few more things so here are some of the photos. Stussy x Dr Marten boots are currently my favourite thing, I'm actually so in love with them, I sleep with them in my sight. (Reason for it I can't explain, but you'll laugh, call me sad, crazy,mad or what ever pops into ur mind)

Pretty dope ass boots, the purple is what really triggers them off, I know half you bum's want a pair. My style is really a little for everybody.

Whilst I've not really been motivated to write a post, I've been invited to write for AX3 again. It's nice that people admire my writings and people wish to read my stuff.
Talking about Reading a book everyone should have on their "I've read list" would be "The Alchemist by Paulo Cohelo", I've heard a lot about it and have been on a spending spree so I bought it.

It took me about a week to read it, it's a pretty short story, but what you take away from it is amazing. The story might not be true, but the lessons learnt can be related to real life. Relating to what u've read above, about pursuing dreams and goals. It's a really motivational book. It's even got me off my lazy ass and start looking for jobs.

Maktub, is what I'd like you to consider. It's supposedly an arabic word, it roughly translate to it's written. Everything in our life is written by a God, we've all been given a destiny but those who listen to their hearts and follow the path will reach it. I don't want to ruin the book for any of you who will pick it up. But as children we've all had a vision of what we were going to become, and have you reached it yet? I know I surely haven't, but the signs and omens around me are slowly guiding me. It's no longer about if I really want it, it's if I can feel it.

Tbh, this seems a lot like The secret, if any of u have read/watched it u'll be interested in The Alchemist.

Gonna stop here because it's already long winded and boring haha.

P.s if this was posted up without any photo's it means I've just won the £40mill Euro Mills jackpot and I've not bothered to take photos. But if I haven't won this week look fwd to my next post!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Timing is Everything..!?!

Hmm so it seems like it's been a long while since I've updated. I've had a blog written ages ago, which I still need to photograph some stuff and upload it for ya'll. But here is going to be a txt heavy blog.

The timeline on this may be a little messed up as I've been busy playing FF13. I mean I rarely have the time to play in the first place, and when I do I bang out bout 1 hour slots. So, I've dedicated my free time to gaming haha, sad I know.

Well it seems like it's come to that time of year where everyone is re-evaluating their life and setting new goals for themselves. It's all about timing right, time is a concept created by humans to keep us sane. So in that sense we have all the time in the world. But everyone goes around saying "oh I'm getting too old for this!" Bullshit I say, age is just a number, what we gain with age is experience. We all grow at different speeds. We learn through various different ways.

I know those of you who have attended school, your put through various tests to discover your own learning style. You tend to agree with it, but once again it's just the government system putting u into categories so you feel as if you fit in. Everything we do in our lives we are guided, as if we are pets.

We are born into the system, grow up on a leash. Only time you get to really be yourself is if you've taken a gap year out. But even then you've planned to slot yourself right back into the government system.

What I'm trying to say is, your young. Do what you want now, enjoy yourself, once u jump on that rift and your just going to be pulled along. Some people call this the rat race, you call it what you want. Let's see what I make out of all this, pretty much a hypocrite at the moment. But I've relaxed, I've had freedom. But what I chose to do with it, I've not regretted. Everyday you learn something new, It may not help me in my future but Knowledge is power, and having Knowledge doesn't hurt. But it's no good knowing everything, if you don't understand yourself. Your own goals, your own ambitions!

Peace out ya'll, fingers crossed I'll get round to doing a proper blog for you.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Nothing's A Fact..!!?!

Well Just to let you all know i'm still alive and i'm still blogging...

Here is something interesting I read that i wish to share with you all...

There's no such thing as Fact anymore, only opinion. The closest thing we have to "Fact" is "Common Opinion". Everything is an Opinion. The way you dress is an expression of your opinion. Your religious beliefs are your opinion. The music you turn up loud is your opinion. For most people it's easier to just agree. For me the hardest thing is to 'Just' agree and that is what sparks creativity, the feeling that something can be better, the feeling that something’s missing, the feeling that’s something’s needed.

Check back soon for next blog... More trainers... More Crap... More what you want to read haha..

Friday, February 19, 2010

Women R My Weakness..!!

Why women are so amazing and are the superior in our species!

I know you've been out one nite and seen them skanky girls dressed in next to nothing, and your penis has already inverted because it's that frigging cold. Yet these girls are galavanting in their high heels and short skirts.
It's so cold your aroused but your body doesn't react.

Guys I know when u go out in just a shirt and it's so cold ur nipples are showing. The next day we are lying in bed literally feel like death. Girl's probably have an early shift at work or have a lecture the next day. Wake up on a few hours sleep because they wake up 2 hours before to get ready. Also when guys get a cold it's the worst feeling in the world. Yes we think we are about to die or something. Women reign supreme! When they have a cold and a fever they still manage to do everything like it's a normal day.

Well it recently we saw the rise and fall of certain celebrities. Namely Tiger Woods and John Terry it may seem women are their weakness. These multi-million earning people all share the same weakness! Women, they love them in all shapes and sizes, races and ages. They still think with their penis! In their situation they have more power, as they are seen more of the alpha male, because we are all attracted to the fittest(!)

Let me explain myself, Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest has changed during the times and ages, we now seek the hottest chick because they stand out. Women on the other hand, seek money, fame and power. Before it was who could bring back the biggest meal, now it's who can put the most designer goods on the table.
Girls reading this, I know ur there shaking ur head and disagreeing. But I've hit the bullseye. Everyone has their price!

For guys like us who seek the hottest chick, there is a simple theory explained in How I Met Your Mother! The settler and the reacher. One party in the relationship is the settler, settling for something below their standards. And there is the reacher who tries to go up against the ivy leagues. It's a simple concept and it's not fair, don't hate the player hate the game.

Women are the root of all problems!
Everything we do is for women, coming back to survival of the fittest, it needs to be updated to survival of the smartest! (Not academically) but the one who uses his head to make the most money.
Us guys only have one thing on our MiND 24/7 and I'm guessing you all know it and flaunt your assets. It's not whoring yourself out it's allowing nature to do it's business.

Aite peace out until next time.

P.s Who ever reads this from my old URL please start using as I shall be switching to wordpress.

Any Questions or donations, advertising opportunities and just general chit chat.

Twitter is @DanielKhor

For everything else just google me haha.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Perception of Money Over Time..!?!

It seems like a few of u enjoyed my last blog and I dropped some heavy duty shit like that Acme Anvil from Roadrunner. To be honest this blog is a load of rubbish, I'm just keeping it up for myself and I know when u get bored u want to learn more about me and the way I think.

The other day I was speaking to a customer at the takeaway who has made millions. (No evidence, but I take a mans word.) We were talking about business ideas and throwing ideas at each other. Anyways let me share one of my ideas whilst it's still not off the ground completely. Jamie Oliver always has one step ahead of me haha.

Well riding on the facebook success, I was thinking of doing something similar but for food. Everyone loves food but not everyone enjoy's cooking it. I had this idea when I was on delivery one day, and I smelt some beautiful cooking. It was a sort of smell u know u can't get in a restaurant. Your mothers or grandmothers cooking!! Traditional home cooking!! I wanted to taste it but I couldn't. I only enjoy traditional chinese at home. But some of u folk can't! You only get given westernised sweet and sour crap.

You guessed it! It's a website like facebook where u share traditional cooking recipies I'm sure there is plenty of websites out there now. I thought of this last year summer, but wanted it more user orientated than celebrity chef. Jamie Oliver beats me to it and takes it up another level with an Iphone app.

Anyways this guy at the takeaway, loved some of my advertising ideas and asked my full name.

Daniel Khor

He asked me what I wanted, what I see for myself and I told him, I want to change my name into a global brand! And he was like, I can see that happening. Daniel Khor, it's got that normal first name then that special surname. I've never thought of my name as special but it has that powerful effect on people haha. Isit coz I'm Dan Khor? Haha

Let's hope that's the beginning of Daniel Khor, I hope one day I become immortal, my name is engraved into the world as a company.

Well, the title of this blog was perception of money over time. Basically the value of goods. As you all know I love my kicks, I love my designer goods and everything else that comes with it. So I went to Frost of London, IF&Co's account in UK, to check out the Ben Baller pieces. Hottest sales consultant there Chloe Parker!! U must visit just to see this girl. She can sell me anything even the £6.5k G shock watch!! (Sorry about poor picture taken on phone) I didn't want to look like a dick, taking a photo when I was trying it on.

Chloe murked my life hard! I said the watch was a bit expensive for a GShock, I could purchase a U-Boat for that price! She replied, "You know what you guys with money are like. Showing off and stuff!"

FML, I felt like gauging my eyes out and commiting suicide right there. Even tho I ain't one of them rich guys who likes to show off. I work hard for my money thank you very much!!

But what I'm trying to explain is, perception of money is everything. What you value and what I value to be worth x amount is different. But why are humans so irrational. We like to splash out on time pieces to tell time, to keep us sane! But why would u waste over £10 on a watch?

Status? Craftmanship? To fit in? To get robbed?

What ever it is, it still doesn't justify spending money on a watch to tell the time, which u have everywhere around you now a days. Your phone displays the time, I'm sure u have a computer somewhere on ur travels haha. But we still love having that expensive looking watch. Let me be honest with u guys, I am slightly slow when it comes to reading analogue time, because I've never really needed it. But I seldom wear an analogue watch just because it looks good haha. What have I become?

We percieve an item of value and make a rational choice whether to buy it. I'm guessing u've had that awkward arguement with someone who's asked how much an item u own costs and they sed it was expensive and u was like it's a bargain, coz u got 10% off it.

We rarely think of an item in a 3rd person perspective, how do people see this on me? Does it look cheap, does it look expensive? What does this design mean to that person? We usually think about ourselves only, how we want to be seen. My idea above probably explains why I've never set foot into Primark! I don't think the quality of their goods are all that, and fighting with people for clothes isn't what I do haha. But they imitate some of the big fashion houses and tone down their crazy designs to make it wearable and affordable.

Does Comfort really play a Part in what you wear?

Comfort to me is a + to an item. If I want a certain look I'll give up comfort just to have that look. I'm sure a lot of u sacrafice a lot too haha. I used to think like that! Now, I've grown up and my perception has changed. As long as I am comfortable, it doesn't matter how I look (too much). I've still got an image to keep haha.

Come on you can't say I give a fuck about What you think..!! HATERS..!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Well this is the first post of 2010.. I have no real excuse as to why I ain't been posting but it's hard because nothing interesting has really happened. And what has happened has been on twitter. Knowing some of my blog readers are close friends and twits I tend not to over share knowledge you already know. But then I have new readers who find this blog via searches on the internet of their favourite sneakers and stuff. So I'm just going to give u a quick wrap up of what I copped here is a list it runs from the end of 2009 to 2010. I mean, I've sed I've stopped with my trainers, but I can't sleep on these I actually love them.

X-mas sales were a flop, I got up early drove out and everything and didn't buy a thing. By the time I got to selfridges at around 11am, the racks were empty!! I've been sale shopping year after year and I've never seen that happen. But once again I came home empty handed, was pretty pissed the patta airmax 1's I wanted weren't in my size. Not to worry I jumped on ebay and purchased them for a little mark up but what the hell I love them. (I still ain't worn them but that's like half my kicks haha)

Well, I decided to finally write this blog because I've been having some pretty dull moments of my own. Some people would call them problems, to me it's just a distraction from the real goal. Usually I ignore them and they disappear. I've taken that option and then it only got worse so I had to dig a little deeper to find the root of the problem. I mean curing the symptoms never stops the problem!! So, after re-evaluating my own options and opinons I've come to notice this wasn't my problem to begin with, I just shouldered other people's words for no reason. I've always been the open minded, smart thinker who doesn't really care as long as everyone is happy.

I've been heavily addicted to CoD! I've finally prestieged once! And I've been watching some mad killcams on youtube. Check them out if you have time!! Shows you how your being owned!!

So 2010, what's all this crap u'll saying u will do differently or this is your year. At the end of the day, you've made no real changes and u'll just get another year older. We don't set out to make changes! We just change as the time comes. I mean we change with the times, hard times, sad times, rough time or any other time we change to adapt to our surroundings and our tastes mature and grow with us and with age. If you look back at your years and just think about what u used to be like, the generation reading this should be confused about what they want. The media and advertising gives us false hope. Look at all the kids now wanting to be celebrities and singers, performers you name it. Britians not got much talent, we have been shaped by the media our surroundings and that hope that winning the lottery will solve problems.

Fact is all these game shows and reality tv shows, aren't reality. They are putting dreams at arm length's reach and a lot of people think they can grab it whilst it's there. Truth is, it takes hard work, and determination to reach your goal, not just trying out for X-Factor and making it. Think about who's made it on them shows. Think about how long they've lasted in the spotlight.

Don't try and claim your 15 minutes of fame, you'll soon realise it's just empty and lonely at the top.
Sorry about the depressing start to your year! Technically it isn't my new year yet haha. Chinese new year ain't for another month! And it's year of the tiger!! It's already back round. Just shows me being the year of the rabbit how old I am.

Patta AM1's... Beautiful Shoe... Took me a while to cop but i copped...

Air Jordan 11's .... Because They are Space Jams...

Air Jordan Spiz'ikes... DO YOU KNOW..!?!?

Air Jordan 1 25th Anniversary Silver Anniversary