Saturday, August 07, 2010

Why Update..?!

Well I didn't have much to think about apart from missing my special someone. So I've not had time to blog. But today (5th August) I looked through my blog, and saw there were not photo's!! WTF mayne!! U guys must find this shit boring without Photo's haha..

So here you go my recent money droppers!! Everything else there's a Master Card, these images fucking priceless!!

BePositive+ Wallbe x Air Max Sole!
Unique shit, you ain't seeing that shit anywhere else. No one else makes hybrids like this! Not even Nike!

Clae Khan's!!
No idea how to rock these but I got them none the less.

Visvim FBT Neon's (2007)
I'm such a mad sneaker collector because of the visvim shoes. They are like my holy grails! When I saw them on ebay in my size I had to snap them up. Don't hate because they look ugly! In person they are fucking sexy and probably one of my most comfortable shoes.

Clarks Original Desert Boot Tough Tech
I saw these and I had to get it, that woven look and that electric blue! You can't go wrong with that shit! Classic shoe as well. Simple it kinda speaks for itself really!!

And finally what u've all been waiting for! And what I've been waiting for, from Ryan. Coz he took them to HK to get len's fitted in for me.

My matte black Prisms!! Yeah they are pretty big on my face but they are the shit! I'm keeping the rest of my cops on hold till I get back from Holiday! Coz I gotta finance that shit some how hahaha.

Anyways if you are reading this! I miss you!!

Update on my life! Doing fuck all!! Week off next week so maybe I'll have some interesting stories for u.

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