Monday, August 17, 2009


Recently I've had a lot of time to think, as I do. Since take away has been quiet, and summer has officially kicked in. After today's (16/08/09) beautiful weather, it actually feels like summer. I was lazy and tired, wanted to sleep out in the sun. But Dan is a busy man, night before blazing it up, waking up at stupid o clock to see the new louis vuitton collection, and shit is actually beautiful!! I used to wake up early to wait for trainer releases but I've stepped up my game now. I wake up early for Louis Vuitton releases haha. Here is my latest of Louis Vuitton cops! Man, I think I am addicted and should stop haha.

Anyways this blog post is about the world! Or actually a little rant about it, and how I see it or how I think I am represented in it. The world is a huge place, the theory of everyone is 6 people apart or some shit. I think that's bollox. Although it seems all chinese people know each other, or at least stalk each other on facebook.
What one man, or woman can achieve in their life won't affect the world, but when the collective come together the world can be changed. I've been thinking along them lines and planning my moves to making a million £m.!! If I had 1 million items for sale at £1 each, that's already a million there! The best example is that guy who sold pixels at 1p a pixel, and managed to raise just over 1M US dollars. I would like the think, if you have the gift of understanding life forces, you are able to make the world revolve around you. You'll be that much happier, you'll achieve that dream u've been chasing. What I don't understand are those people who are always depressed, they are the people who thinks the world has given up on them. Give life a chance, take a risk. At the end of the day u was put on this world to live your own life the best way you can.
Wise words by my newest idol Ben Baller!! (about The Jewelery game)
This is chess not checkers, not looking to jump over some players and come back. This is Chess i'm looking to take the queen down, So it's long moves.

As for a higher up, a so called GOD., you are your own GOD, you shape your own world!!

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