Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Time. A Man Made Concept ?!?!.......

Ask yourself this What is time?! It’s something on your phone, on your watch or on your wall. It’s a man made concept... If you break it down... Growing & Aging is what the powers above have given us, time is what man has created to measure this process...

Time was created to allow you to grasp the past in memory, the present by attention, and the future by expectation. Imagine there was no concept of time, by having time you’ve been limited in what you as a human must do. You have certain time slots for certain things...

This Timepiece basically shows how we are humans have been caged by this concept that someone unintentionally created to ease the simple Mind us humans have. They say we use about 10% of our brain.. (I know you kids now a days will actually think about Limitless when you read that)... The older more mature audience will think about Illuminati if you’ve gather enough knowledge on the brotherhood of freemasonry. Thats another blog post...

This is a picture of the current watch I own.. I’m not bound by space and time... I’ve freed myself from this concept and so should you. I’m only limited to what I need as a human being to survive.. time was created for me to give you this in measurements so your simple mind can comprehend it.
Think about this, the appearance of time is a trick of the memory. If asked to think about the past, and the future it’s nothing but memory, or expectations or predictions. What you would call it’s all in your head.

I didn’t realise talking about Time would bring in so many other points of views and discussions... As you can see i’m not really bothered to jump into all these... I could give you an e book on my opinions, but i’m going to leave it at this because i’ve not got the ‘Time’ for this.... Haha...

I’m going to leave you with a final note....

“A reminder that you can never spend too much time on the things you're passionate about & that's something that applies to everyone.”

Levi Maestro

Before wrapping this up I read a little piece and it had to be shared, i’m going to share it exactly the way it was printed because it was printed like that for a reason...

1.If the present and the future
Depend on the past,
Then the present and the future
Would have existed in the past.

2. If the present and the future
Did not exist there,
How could the present and the future
Be dependent upon it?

3. If they are not dependent upon the past,
Neither of the two would be established.
Therefore neither the present
Nor the future would exist.

4. By the same method,
The other two divisions-past and future,
Upper, lower, middle, etc.,
Unity, etc., should be understood.

5. A nonstatic time is not grasped.
Nothing one could grasp as
Stationary time exists.
If time is not grasped, how is it known?

6. If time depends on an entity,
Then without an entity how could time exist?
There is no existent entity,

So how can time exist?

Monday, July 22, 2013

It's All In The Detail...!?!

I would like to take this time and opportunity to thank all my close friends and family who were there to celebrate my Birthday this year... I cut too many cakes and was surprised way too many times.... If you know me you know I hate surprises... and that leads me to this blog post... It’s all in the detail...

Usually I can work these things out because I like to process everything. Everything I see and hear I will take it on board... and ask myself WHY?!?

Just Remember.. EVERYTHING has a meaning... Someone that twitches their nose, the way someone looks at an Item... Every Action Has A Motive... Or a meaning.  It depends on how you look at these things!  Isit a positive way or negative way?  

Enough about this bullshit haha you don't need to learn to read into all this because at the end of the day it will just cause problems for yourself,  you will look into it much deeper than you need to.  

Paying attention to detail is a trait that not a lot of people have!  This can be in everything around you,  from a stain on someone's top to the pattern of the pocket square tucked in that blazer pocket.  The smaller details imo have the bigger impacts!  These are the things people put thought and effort into achieving it could be a simple smile to just an extra stitching on your shoe.  It was put there for a reason, sometimes it has a meaning and a function. Sometimes it’s there because it’s aesthetically pleasing.

The point of this blog was just to share the fact people are always too concerned with the bigger picture and never sit down and enjoy the finer things in life. Notice the smaller things the powers above have put infront of you.

I’m just going to leave it at that and recommend you pick up a book Called The Alchemist. By Paulo Coelho...

I’ve set you home work... Because learning never stops..