Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ignorant Shit...1!!!!

It has been a very long time, casual readers should have noticed I now have adverts on my page! That's because they don't fucking leave me alone! I will not cave into pop ups. So don't worry! I also don't beg u to click the links because I personally hate them! They don't even have anything related to my blog at all, but I get paid for that shit.

Alrite since I've been MiA for a while as I've not been inspired or motivated to write a blog, but I've also been busy! I've quit my job, I went to malaysia, I'm looking for a suited job just so I can start collecting suits. (Ahh shit I should stop with the !'s marks haha) I'm doing my room up so in a few weeks it will look like a fucking shop haha.
[Catch Up End]

You all don't give a shit about my life, only what I do, my attitude and the way I think haha. You all want to dig deep into my gold mind (mine), so just like the Chiliean miners I'm not going to trap them (my thoughts) in, and allow them to surface!

Going back to malaysia has made me realise my chinese roots, kinda funny since Malaysia isn't even a chinese country, it's just run and held up by us fucking chinks. I realised I'm more black/white than I am chink, so I'm proud to be british!
[Useless Thoughts Over]

Since I've allowed Ben Baller into my life (yes this man is like a religion to me) he has motivated me and allowed me to rethink my life and my plan to conquer the world, well not in that sort of way but to achieve something in my life. Those who think we are out of the recession have shit twisted mayne, watch this xmas we won't be spending as much as last year we are all getting hit, but not as hard as some people and some of us still have the means to act Ignorant!
Check the pic above, my new money clip!! £2 money clip, rolling around like a fucking G, pulling £50's haha. Well I wish! I haven't been paid in about 1 month, so I'm broke atm, but that's a fucking temporary thing.
People believe in credit cards and shit. I get calls from companies still offering me more and more credit, but don't be sucked into direct sales or marketing. Anything that says credit is the worst thing in the world. My advice is don't start and u will never need it, u'll never get into debt and it's spending money on shit u don't need with money u don't have.
Crooks and castle have the saying, it's better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. If your buying it with ur own money fair enuff but if not then work that much harder to earn the money to buy it!

So my trip to malaysia/singapore was for a family wedding, but to me it was more of an escape. A time period where I can visit some temples and find myself. I had my fortune read by various masters and even a parrot haha. Let me explain the parrot one first, some people don't believe this shit some people do. Well I went to feed the parrot and then, it picks up a card for u. I read the card and it tells me something quite interesting. I would love to share it with u, but what I read is for myself!

The second reading or fortune telling what ever u want to call it was from a Buddhist temple. Pray to a buddha and it has a wheel, u spin it and it gives u a number. It gave me the number 23! Michael Jordan Mother Fuckers haha, and u pick up a slip regarding ur future or solution to ur problem. It told me I was about to attend a wedding. So shit was already quite accurate!

A third was more of a question being answered! There is a mini gold buddha statue it's not too heavy but u ask it a question and then you pick it up. If you can pick it up ur question will be answered if u can't then it won't. I won't tell u my question but I managed to pick it up. And seeing a white guy twice my size unable to pick It up, made me believe it has some kinda special power. Who knows, a lot of people don't believe this kinda superstitious stuff. But I'm quite religious if u would call it that, I believe in a lifestyle and I live by it.
[Unbelievable Shit Over]

Anyways i'm at home alone and i'm fucking hungry.... going to cut this piece short and leave u with some photo's from Singapore..!!