Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pride : The Value of Pride..!?!?!

Well I've been giving u guys a lot of advice and shit, but the lesson is probably never taken away. I don't mind as long as my blogs are read and the idea has been inserted into your head. It will grow and become part of you. (Inception right there). @Innermoi wanted me to write about pride, I told him pride is worth shit. Which is true to a certain extent...

Pride, what does it mean to u? It may mean something totally different than what normal people define it. There are a few definitions of it, a quick one pulled up on the Internet shows it means, A sense of one's own proper dignity or value; self-respect.

Let's give u a simple example of a mans pride. Like I strive for a career and a fortune so I can provide and protect my own family. To me that's something which I value and hold close. I'm never going to marry a woman who brings in more a month than me. But is that really important? To some people out there it isn't... But to me and my old fashioned way of thinking, the man has to be the breadwinner. To provide and protect the family. At the end of the day how else is the word pride used?

Lion King anyone?? Lions live in prides, and if ur useless u become an outcast. It works the same way with humans. We are just like animals if we haven't got pride to hold our heads up high and walk around how else can we differentiate ourselves from each other and from other animals.

But sometimes it's about giving up ur pride and in the long run, become the bigger man. It's a law to power, if ur fighting a losing battle, retreat regain power and strike back. I mean as I said earlier Lion King is the fucking best example. Who says watching cartoons isn't good for you. I'm sure u all know the story with Simba how he leaves the pride and comes back a grown lion (man) and reclaims the pride.

Do you hold ur head up high full of pride, or know when to lower urself and give up that pride. By knowing when each one applies and when to use it u will have given urself power and generally have a better understanding of yourself!!!

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