Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Life's Mystery's Dim Version!!

Alrite as my tweet sed, "My life is quite interesting, but why do people follow my life?"
Why isit you all read my blog, I'm going to give you an insight as to why I read blogs and a reason why I like to write this rubbish.

My personal blog is all about me! That's right Daniel Mother Fucking Khor, a lot of you know me by that and know I'm proud of my name and I tend to refer to myself in 3rd person!

I don't think I'm any different from you I'm just a regular guy, trying to hustle and has an eye for beautiful things. I blog about things, people like us can get our hands on. Maybe I work a little harder for it, or maybe not as hard as you but regardless I hustle my own money, and everything you see on this blog is brought by my own money.

This blog was started around College times, when I left people just kept asking what u been up to man? What have you copped and I would link them to my blog. Since then, the blog has grown. I used to post images of other shit and stuff I wanted as well as interesting stuff I found. But I've realised sooo many other blogs do that. Nothing is original anymore. I used to use the blog to vent haha, I remember my Bitch Dan mode Rants when I used to be unhappy. But now I'm the happiest bunny around. (Yes, my Chinese sign is a Rabbit.)

Alrite here goes my attempt to answer one of life's mysteries. I thought of this after hearing everyone talk about X-Factor and I'm A Celeb, about Jordan doing the walk. We are living in the age of Information, where everything is instant. If you haven't got access to your phone, the internet or even a TV. It feels like a part of your life is missing, hey it's the bloody same for me. But we've taken it for granted. I mean I don't even need to watch X-Factor to know that Jedward was pretty awful and half the nation hated their singing ability but kept them on because all 16 and unders enjoyed voting for them. I know Cheryl Cole looked pretty hot last weekend. I've never sat down and watched X-factor but all this information was readily available at a touch of a button, and I am able to read it and regurgitate it, as if I watched it.
We as humans have started to become what I would say attention seeking, and sheepish at the same time. We tend to follow the current trend, try and fit in but hardly anyone wants to try something different. Honestly, I'm sure u have much better things to do than watch X-factor, in what ways does it benefit u, watching it? It only allow's u to discuss what you saw the nite before at work/school/out the next day. To fit in, to conform to seem like your part of something.

I on the other hand rarely have the time to watch late nite television, I've no frigging idea who's on x-factor and I'm a celeb. I don't feel the need to fit in, but everyone broadcast's it around me.
That brings me back to my first point, u read this because u want to find out more about me. You may want to copy or integrate some of my personality into your own. You read this because u find my shit interesting!

I just had time to kill so I thought I'll write some crap haha, coz I know you'll read it as well.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Hero..!?!

Once again I've been busy busy busy haha. Doing what u may ask? Nah it hasn't been copping shit because after that Louis v cop I've been broke!!

Actually I brought a few pieces from the Jil Sander x Uniqlo collection, the cashmere cardigan was the best buy. It set me back quite a bit but I look like fucking Chink Bass!! (Chuck Bass if u never got the reference)

Let me fill u n00bs in on some happenings since my last post! Wow, dates well far back.

As you all know CoD:MW2 came out, that's right the most highly anticipated game since the first one!! I'm not that good at it yet, been slacking! Not played it since Kev jacked me of both my CoD games over a year ago. Here is the story of me copping the game.

I leave work Monday nite, 10:30p.m, drive straight to Watford Asda. I see a massive Q and jump in line. This was about 11:00p.m!! I happened to be 129th in the Q!! I was thinking I mite not get it, ask the people at the front of the Q and they have been Q-ing since 10p.m!! The game is released at 12p.m!! So we waited around and the pre-orders got their game first, so after a good hour, I finally pick up my copy of CoD!! Drive back down to NW, went to Asda in Colindale to get a drink, as me and my mate walk out of Asda, he heads off and I head to my car. I was stopped by some black guys. Yes I don't want to be racist but I was stopped by black guys!! He goes "I know u got the game give me the game, don't make me stab u for the game." I reply I ain't got it, and he decides to search me. Gay boy was feeling me up and shit and touched my phone and my big LV wallet. Nah I don't want ur phone or cash, just give me the game! I didn't have it on me it was in my car and he left me alone. Idiot, trying to rob me of a game he could have brought with his benefits money! Yes, I'm sure this unemployed waste man, was claiming some sort of benefits or his parents was claiming some sort of benefits. If u have a probably stolen PS3 to play on why not just buy the game.

Anyways enough of that, the weekend before CoD:MW2 I decided to order DJ Hero!! I was going to settle for the poor mans edition, normal decks and the game. But nah I'm a bigger man than that, needed the case and the gold/black decks. So I splashed out for the renegade edition. Oh I forgot to fill u in, before all these games came out my PS3 was broken for about 6 months, I decided to buy another PS3, because it cost £150 to fix my one, or £180 for a pre-owned one with one controller and a game.

Ok, I ordered DJ Hero, 6th November. The date today as I am writing this is, 19th November. The game arrived today, which sparked me to enlighten u with these stories. Here are a few photo's of the beautiful edition I purchased, it was £40 more than the original, but I got that amazing case and much slicker looking deck.

Anyways I waited 2 weeks for my game and it never came so I rung up game. They told me due to the release of CoD:MW2 my game wasn't shipped. So this Tuesday I rung them, and they sed we will ship it. And it arrived today! Pretty pissed, but loving the game.

Whilst waiting for my game I have been watching videos online of the game, and found out u can play Guitar and DJ at the same time so I had to purchase a guitar!! Now here's the story of how Game F-edML.

I pick up Nixon from uni, head to Brent x. I ask for Guitar Hero 5, with Guitar! It took the guy almost 30 mins to find out they had sold out, then I was going to settle for the pre-owned version. So I brought it for £40, I walk to HMV and find it brand new on sale for £33!! Guitar Hero World Tour, so I buy that and refund my pre-owned one and exchange it for Guitar Hero 5 software. Then walking around Brent X some more, I see the game for £30 in Curry's!! Should I return it!! Ahh fuck it man, I can't be bothered all for £3! My life got fucked soo hard these few weeks, but now I am playing DJ Hero on my partially new PS3, and I am enjoying CoD.

Other than that my life's been pretty boring, here is a photo of what my sister copped for me whilst on holiday in Amsterdam, she saw it and thought of me!!
Also Tina copped a bottle of Voss water for me, not knowing I've got a few bottle of it at home. Thank you tho, such an amazing bottle and over priced water haha. But that's what I love about these companies, taking shit for free and charging people like us money for it!!

Alrite, it's been 6 months since I've graduated and I've barely lifted a finger to look for a job, I think I'm going to start so could graduates please email me their CV's so I can use them as templates for a CV as I have no frigging idea how to write one. Unless any marketing company happens to stumble upon my page and wants to hire me, drop me an email, I.am@DanielKhor.com . Actually if your reading this then technically your @Danielkhor.com haha.

Tweet Tweet Mother Fuckers, you'll need to RT this for me!!


Peace out until next time!!

Oh here are some bonus pictures of my New Blacked out Metallic BOLD..!!!!

The pictures don't do it any justice at all... The back is all metallic and the keypad is metallic blue as well...

Anyways I need to go work Safe..!!

Friday, October 30, 2009


A lot of fans have been emailing me asking if the blog has stopped and where are my new cops.. Well when I saw this I had to buy it..!!

It’s beautiful haha… Louis vuitton Monogram Macassar Keepall 45..

I’ve spent a good few weeks saving up for this and finally it’s paid off. It’s probably my favourite Louis vuitton bag I have in my collection at the moment but fingers crossed I can soon afford trunks which will boost my Louis collection.
Anyways it took me 3 weeks of thinking before I went out and purchased this little critter..!!

Those close to me know I’ve begun a weird habit of drinking tea, I’ve always loved Chinese tea but now I’ve grown an appreciation of English tea. So I had to buy this useless toy which stays in it’s packaging and watches over me. The shit we buy that we don’t need yet we still want it.
Man my spending habits have to stop I’ve wasted too much money on useless things and it’s about time I make a move with my life and try to look for a job.
Trainer news has been on an all time low… Last year around October amazing releases, but this year Nike have been quiet and released some pretty disappointing stuff… I’ve started to move away from Trainers specially the colourful and crazy ones. I’m growing up and I should start dressing like a mature adult instead of a rebelling teenager who loves to seek attention. My image has given me some good times, some bad times and even gay times haha…

Recently I was walking around in central London as I do, on my day off work. I was stopped by a guy in Soho. “Excuse Me, where did you get that top? I love it!” Being the beast I am I gave the usual hypebeast response. “I got it from America.” (I’m guessing if you’re actually in America you would say Japan?) Then I walked off. I thought afterwards was that a compliment that a gay guy from Soho liked the shit I was wearing or isit an insult? We all have that stereotype that Gay’s have good sense of style, and immaculate taste in clothing. I don’t actually have any gay friends so I don’t really accept that stereotype, I just love beautiful things. (Note* That said beautiful things not just expensive things)

I think I should give you all some blackberry updates as it seems more people have a blackberry than any other phone. It’s become the 5110 (Nokia) of this generation. If you don’t know what I am talking about I think your either too old so stop reading my blog, or your too young which means your not over 18 so should not be reading this blog as well. (Fucking Kids, go outside kick a ball. Ride a bike. Learn how to survive [Not only on games])
Blackberry Bold 2 9700 (Onyx) is coming out in a few weeks… I was pumped and was looking forward to updating my phone because I have to be up to date with this shit… you guys read this blog because I am up to date haha… But it seems like it just isn’t worth it, so instead I ordered new parts for my phone and updated the operating system to the BETA 5.0. It’s soo amazing and I recommend anyone who has a blackberry and doesn’t mind a few bugs to download it. (or just wait like everyone else) It increases the speed of the phone by at least 2x, but I’ve found out this OS drains your battery quite a bit.

Also all you out dated internet freaks get your ass following me on twitter… That’s one of the main reasons I’ve not updated this blog as much as Twitter has been my channel of news. I’ve been posting up some pretty interesting stuff as well as boring stuff, but if you love my stuff or my quotes then I’m the one to follow.

Well apart from that my life has been pretty much the same.. Jamming, shopping, working and networking. So nothing to report back to you. Also Pro Evo 10 makes fun of Fifa, just play Pro Evo stop switching to the dark side..

Let me leave you with an advert which was banned in 2001. I personally don’t think it should have been banned but I have no power to stop it and you know what that’s the power of advertising.!! But if you ban stuff now a days it becomes good publicity and makes good viral haha. Spread the word..!! Check it..!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Brand, Brands Are Unbranded...!?!

Well you all should know me quite well by now, I enjoy analysing people and remember what they wear and stuff.. I’m quick to remember people by things they wear and it doesn’t mean it has to be branded items.
I’ve noticed a lot of people enjoy wearing stuff with brand names printed straight over them. You can call me a hypocrite since I’m covered in brands but it’s not the brand name I am actually covering myself in. I admire design and the actual branding, the brand identity. How we as consumers see the brand and the status and reputation that brand reflects upon the user/wearer.
Why isit people associate themselves with a brand?
It’s because people want to be seen as part of that collective who are users of that brand.
There are early adopters of brands, the people who just jump on because it’s part of a trend and then those who are late. The late ones get the cheapest price, but miss out on all the hype haha… But they usually get the final/best stuff because the early adopters have given feedback and it’s been improved in various ways.
As a marketing graduate I have a different perspective on brands, as I’m theoretically suppose to help increase brand awareness and brand loyalty. Therefore selling a brand haha. Shit you see in supermarkets labelled CEREAL or BEER or any other economy item, they are probably the same as the higher more expensive foods we pay for. We pay for the marketing, the advertising and the packaging. But isit all worth it? Doesn’t it all end up in the same place? A bag from Louis Vuitton is essentially a bag, using one of them BAG For LIFE from M&S is probably better, but we enjoy the other shit that comes with the Designer handbag.
RECOGNIZE bitches, Welcome to the age of the disposables..!! We buy and replace shit all the time, we are all consumers we have fallen into that media trap.. Stop trying to fit in and lets be individuals man, we should stop being tools to these companies hahaha…

Specially all them BAPE heads covering themselves head to toe in that shit man… Yes I’m a hater too, not really hating just feel sorry for u, spending all that money

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Cuppa Life..!?!

Recently I've been given a whole new direction to my life. I was heading up the road to riches, and then I realised why? What do I need to be wealthy for?

That life might not be the good life. Enjoy what I have now, and accept what I am given, take the opportunities infront of me. Take each step at a time.

I'm still aiming for my dreams, some may call me stupid, most usually laugh at me. But if others can do it why can't I? But this week I've been shown something pretty amazing.

You all know I have huge respect for a mad Korean called Ben Baller!! Check this what someone posted as a reply to his blog and what he posted a year after.

A wonderful Message by Anonymous:

The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings but shorter tempers, wider Freeways , but narrower viewpoints.

We spend more, but have less, we buy more, but enjoy less. We have bigger houses and smaller families, more conveniences, but less time. We have more degrees but less sense, more knowledge, but less judgment, more experts, yet more problems, more medicine, but less wellness.

We drink too much, smoke too much, spend too recklessly, laugh too little, drive too fast, get too angry, stay up too late, get up too tired, read too little, watch TV too much , and pray too seldom.

We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values. We talk too much, love too seldom, and hate too often.

We've learned how to make a living, but not a life. We've added years to life not life to years. We've been all the way to the moon and back, but have trouble crossing the street to meet a new neighbor. We conquered outer space but not inner space. We've done larger things, but not better things.

We've cleaned up the air, but polluted the soul. We've conquered the atom, but not our prejudice. We write more, but learn less. We plan more, but accomplish less. We've learned to rush, but not to wait. We build more computers to hold more information, to produce more copies than ever, but we communicate less and less.

These are the times of fast foods and slow digestion, big men and small character, steep profits and shallow relationships. These are the days of two incomes but more divorce, fancier houses, but broken homes. These are days of quick trips, disposable diapers, throwaway morality, one night stands, overweight bodies, and pills that do everything from cheer, to quiet, to kill. It is a time when there is much in the showroom window and nothing in the stockroom. A time when technology can bring this letter to you, and a time when you can choose either to share this insight, or to just hit delete...

Remember; spend some time with your loved ones, because they are not going to be a round forever.

Remember, say a kind word to someone who looks up to you in awe, because that little person soon will grow up and leave your side.

Remember, to give a warm hug to the one next to you, because that is the only treasure you can give with your heart and it doesn't cost a cent.

Remember, to say, 'I love you' to your partner and your loved ones, but most of all mean it. A kiss and an embrace will mend hurt when it comesfrom deep inside of you.

Remember to hold hands and cherish the moment for someday that person will not be there again.

Give time to love, give time to speak! And give time to share the precious thoughts in your mind.


Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away

Pretty powerful words, and it's made me realise I want things not because I need them, but to prove something to someone.

But the final line on that passage made me realise I don't spend enough time with the ones I love. I'm pretty selfish, and I shouldn't be thinking too much about myself, but to put a smile on another person's face.

Help others in need, even if it is a very small favour. But fucking people take the piss, you know who you idiots are man.

Lately, my mind and vision has been clouded. I allowed my penis to think for me instead of my balls. I was distracted and caught up on some next shit. Now I am more focused, and understand it's not about the money anymore it's just allowing my mind, my knowledge, my creations to flow into this world.

I want to be able to flood you all with stuff I piece together, products of my philisophical thinking.

Many people ask what religion I am, and I usually say Buddhist but come to think of Buddhism it's not really a religion, they don't preach like other religions. I think of it as a lifestyle choice, by cleansing my mind and relaxing in absolutely nothing. Your able to fill your thoughts with what ever you want.

Now boys and girls, that's the secret!! The ability to use your mind to materialize anything you want.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Lost Symbolon..!!

Wow, I'm becoming consistently bad updating this shit haha. Well, I've got a pretty good excuse. (Not really but it's an excuse that you'll have to accept)

I've been busy reading Dan Brown (Not Derren Brown idiots!) The Lost Symbol. I'm not really a reading type unless it is something I feel will improve my life. And that's what The Lost Symbol has done for me. It's educated me in various ways. Fair enuff the book is fictional. But Dan Brown uses hard facts in it. All the references to famous landmarks and artifacts, his research upon writing this book is immense.

A few of you may know of my interest in freemasonry, I've been looking for more information about it since my Zeitgeist blog. But information about it seems to lead to Dead Ends. And in order for me to join I need to find a brother who will sponsor me and introduce me to another brethren who can both accept me into the initiation. Dan Brown explains a lot about the whole brotherhood and a few of their secrets.

It's actually an amazing read, I enjoyed it more than The Da Vinci Code.

Also, since I've been working at take away, I used to always write my blogs on my blackberry, but recently it's been sooo busy. I.e. Last nite, Saturday nite. I did like 12 deliveries personally, and drove up to Bushy!! From Colindale, that's not 3 miles but we did it n e ways, and I went to the biggest house I've seen. It was the size of 3 average detached houses, with a driveway which took me a good minute to walk to the door. The tree's were cut all artistically and mysteriously, as if it was creating a fence, more like a wall from reality. 8 cars!! 8, 2 merc's, 2 porsches, one of them was the 4x4. A range rover, 2 mini's and a shitty polo. The polo was a guests, because she left as soon as I arrived. And wow!! Was the guy's daughters' hot. Jewish may I add, but hot none the less.

I don't discriminate when I see beautiful things haha. I'm amazed as to how big this house was, I was expecting a very generous tip, but after approaching the door and seeing that thing I knew they were Jewish. All my hopes went down the drain.

Any ways, I got my 2nd parking ticket of my life. Was pretty pissed off because I found out today if I just drove off I wouldn't have had a ticket. But I was talking to the warden to let me off and then she just handed me a ticket. Pretty pissed about that £50 fine. But I was expecting a little bit of bad luck to counter all the good luck I've been having recently..

But this has motivated me to actually finish my CV, I'm planning to get that shit done and dusted by the end of next week. Start applying and hopefully have a job by the end of the year. Which goes in time with my plan that I should own my own place by the end of next year. We'll just have to wait and see.

I've recently learn, my greatest weakness is my greatest strength. I'm too fucking nice. (Cliché) but still. I am easily bent by others, and I am always asked for favours. I rarely say no because I'm Dan. But this is going to be the end of that shit man. It's costing me more money than I thought!! You bastards know who you are mayne.

Hmm, apart from that nothing much to report on. Nothing u can't find from other blogs and shit. I don't like to reference blogs n e more or post shit that doesn't turn me on a little.

Hopefully, I'll try and think of something interesting to blog about next time. For the time being I'm just a little bored. Need some inspiration in life, you all have Dan but I don't have a Dan to inspire me!! I have to gather inspiration from other places and from myself haha.

This part was added on a Wednesday because I didn't have time to actually upload this blog. I've been visiting book stores recently and reading books about religion, polarity and all sorts of other shit. It's helped me realise that I've learnt nothing all these years in school. What you learn in school doesn't help u in real life. Apart from the social aspect of school, I've been though it all man. Sex, drugs and alcohol, I may be a bit young to be reflecting on stuff like this but if you think about it kids these days are growing up way too quickly.
I'm sure half of u idiots are bored of your own life already, stuck in the same routine and done everything. Gone out clubbing, cinema, bowling anything u can think of that you do on a weekend. Way more times than both your parents did at the same age as us.

Why is this? Because of the social factor in our lives, communication has become so easy, tweet an update of your location, Facebook wallpost some chick u ain't spoken to for 5 years. Txt someone where to meet, phone someone long distance or even email them.

But think about this where has all the feeling gone? When people used to sent letters miles away, when meeting up was a rare occasion. Planning a date was romantic and took a lot of effort saving up.
Now a days, taking a chick to star bucks to share a coffee could be classed as a date, and due to all this social networking you know more about her before u meet up with her by quickly flicking through her photo's or her wallposts.

We haven't yet reached the phase where u can google a person and find out all their statistics and facts. Unless your Daniel Khor of course haha, I'm infamous bitches!! But what I am trying to say is. We try and experience everything whilst we are young. Where has your sense of adventure gone? When did all 18 year olds suddenly become like they are in their mid-twenties?

Many say you never have enough time to do everything u want, but have u ever thought about how much time u've wasted clubbing partying and doing shit which costs u money, and all u have to show are a few photographs.
Happy memories are those u share with your friends, treasure them and they should rarely take place. If you have too much fun at this age what are u going to do in 10 years time? We are only bored when shit becomes repetitive, yet why do we hate Change?

Peace out I'm sure you're bored of my rant.

I thank all those who read this, and would urge u to follow my twitter as I update regularly. @DanielKhor tweet me bitches.

P.s I am a hypocrite, I talk about all this staying young and shit
, yet I'm mature and I love my mature girls. It's time some of us realised, we don't have to conform to society. I do what I like, when I like.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Well Yesterday was 11/9 or as American's put it... 9/11... (Gonna start the blog with a little depressing mood..)

8 years, wow it's been a long time... But I can remember the events so clearly even at a young age of 14...

Year 10 Period 3 (maybe my timing mite be a little off)... English don't even remember how we found out... but we was informed... I came home watched the events unfold on TV... I think i managed to make it home before the Twin Towers actually collapsed..

Father was on the phone, saying this is mad, something you don't believe will happen.

At the age of 14, I was care-free and immature, didn't think much of it and just continued with my activities...

What was you doing on that day 8 years ago?

Anyways back to my normal self.... Well it seems it's been almost a month since I last posted... I used to update regularly... Anyways let me fill you in on what has happened in the past 2-3 weeks i've been missing...

Blueprint 3 Dropped... (leaked when I was listening to it) Best album of 2009 easily... Kid Cudi's Man on the Moon was leaked... I'll give the guy some mad props man from Zero to Something... I remember when he opened up at Kanye's concert in O2 no one knew who he was... (of course O.G Dan knew) Been on that Day n Nite Grind since 2008..!!!

Other than that nothing really exciting has been happening in my life...

Well this blog was to inform you all i've been fasting in time with Ramazan (Ramadan, what ever you want to call it)
Many have asked Why i've been doing it... To be honest I myself can't answer that question... I personally have no idea why I am fasting... It started off as a sort of challenge from the Muslim Driver... He calls me a fat man, and I can't go the day without eating. So I took him up on his challenge and decided to fast for the week to prove to him, if he can do it Why can't I.

The first few days was hell, my mouth was dry, my belly wouldn't STFU, but Food has never tasted so goood.
The thing is my sleeping pattern and lifestyle kinda screw's me over. I don't sleep till 7 a.m in the morning, and don't plan to eat at 3 am in the morning, clashing with work from 5-10:30.. When It gets busy I don't eat till 9:30 or 10... Or i'll wait out and have some Jersey Chicken at 11 or even later...

Therefore i'd only eat one meal a day and only drink Water after 8... I personally think everyone should fast for a week, maybe not a whole month.. But after a few days you begin to realise you only need to eat when your hungry and not when your bored... (Yes I know some of you readers are fat haha)

Speaking of Jersey, another challenge came along the other day... All you twitters will know... I was challenged to eat 40 Spicy Wings from Jersey. Being Dan I accepted the challenge and when I tell you it's the first time I was scared of food. I was literally in tears and just couldn't go on, and I only managed 20..!!!

I've recently been pre-occupied with watching Code Geass, a quite recent anime. When I say this anime is awesome it must be ranked pretty highly!! I couldn't predict much, but being Dan and amazing i managed to get some of the twists but others they didn't hint so there was no way of me predicting it.
It's also a quite fitting anime, as it's about a guy who wants to become King/God and have power to protect people he loves. Something I know a lot about haha.
Come on I have essays written about me!!! (Not going to Bait the guy out)

"The person who I admire, is a good friend, in fact he’s a family friend. I also trust this person with my life because I’ve known him since I was born till this very day and he’s always been in my life since the start. I also look up to this person because when ever I go to him and ask him for advice or whenever I am in trouble, he’s always there to help me and I know he’ll never let me down. I called my friend saying, the trains have stopped working, then he said to me, "give me your location and I’ll be there soon” I was like wow.., he’s actually going to stop what he’s doing and come and pick me up from a mess that I have made. He also supports me in everything I do like when I ask about general questions he’ll always reply with a straight forward answer.

When the person I admire does all this to help me, I can’t help but feel appreciative and thankful towards them. This makes me feel even more inclined to look up to them and use them as a guideline to my life ahead. The reason for me looking up to my friend, is because who he is today just inspires me, it shows you that there are some good people in the world that you can always rely on, even though I dislike his bad habits for instance Cursing. Cursing is something that I see as a flaw, but that has also taught me that not everyone is perfect, he may have helped me a lot and he may be someone I admire, but I can learn from him that no one is flawless

The person who I admire is Daniel Khor. He has helped me become the person who I am today. Dan is a person that I will continue to admire and I will never forget the ways that he has helped me. He plays a big role in my life, another big brother to me that I can always rely on, I am thankful that I have him as a friend."

Cursing was edited by Me to make this blog post more family friendly (Family members read my blog too)

See I don't have an ego... it's you people poisoning my mind giving me that big head of mine haha...

Anyways I'm going to bed... Hopefully i'll bring something better to the blog next time..

Haha i'm guessing you all understand the point of this picture... But it's hard to take a photo with a DSLR with one hand, using live view and without a correct len's to get the depth... But you know what i was going for..!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Step..!?!?

Man, has this summer been boring for moi. It seems like the same shit happens over and over again. I'm sure it's the same for most of you. Congrats for the younger lot who got into their uni's and have been out celebrating it. But for the unlucky ones like myself 3 years ago, this time of year actually kicks u in the backside. Do you aim to work harder for a better grade from the 3rd rate uni u attend? Come out and find a job because experience is way better than a degree? Or do u go back to college and fix up them qualifications and re-apply the next year?
Only you can answer that question, and only you yourself can choose the path you take. Take the wrong one and u've wasted time, but isit a waste of time? Making mistakes is part of life, if your always right and always praised you'll just have an ego like me haha. Well I've learnt from other people's mistakes because I myself don't make many. I've finally reached that stage in life after graduating and relaxing a little, where I am confused as to what I want to do next? Do I want to go back into education, knowing I don't achieve anything good academically ever haha. Or do I apply for jobs on my average degree from a 3rd rate uni and work my way up? What ever I do I think I'll do my best in and achieve the best I possibly could.

Right now I've got plenty of ideas which I could put into action, but it requires too much effort, and those of you who know me, know I don't put much effort into anything because asserting effort brings problems which become stress. I do not stress myself out, deciding to take shit as it comes and just enjoying life moment by moment. I have a long term plan as a sort of guide line by nothing I follow like a rule book. That's the difference between me and a lot of people.

By following this I have achieved a stress free, happy-go-lucky lifestyle where by many of my own readers envy me and hate on me haha. It's all good man, I show love to my haters and hate on the people who love me. It's better to have people who hate on u, than friends who are jealous.

There wasn't really much point to this blog, just helping me kill some time whilst I was at work, and I've decided I should stick a photo I've taken at the end of all my blogs as a sort of final thought shit haha. I've just realised, we have all been made to live the lives we do, none of us are actually free. Everyone think's, living in UK your free, but if you think about it.. As soon as your born, your parents wish upon your graduation. Then that's already decided on your career, because u need to pick a subject area to graduate in. We are then surrounded by marketing, or brands forcing us to chase these lifestyles and dreams.

What is happiness? What does it feel like to achieve your dream? Will you be happy? Humans are greedy creatures, we are never satisfied. When you have it all you want more, when you have nothing you want something. Life is balanced, ying and yang, black and white.

Knowing is nothing, knowledge is everything!!

The ability to learn and absorb everything around us separates us from many other creatures, don't take it for granted. The education system is only a small part of your life, watch more tv, read my web pages, talk to more people. Teachers always sed no question is stupid, it's kinda right, we just believe the question was stupid because some of us think faster.

Thinking about this blog and writing this rubbish, has killed almost 1 hour of my life. And probably given me 3 or 4 more white hairs. I say to enjoy your life whilst you can, but what is having fun? Forcing yourself to conform to what society believe's is fun? Having a good time could just be a quiet nite in, listening to some classical music, puffing on some shisha and having a nice can of beer. Or even without all that, I've not had time to lie down and think for a while. Taking in the expensive air u don't think you have to pay for, and listening to all them animals or insects in and around your house.

Life is short, but sometimes you have to take for granted your living, able to interact with everything and everyone around you.

Aite man gonna duck out, this shit has made me sound like some old man haha. Remember I'm a fashion person, that means I'm ready for change and love witnessing change around me!!

Today's photo happens to be my new BLACKED Berry lol...

As Jay-z says all black everything..!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009


Recently I've had a lot of time to think, as I do. Since take away has been quiet, and summer has officially kicked in. After today's (16/08/09) beautiful weather, it actually feels like summer. I was lazy and tired, wanted to sleep out in the sun. But Dan is a busy man, night before blazing it up, waking up at stupid o clock to see the new louis vuitton collection, and shit is actually beautiful!! I used to wake up early to wait for trainer releases but I've stepped up my game now. I wake up early for Louis Vuitton releases haha. Here is my latest of Louis Vuitton cops! Man, I think I am addicted and should stop haha.

Anyways this blog post is about the world! Or actually a little rant about it, and how I see it or how I think I am represented in it. The world is a huge place, the theory of everyone is 6 people apart or some shit. I think that's bollox. Although it seems all chinese people know each other, or at least stalk each other on facebook.
What one man, or woman can achieve in their life won't affect the world, but when the collective come together the world can be changed. I've been thinking along them lines and planning my moves to making a million £m.!! If I had 1 million items for sale at £1 each, that's already a million there! The best example is that guy who sold pixels at 1p a pixel, and managed to raise just over 1M US dollars. I would like the think, if you have the gift of understanding life forces, you are able to make the world revolve around you. You'll be that much happier, you'll achieve that dream u've been chasing. What I don't understand are those people who are always depressed, they are the people who thinks the world has given up on them. Give life a chance, take a risk. At the end of the day u was put on this world to live your own life the best way you can.
Wise words by my newest idol Ben Baller!! (about The Jewelery game)
This is chess not checkers, not looking to jump over some players and come back. This is Chess i'm looking to take the queen down, So it's long moves.

As for a higher up, a so called GOD., you are your own GOD, you shape your own world!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day In The Life of Dan..!?!??

It's been a while since I've bore u all with a minute to minute commentary of my life. So I'm thinking whilst sitting on the train I shall hit up a quick blog about my day. Well I've suddenly become addicted to twitter! I think I've tweeted more in the last 24 hours than I have since my account came to fruition in 2008. It really is amazing on the go, it's like having facebook and msn merged together, and as the 14 or 15 year old said, twitter is for old twits haha. You should either have a blackberry or an iphone as twitter is the best on the go. Anyways if your not one of my followers here is the link.
Well anyways I went down to central yesterday to just network and speak to my friends as I do on a tuesday. First I would make my way to mash! This shop the guys know me as the crooks and castle guy. They even offered me the Crooks & Castle bike, 150 in the world!! But I'm not interested in BMX! Then I would make my way around carnaby say hey to my boys around there, then head to new era to speak to Aaron. Keep my information updated and shit man, guys know their shit who work in retail. Course I have to go speak to Lemara in Size? Covent Garden, she makes me laugh gunning off the new true blues. Anyways I hit up the new Bape Store, and they released the man hunt's!! Fuck me I have wanted them all my life, well the few years I've heard of Bape haha, £280 FML..!! That's like rubbing 6 £50 notes on the floor till u can't use them so I had to think long and hard! But in the end Gavin told me not to purchase them ugly shoes. Buy more louis instead!! Off to louis vuitton I go!! Westfields it was, since I have hook ups there.. Reserved my keepall 45 bouji(something or another) £2,200 embossed leather. Amazing bag, fingers crossed I can get it. VI fucking P man!!

After my long day shopping, just cotched and blazed as I always do. Fucking work the next day at 12! Body is taking it's toll man. This post is a little late as I haven't had time to upload it. But I've been doing some shopping, copped myself the true blues for my collection but I think that's it. No more cheap shit man haha, gonna step up!! Anyways I can't be arsed to talk about my life anymore!

P.S This blog took me almost 2 weeks to post, a lot of the information is out dated and i've finally got my camera replacement... (it's a shame I can't take a photo of my camera haha) And i've copped my True Blue 3's..!!

I'll try and post regularly... But my time at home on my laptop has been limited this past few weeks..!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009


It seems my lack of updates has steered away some of my fan/reader base... I would like to call you all my fans haha but some of you are just hating on me and just like to read this blog...

I've been living a crazy life for the past few weeks... Straight after graduating...
Working stupid amounts and losing a lot of money and it isn't even on items I bought..!!

Well I've purchased a few more Louis Vuitton Items... and a Pair of Kicks since my last blog post...

This photo is the last photo I managed to take with my camera... As I've passed it down to an up and Coming Dan... U know when shit gets old u have to pass it down haha...

So photo updates will be kinda poor for a while whilst I search around for another DSLR...

Anyways apart from working i've been jamming and chilling with people who are slowly coming back from Holiday...

This week saw me go to my First Summer BBQ... (Well I wouldn't call it the first but... the first i'll mention haha)

Look how FRESH I am dressed to cook Burgers and Chicken Wings... HAHA... That just happens to be what I was carrying at that moment in time... I think i'm over doing it a little... Need to tone it down..!!

As for the shoes... Yes they are ODD... I'm not colourblind or anything I didn't order the wrong pair.. Also I didn't buy two different pairs to get the look...

They are designed and released like that...

No smart comments like. "You Should Have Bought Two Pairs And Wear Matching Shoes!"
TBH they are pretty ugly shoes...But the whole design concept and idea behind it appealed to me and i thought it was worth buying and i've got the "kugelsack" to rock them out in the street... Don't care what people think or say... I'm Amazing haha..

Anyways i've been penning down my ideas for my own clothing label... Just need to get into (insert fashion jargon) and I should be able to release some Samples... As soon as I have something physical I shall be putting them up.... As for ideas I have many... Can I execute them only time can tell..!!

Aite now this was typed out During my 2 hour gap from work... Peace out y'all and I promise you more insight to my thinking... More cops and more posts to come...

Just been a little busy blazing it up... Gaming till 7 am in the morning and shit... I ain't actually been at home at all...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why We Aren't The Future..!!?!?

Most of the time when you read crap about Global Warming, it says they want to make changes for our kids, kids. For the younger generation because they are the future. Do your part by recycling and stuff. Here's the Dim view on that, we aren't the future. We will be living in the future but that's about it. How ever hard it is to live in, with the global warming issues, what's done has been done. What human's do now can't change the damage that's been done. Michael Jackson himself tried to make change way back when I was a kid, with earth song and shit, but people still never reacted and we are all still doing what the video showed.
These past few months have been crazy for everyone. The death of the legend, surviving in this recession and now all us graduates looking for jobs. Which I ain't even started doing. People need to relax and chill, worrying over the swine flu as well.
Lately I've been trying to materialise some of my business plans, but all of them will probably fail in this current economic climate and also with my lack of expertise/experience it is bound to fail haha.
Anyways I'll been dropping some swagger bombs recently and it's got me thinking, why don't I bring my crazy imagination and ideas to the fashion world, but where do I start? I tried it with MiND Ltd, streetwear scene but that ended up in the drain.
So fingers crossed I can actually learn the trick to the trade and start making some real clothing. I mite have spent 3 years doing marketing but I think my future lies within the fashion industry. I ain't got the body to become a model, I ain't got the status to become a socialite. But I've got the mind to become a designer, I understand there are a lot of people within this industry.
But I shall try and bring to you, the Gift's of Dan, clothing!
Yes that's right, Gift's of Dan. What's that as an acronym. G.O.D's Clothing!! Hopefully I can get samples together this summer so I can rock them myself. Looking for someone to draw up a logo, don't worry money is involved haha.

Business cards coming soon, been saying that for ages, but always end up spending my money in Louis Vuitton or a pair of Nike Kicks. Summer begin's, spending is gonna be cut down to a minimal, been needing to do up my room and it begins. Need to clean out all them useless textbooks and work I've been saving. All my old consoles and games. I'll take some before and after photo's. Time period is 2 months! I'm gonna get started now! Need to sort out the feng shui and shit man. Living like I do now isn't good for my fortune haha.

Picture Coming Soon... I had to blog this quickly because a Fan kept pestering me haha..

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


It's a celebration bitches haha, I've managed to graduate from uni, met some amazing people and done what I didn't think I would.

I wanted to drop out of school at 16, coz I'm not an academic person. But it seems like I soldiered on and achieved something my parents can be proud of and something I will remember. Fair enuff I never achieved the best of grades, and I never ended up in the best Uni's.. I repeated a year in college, so I graduated a year later. But the time has come for me to suit up and work!!

Graduation was pretty long and boring.. Apart from Someone Pulling up in a Maybach outside the Uni Gates... I was like... No way this person is seriously taking the piss..!! Theo Paphitis stepped out... I was like no way..!! Walked over shook the guys hand and looked down upon him man... Anyways Google him if you don't know who he is.. But yeah I graduated the same day as he was made Doctor of University (or some shit like that)

(Regards to My Facebook Status.. I Didn't apply for Dragon's Den and I would never pitch an idea to them idiots..)

Here are a few pic's from graduation, and I celebrated my 22nd birthday! Man's getting old, and never made my £1 million by 21. What ever man, deadlines been extended! 25, I shall be a millionaire haha, well I have the lifestyle of a millionaire right now but just not the time to enjoy it. Looking for jobs is a drag man. A lot of people are confused as soon as they come out of uni, don't know what they want to do. And usually end up in deadend jobs with low pay, but it is needed to gain that vital exp and level themselves up. Late birthday presents are welcome, also would like to than those who wished me a happy birthday.

I didn't throw a party or anything as I rarely celebrate my birthday, only a small family gathering. But money over celebrations!! I was working on my birthday, I thought I'm getting old let's be a little mature and not use my birthday as an excuse to get time off!

Celebrating is over and it's time to face the real world. Head to head battle in this dog eat dog society! I'll come out on top, it's only a matter of time. Applicants for my entourage and P.A are welcome, as I will soon need them haha.

Been busy gathering my garments for my graduation which is why I ain't bee blogging. My outfit for the day, and this will be the outfit I will end up wearing for job interviews!!
I'm Rich Bitch!!

P.s who ever rang me to ask me about my blog and where to cop items. Please state your name when you ring me!! Your not worthy of treating me as an equal!!

P.P.S Some Dirty Spider I tried to Kill @ 4a.m in the morning the other day haha...

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Ego What Ego...!??!! Haha, I ain't got an ego!! I just admire myself and I'm confident.
In the fine words of Big Sean, I'm so Confident, I get compliments on any fucking continent. Recently I've been getting too much praise, praise I don't deserve. Maybe people just love to eat out of my ass, but seriously I'm just a regular guy turning on his swag!
I think people need to calm the fuck down! Give me some room to breathe, wait till I get celeb status then continue licking/shining my shoes.
This blog post was just to end my drought, and to inform you all about the newly spotted Spiz'ikes!! OMG, this pair I mite actually robocop 2 pairs just because I can, and I need to haha. So much for me cutting down on sneaks and trying to grow up. (No Images as I've stopped linking images I don't take myself.)
All this talk about me, has started making me call my friends my entourage haha, but I ain't rude like that man. Mates are equals I treat them how I want them to treat me, it's not my fault I gain respect from anyone and everyone, and people remember my name. (Daniel Khor, incase u forgot haha)
Summers upon us, I think it is the last exam for everyone (including A levels), I don't think my readers do GCSE's. (Jailbaitgallery.com much?) I'm gonna get arrested for that shit haha. (NSFW btw)
This week saw Calvin Yu, my air yeezy man. Hit 18, pictures are up on facebook. I can't be bothered to jack some photo's, as I turned up FASHIONABLY late, never had time to bring my camera.
Everyone is growing up! I mean I'm graduating in a few weeks, fingers crossed I get a decent degree even tho it means fuck all coming from Middlesex. Graduation is another excuse to turn my swag on to a hundred thousand trillion, as it's that photo all (asian) parents want. You in that stupid square hat!! And that shit will be on display till they die, so I need to be looking good. And you know that's probably the first picture my mother will show to everyone! At least she can now be proud!
I mean my mother doesn't care about anything else, just I get myself a degree and a job. She don't know what Balling is! What the hell swag is. She doesn't understand the passion for fashion. Maybe one day!!

Anyways this was typed up in my last day as invigilator! Yes, I have access to my blackberry during exams and I can take photographs, and I have access to papers way before they are handed out haha. But I ain't a cheat or thief. I hustle real money bitches!!

Aite man, off to go shopping need more louis for the graduation!! It's a celebration bitches!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Life's Hard..!?!?

Well, it's been a while boys and girls...!!
As you all know I enjoy sleeping on the streets, in my louis Q-ing for that rare sneaker. I mean I've done it way too many times. But I think my time is over!! Haha, I need to pass this shit down to the younger generation, getting too old for that stuff man.

Life's Hard already so why not make it easier man, as Jay-Z says. " I can't cheat Death, so I try beat life." Or something along them lines. I thoroughly enjoy my life, and I always find ways to make it easier. Recently Uni results came out, and I think I done well enough to get a decent pass. But Middlesex complicate the system so much, I can't work out if I got a 1st or a 2.1. What ever I get it is the deserved mark since I don't even try because life's hard already, why complex it anymore haha.

I wish I could tell u entertaining stories, and jokes to make this an enjoyable read, but nothing is actually happening in my life atm. Invigilating exams still, and working hard at the take-away. Hustling that louis V money, and staying fresh.

A lot of people read my blog just for my latest cop's, but when that money stops rolling in it's hard, your just going to have to read my bollox I write haha. Boy's and girl's summer is upon us, I know all u cats are flying off to exotic places, partying like there is no 2010. Drinking/Smoking yourselves to death, my photography should be improved this summer, I've been lazy and slacking off recently man. Not been thinking of my future, just been thinking about today or tomoro. How I look now and what I would wear tomoro!

Ahh it's too hot to continue typing this rubbish, I'll hit u up with some more crap next time. Don't look fwd to it, but I know u'll still read it, here is some Porn for u guys to masturbate over, too bad the feeling would be like u can't ejaculate since you won't get ur hands on these without parting with a fair bit of queen's heads.

Aaaiiiittteee, peaasshhh out!! Enjoy the sun while you can, British weather always throw you off the game!!

TK Society's Black/Red finally got them!!

Mean shot of Tan Yeezy's in the dark, shutter speed 30 second's in the dark. For that light effect. Fingers crossed I can set up the camera for this photo I've been dying to recreate. Here's the original, I'll show u what I will do.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

In Hype We Trust...!?!?

Air Yeezy Still Don't Know About These???
Countless celebs rocking their pairs, stupid crazy sneaker heads rocking them to death. Q-ing for stupid amounts of hours to part with £150!! Is it worth it..!?!?
Well isit hype or isit a beautiful shoe. I personally love them, but still don't think they are the best looking shoe. And this is where the blog title comes into place.

In Hype We Trust...! A piece of clothing or a pair of trainers are nothing without the hype, the limited supply, for that exclusive look but once again is it worth it..?!?

When I walk down the street and random people stop to ask me about my garms or my shoes, that feeling is priceless!! Just stopping you and commenting or having a chat about them. That feeling makes u feel superior. Haha, maybe that's why I think I am ontop of the world. I get way too many comments for my own good. I don't think there is one day I've gone without any one commenting. Coz I'm fresh to death every day haha.

Anyways this post is about Air Yeezy's haha, the last pair has come and gone. Here are the pictures for ur viewing pleasure. I've managed to get all 3 of them, coz I Am Dan Khor man.
Nah, the person who deserves thanking is my Sister, she Q-ed for me Thursday nite, right thro to Friday Nite, when I took over after work. Other people doing that shit since Monday, bloody crazy man. I don't think I could do that, for a pair of kicks just to save £300. Or tho I think they are resellers so to make £300? Who knows, I personally hate resellers, but I might be one of them haha. Pair of 3 Yeezy's in Size UK 7, 7.5 and 7.5 respectively in each colourway, for sale. I am selling to raise finance, for a louis vuitton briefcase. Haha, Yeezy's aren't for life, but Louis is, and Louis ain't about Hype!
Anyways made some good friends at the Yeezy line up, true sneaker heads. People also Q-ing for their Kids, shit they must love their kids. My parents tell me off for buying so many, yet these ones Q-ing for their children!
Q-ing like that must feel like being in the Big Brother house haha, lose concept of time. And just bored to death! Fair enuff, you have contact with the outside world but, shit that must mess with someone's body.

Aite Here comes the photo p0rn for those unlucky enough to get a pair…
I’ll do some better pics when I can be bothered… I mean I’m still fucking waste from Q-ing up only 10 Hours… Can’t imagine how the others must feel haha.. Just woke up from a nice sleep, and now it’s already time for work… Peace ya’ll
Here is a photo for you hungry fat people and I know a lot of fat people read this blog who aren’t interested in kicks… You know who you are hahaha…

Man even the homeless was ripping the piss out of us... Laughing and saying they wouldn't be able to last as long as us hahaha...

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

DK Society..!?!?!

TK Society Supra's!! (Pics Coming Soon) Not as exclusive as the Yeezy's. But check that B/Red colourway.!! Way too sexy!! Higher than the yeezy's amazing quality. The shoes look sexy man, thanx to Ben Baller's Blog I had to robocop them.
Anyways this blog isn't just about trainers, it is about lifestyle and generally the way Dan thinks haha. DK society, the title of this post, is in regards to the way I think society is. What has the UK come to, in this time and age. People don't give to the homeless, instead they spend £150, on a pair of shoes. Yes, that's me, I did that, but am I in the wrong? Society took a wrong turn, maybe it's the media, maybe it's just the way people have been brought up. Either way we are in the age where people aspire to be singers, actors, models, fashion designers. Think about it, everyone wants to provide a service. There has never been a time where someone said they wanted to be a manual labour worker…
Maybe, the riches have got to us, but we all watch them films. Where the poor kid makes it to the top, (slight reference to Slumdog), we all have that hope of becoming wealthy. Why else do people buy the lottery, everyone knows the odds of them winning is next to nothing. Yet if 3 million people never bought it, u wouldn't have a £3 Million jackpot. Even Obama's campaign was based on Hope. But what is hope? It's all belief that's why everyone has a dream, something they want to achieve. Without this dream/hope of achieving something, they are all stuck in the rat race. Maybe we are all destined to be stuck in the rat race, but I read a poster in London Academy, if your born in high society, your 32 times more likely to stay there. Does that mean people like us can never reach the top? I just think it all takes time, a self-belief and confidence.

We are in what some people call the Internet age, everything is on the internet. When I say everything I mean it haha. Come on your reading this shit on here.
The era of reality TV, why does everyone want to be a reality tv star? Look at the success of pop idol, big brother and Britain’s got talent? Is this what society has come to? Trying desperately to not work, and become a star? Where are the dreams of becoming an astronaut?
I think people give up too easily, look at all the people deciding to settle down at an early age and have children, having one that wasn't planned (by accident). I can understand, but when they have a second then they should have learnt from the first! Terrible, trying to escape at such a young age, where's the inspiration, motivation in trying to achieve something in their life? I understand, the sole purpose of our lives is to live and reproduce, but anything under 25, you've only lived 1/4 of your life expectancy..!! Well, I know a lot of people say live for today, you may be hit by a car tomoro or something mite happen… Catch swine flu, bird flu, SARS you name all them virus’s. I personally believe if your meant to die no matter how hard you avoid it you will die. Final destination style.
Many don’t think I believe in GOD (only myself), but I think a higher power is trying to control the human race. Look at what we are doing to the world, mother Earth is suffering and dying thanx to our greed.. (One of the seven sins). We are overpopulating this damned place, and using up all the resources.. I’m guilty of being greedy, but I’m just trying to increase my own chances of living and reproducing haha…
Live your life a little man, people around my age desperately looking for a partner and shit, and when they find one, throw everything away. You know what, it's not the right time to dedicate so much time to girls, I know they are my kryptonite but it's not worth it man. Family, Career and Relationships in that order! And it never ever changes!
That's it for DK society!! Next post should be Air Yeezy's Tan Colourway!! My willy is tingling thinking about it!! Yeah yeah, you probably think it is disgusting etc, it just shows how passionate I am about these kicks.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Not Taking It Yeezy..!?!

Aite, if your a Daniel Khor follower then you know quite a lot about me and my hobbies. Or as some would say My passion for fashion and splashing haha.

Anyways yesterday (let's hope I put this up on the 30th of May) I was Q-ing up 10 hours for a pair of Air Yeezy Fire Red's, based on a Rumor Speculation from a Nike Insider, who decided to sell his Air Yeezy to one of my mates. We had to risk it for these, we decided if they did drop, we had to be there. Resell value would have been crazy, people would have actually hated soo much. But in the end they never dropped and we had to cop the Red Suede Raging Bull pack, let the story begin!!

Aite, a little story about the Red Suede's. We get to Nike Town @ 12 am, Nike town opens at 10 am! No one in the line for these Yeezy's, so we decide to go shisha in Edgware Rd. 2 hours later and a couple of Louis photo's later, we decide to go grab some munch!!! (This photo was taken @ Westfield a few days ago, not actual food eaten yesterday)

From Edgware Rd, we walk to 97, for some munch! Chinese place @ 3 am, all dressed quite fresh, the first chink to ever compliment my kicks outside of my friends. " Li dui deem ah!" (This pair is amazing! [For you non Chinese])

Aite, it's now 4 or 5am, we head back to Nike Town, still no one. So we entertain ourselves for a while. Whilst debating whether to go home and come back in the morning or not. Shit, 6 am! Some sneaker heads join the Q, What for tho? Raging bull pack!! Oh shit, me and Andrea's saw them last week on sale in footlocker, so we thought meh, GR why they Q-ing? They ask us what we Q-ing for and we just reply yeah Raging Bull pack. An hour or so later whilst walking to maccy d's for our egg mcmuffin's (if your awake at fucking 6 am you gotta have McDonald breakfast) Sean Paul look-a-like, crazy Jordan fan comes along and joins the Q. There are now 10 people in line for "Raging Bull Pack!" (Alrite, if you don't understand it here I'll explain the joke)

These shoes are GR, which means general release, they aren't too limited, but pretty hyped. Mr Sean Paul, tells us there are 77 pairs today, and 50 coming in on Tuesday. Footlocker will have them in and so will Size? So why are these crazy people Q-ing? Who knows, about another hour some even crazier guy joins the Q! And starts handing out unofficial number's!!

This is starting to get out of hand. 77 pairs, 50 more on Tuesday, footlocker, Size? And Nike store will have these in. Yet these die hard sneaker heads are Q-ing from 5 in the morning for them. They have even gone to the extreme of making these tickets. WTF man, and one guy in the Q, made me look stupid, I thought I was a real sneaker head, not scuffing my kicks etc! This guy had a toothbrush on him, to clean his kicks on the go. Well, 10 am came and went, we all managed to get a pair and in our size. Shame it wasn't the Yeezy's but the Raging Bull pack!! Must have been like 30 people Q-ing for these trainers, and they were available everywhere, some of the guys were older than my Father, comes to show, sneaker collecting is for all ages!

Next Time DK Society!! Watch this space for that post!! My views and opinions on UK!! You know it'll be a laugh to read! Bloody chavs and stuff haha.
Peace, gonna take a quick nap at work. And for all those who do miss out on these kicks. A picture preview of what we ended up Q-ing 10 hours for!! Shows what happens when you don't take it Yeezy! Anyways June 6th we will see if I can complete my Set of Air Yeezy's. I'm sure it will be easily completed because at the end of the day I am Daniel Khor.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention!! H & M Designer Against Aids, N.E.R.D tee!! Sold out on the day, design is sick, colourway not so much. Thanks to Andrea's for picking that shit up for me. Saved me waking my ass up at 7 am, to go central and cop it.

Monday, May 25, 2009

New Era..!?!

No not the Fitted Cap's, but a new chapter in my own book's... I've finally finished academic education.
Well July 7th marks my graduation and the end of an era. So begins the newest money making era, in this time and age with the recession going on, Tories spending your money, people are getting made redundant, Uni students looking for jobs. What are you doing with yourself? Summer is nearly here for all those still in education, I mean I've finished uni officially but what next..?!?!

When I wake up I used to think about deadlines and uni work. Thinking about going into uni etc, but now I've finished what do I think about...?? Uni gave me a purpose, a meaning to get up out of bed at stupid o clock in the morning, now? I can wake up at 4:30 p.m and make it in on time for work @ 5. Pay is good and the hours are short at Takeaway. Well I really need to start looking for a job, I think I'm planning to do that after my invigilating job, as I can rake in more ££ atm. But what then after..?!? Once I get a 9-5, there isn't all that much else left to do. Everything will become routine!! Human's are creatures of habit and routine. We follow rules, follow cultures and tend to follow something. But why follow?? We are taught that red means stop on the road, Danger when put in a different context.
Those who break out from this routine or habit's are those who strive within the real world. They are able to achieve things other people may not. Because they would be classed as leaders, why isit I always try to be different, try to stand out? It's not for attention it's a statement. I'm unique, I'm not just a payroll number, an N.I number within a company. I'm not just a student ID, some people are content with that and I'll tilt my hat off to them, following is playing it safe.
Also when you start to do thing's differently, and you benefit from it, people decide to hate on you. You know what I have to say, Hate Away!! I'm a leader, a born trend-setter, a role model and an idol to some. I don't title myself, I've been given them from people.

Peace out, more photo's coming your way, since I got my camera back haha. These photo's are probably a little late. I should be able to catch up after this blog.

Aite, this bag here, isit Crooks or Gucci..?!? Haha, I make fun of Gucci so much, but I don't hate on designs or practicality. I don't buy shit because of the brand, I buy it coz I think it suits my style and I will use it. Price isn't an issue, because I buy what I like! Yes Calvin this is the same bag as ur's I think, but shit I add swag to the bag haha. Anyways I'm going to stop here because I am bare tired!! Worked close to 16 hours today. Gonna catch up on Gossip Girl and Apprentice!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Missing Camera..!?!

Photo Pr0n...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Problem..!?!? Error..?!?

Alrite this maybe a sort of depressing blog post, but recently at work I've been chatting to a few customers who are usually down and upset. I ask how their day has been, and when I see them walk past, even if they aren't coming in, I'll greet them and ask how their day was and say look up and smile at the rest of the evening. Maybe it's because I'm young and problem free. Nothing gets to my head and nothing much hurts my feelings. But when I was talking to this one guy, he kept saying your young. All you have to think about is yourself. Only when your older do you think about your children, your family and problems arise then. Also, all problems are financial, they all arise from financial reasons. I was telling him, your born into this world with nothing, why should money be the root of all problems. Money doesn't give you problems, it is greed. All problems arise because of greed, if your a regular reader you would probably say I am greedy, materialistic and just rich haha. But I'm not really, I can live without what I have, but I just choose to buy what I can afford with the extra cash I earn. Nothing wrong with treating yourself after working hard. Anyways back to my story, he was saying back in Afghanistan he used to have land, passed down from generation to generation. But due to Taliban and other groups they signed off the land to themselves so he fled to UK. Fuck risking your life for that shit man, life is worth more than anything u can buy!! Then there was some weird shady customer, I always thought he was kinda cheery and used to laugh a lot at his own lame jokes, then he goes telling me he has depression and OCD. Saying he has to touch things 3 or 4 time before he feel's it is safe. And how he is banned from a shop coz he touched something 3 or 4 times. I wanted to laugh because what came to my head was he was touching one of the sales assistants.
Anyways this blog was suppose to tell u share your problems, with people who are close to you. They may not be able to help but talking about gets shit from your chest man. Everyone has problem's and they may be personal, but shit man don't express them problems on your face. Look up and look forward man, shit's always going to happen. It'll happen whether your happy or sad, so why not smile at the problem, maybe then your MiND is clear enough to think of a solution.

Ok.. This blog was typed up on my Blackberry Like 2 weeks ago... And I've not had time to post this shit up... My life has been quite hectic these last few weeks...

Let me do some quick Episode Recap for you guys...

So Exams officially finished... That means My life as a Uni Student/Bum is Over... I'm a working man... (with probably a shit degree, but a degree none the less) This was last week Tuesday...

Ahhh you know what I can't be bothered to recap u guys... I've been working two jobs... Invigilation is back it's racking in the ££'s for more Cop's...

I've still not got my camera back so... I think my next post is going to be some Swagger P0rn for you guys... All my new shit shall be posted, I shall call it the Swagger Catalogue..?!?!

Watch this Space... Don't try Swagger Jack... Coz half this shit you can't afford hahaha Recession... Credit Crunch... Please... I put Recess into Recession..!!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

How To Hate On Yourself...!?!?

(Image Courtesy of Michael Liu)
Well this post was inspired by Chris, and the Air Yeezy line up haha. It seems now a days I show too much love for myself and stuff. So I thought why not put thing's in another perspective.
The other day when I joined the Air Yeezy line, I manage to make the Q, turn and watch me haha. That's how I roll man. But I was thinking, if I saw a guy like that I would think what a fucking prick. Who does he think he is?

I mean you've probably heard this over and over again, never judge a book by it's cover... But it's what your eyes see... Use your mind's eye and see past all the exterior... Give people a chance man... But at the end of the day some people are just hating for stupid reasons haha..

So this is how to hate yourself, put someone else in your shoes (I'll never let anyone into my shoes but Hypothetically), and just think how you will feel looking at them in their position. But I wasn't doing anything apart from walking and speaking to my mates, so there was no need to hate. Just pause to think, that guy/girl u are hating on. What actually have they done? Fair enuff if they actually done something to physically or mentally hurt you, but what if someone is just amazing, has style and is pulling off something you couldn't. Don't hate, at the end of the day there is always someone who is better than you. I know this as a fact, that's why I am who I am, and if you are still hating then you don't know me haha.

Peace out!! Back to revision man, need to bang out this shit for my last exam. Oh watch this space for a Black/Fire Red surprise!! Rumours may be true, or not only time can tell.

P.s Designers against Aids & H&M, dropping garms on the 28th, if someone can cop the Use Your Brain tee large or xl for me, in black I am willing to give u some good financial rewards for your efforts!!

Oh and TP, all my stories are true, not made up. If I made shit up, I wouldn't have to take so many days off for something interesting to come up to blog about. Stay fresh!!

Air Yeez, You Missed Out On These..!?!

What again? Nahh, couldn't have haha. People who hit me up got their pair. My network or the so called Dan Brigade in the Q outside 1948!! It's good to see everyone I spoke to got a pair, allow being them dickheads saying even if you have a number we aren't allowed to jump in front of them. Fair enuff I wasn't Q-ing, during the day or over nite. But people seriously need to take it Yeezy!! It was a first come first served basis, u never dedicated yourself to get them then u missed them.
Anyways, 1948 sold 36 pairs on Saturday morning. A few of them are up on the bay, but mine are up on my shelf. These bad boys, are my baby's and those who know me will see them on my feet!! Watch this space haha.
Also the girl who I mentioned in a previous blog, about her knowing about these! She worked in the store and gave me my pair of shoes!! But Saturday wasn't just about Air Yeezy...!!?!? Those of you who are into street wear and know some shit about your clothing would have heard of some of the UK brands representing UK, at the RESET LONDON market @ 1948. Big players such as Trapstar, Second Son (former known as Loki), Currency & Dope Chef also a list of other brands. Were selling some of their shit their at knock down prices, I picked up a few pieces, much love and support for Local brands man, keep doing what your doing. I personally don't like half the shit some of them put out, but that's an opinion. Everyone has their own unique style and taste, don't have to like everything everyone puts out. Pictures shall be posted up when Jee passes my camera back, otherwise you could check out WeAreHQ's blog for some photo's as well as Calvin Yu's facebook and Michael Liu's facebook. As well as Nike sportswear blog for a video, shame I wasn't featured in it, but I never made an appearance.

Sorry this blog was late, I was waiting for my camera, but by the time I get it back my information would have expired. And I was busy with revision for my 2nd last exam.
So pictures will come afterwards...

Peep this video..!! and Some Pics for your viewing pleasure...

Video of Q 4 Yeezy's..!!! Starring Andrea's... Jeeve and a few other unknown people... Sister happens to be in it hahaha... RYAN YOU GOT CAUGHT..!!!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Haters Continued...!?!?

Wow, I never thought I would actually do another post on this topic.


You know the little game Chinese whispers, right? Shit gets back round to me.!! Say what you want behind my back, but I will find out. You know why, I am like the center of all networks. You put me down, I'll find out and retaliate. The closer the people are, the more their words hurt. It's all good tho, Dan doesn't give 2 fucks about them. But to insult me like that will definitely result in a backlash. What you say to a Chinese person will always be passed on, that's a warning to all u non-Chinese readers. And even if they not Chinese but they have Chinese friends, shit will get passed. Once again the message may get muffled and amplified. This in management is called the Bullwhip effect, and a great name it is.


Nice guys finish last? It seems the nicer you are to people the more likely they are to screw you over. A good example of this is, some girl at uni asked for my work. You know being Dan and smart and all, using my work as a guideline is a must haha. So I thought I would be nice, fingers crossed this shit doesn't fuck up my degree. The chick, copied my paraphrases and literally shoved a dildo up my ass. Hell doing that would have been better, at least that will heal. Now my trust/bond with her will never be healed. Anyways, a few people have been asking why I haven't been myself it's because I was soo fucking pissed off, my hands were shaking and shit as well. But after this weekend Dan should be back to normal.

Enough about the bad new, good news!! Air Yeezy, Black/Black/Pink colorway here Dan comes!! Also 2 exams left till I graduate!! Mother fuckers!! Dan is a working man soon, and trust me you'll see the difference haha.

Peash out ya'll.
Let me also take advantage and upload my latest cops! Can't Stop The Crooks.!!
I said I was going to stop with my cop's of Crooks and Castle, as shit is getting way too common but, these ones were too sick.

Sorry for the botch job... I am sleeping... Work tomoro.... (Next post will be YEEZY LINE UP...)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Air Yeez, You Ain't Seen These..!?!?

The day trip of my Air Yeezy!! Aite, so tuesday is my shopping day, woke up, got paid time to buy some fresh garms haha. Hop on the tube, 1st compliment of the day.
"Nice Shoes, you getting the next pair?"
Oh shhheeettt, someone in NW know's about the Air Yeez's she's seen these.

Enter first clothing store, I'm going to spare these guys from embarassment and not state the name of the store.
"Brother your going hard man today, I saw a picture of Jay-z rocking them."
Same store, female sales assistant,
"I love your shirt, and are they Air Jordan's?" She ain't seen these haha.
Oh shit boy take it yeezy man, no need to murk these guys lives. But some guy proper killed me off in Selfridges.
"Bruv, where u get your trainers from?"
Me :"1948 in Shoredich."
"Isit far from here? And how you get them for?"
Me: "£150, and there were like 23 pairs, so try your luck on the next pair."
"Yeah, they coming out on May 3rd right?"
Me: "Yeah, if you want to queue for them then, anyways good luck, hope you get a pair."
"That's the first time I've seen a person actually wear them, they look sick."
Me: "Thanx man, peace."
Guy insulted my life man, I should have taken off my pair and sed, here u go bro. You complimented them rocking your shitty trainers, I think I don't deserve them.
Verdict: He just saw my air yeez, he don't know about these.

Haha, here is what I went out to cop, on the dressing more sophisticated man. Can't look like I am from the hood anymore, that look is too common haha.
Peeeaasssshhe out ya'll. Back to revision.

Link To Shirt...Too Lazy to Take photo..!!

P.S.. Urban Dictionary your name and second name (Seperately). Then do a Daniel search, that shit defines me and no, I didn't put that up...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Aite Chill..!?!?

As the title Says ....

Chill people... Shhheeeeeetttt.... Have a Kitkat man...

Whats up with all ya'll hitting me up saying WTF is this shit on your blog..!!

As MY last post sed i'm bringing some new bloggers on to this shit... Broadening your reading material and giving u something more interesting to read...

I actually do have a life... and I'm not always sitting infront of my Mac and My life isn't all that interesting so these guys will help fill in my gaps...

Anyways I had to blog this bloody video... This amazed me sooo much ...

Alrite a lot of you were requesting to see my project haha...

Youtube Link For Project Video..

Been on a spending spree again... And this time it's on items which you'll never imagine me rocking hahaha...

Here are a pic for your viewing pleasure...

As Big Sean says Go Getcha Some..!!

You Want my Shoes, My shirt, My Jewls too..!!
Fresh..!! Fresh, Like i'm Wrapped in Plastic..
Check out Big Seans Mixtape..!! It's called U Know Big Sean..!

And I had to add another line from his track...


Alrite... Time to start revising for Exams... Post's by Daniel K mite run a little dry... for a few weeks... I'll hit u up with some shit about the Black/Black Yeezy's..!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Where amazing happens.

Sup readers, let me firstly and formally introduce myself (NIX-ON-IT!!!) as one of the new authors on DanielKhor[dot]com! When Dans feeling like a lazy ass and doesn't blog it's our jobs as the new contributors to fill in and hopefully entertain, share or inform you on whats happening. So, "Where amazing happens." No Im not referring to myself, though not a bad guess as that statement can be applied to yours truely lol.
But instead! NBA Playoffs are finally here (Starts 18th April)! (If you don't know what the NBA is....Im shocked n appauled firstly, but there will be a video that should give you an idea of what it is anyway) Last night the NBA regular 82 games per team season ended. Leaving the top 8 teams of the East and West with the best win records to battle head to head for a trip to the finals to win that "
Larry O'Brien NBA Championship Trophy"

Teams and players will be competeting for a 14.5 pounds of sterling silver and vermiel with a 24 karat gold overlay standing at 2 feet tall. The trophy is manufactured every year for the winning team by Tiffany & Co. Valued at $13,500.

The NBA not only being a means as a form of entertainment, but also a major buissness product and name worldwide. This year they made a smart move in using Kanye West's "Amazing" track (punning on this years playoff slogan) to sell and increase publicity amoungst the public. Using arguably the biggest and most successful name, or as me n Dan have disscussed self turned "product" this year, the man with the biggest ego in the entertainment industry in Kanye, was a smart move by the NBA franchise (Y)

So I leave you with the "Amazing" video, amazing things doesn't happen to everyone or everyday, but only if you're worthy; Amazing will become you, yourself!

Peace out!