Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Yes I Did..!!??

Check My Bad Self...

I've matched Laces and Belt... Gucci Colourway ^^

Gay... Don't think so... Just Don't Hate...

Anyways Patterns On other laces will come Soon..!!

Picking the trainers they deserve to be on..!!!


Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Well i've started off with something which I found and thought it was pretty interesting..!!!

But your probably all thinking OMG... Dan Whats this below Instead of watching the Video...

This blog's theme is Rebelling .. Being Different standing out ...

Anyways... I don't care if these photo's are fake, real or what ever... You might know the history behind it you mite not know and you'll probably be asking me in the comments section what ever..

The Graffiti video is more or less telling you how different ways of expressing whats on your mind...

When I saw these pictures this is what came to my Mind..

Thats what my clothing label is about ... Expressing whats on your mind...

So I present to you... 2008 MiND's First Drop... Not Safe For Anywhere/Anyone..!!

Cecilia X MiND X 1:30a.m Design..!! Milf Fantasy... (Playing on CLOT Fantasy)

Photo's after the jump..!! (Well when I receive the samples...)

Maybe it's a little too early to rock stuff like this but this is an expression nothing else..!!

Some comments please Will help... And maybe if you think DAN can pull that tee off hahaha...

Which one u think is the best..

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Be True..!?!


Be True To School..!! 2008 is the year of the Dunk.. Air Force 1 Move along with your 25th anniversary..!!!

I picked up one of the best release colourways of the Be True Campaign (Well IMO).. Tier 0 So Pick up ASAP if you've seen them..!!!

Thats a quick teaser of the model released with the kicks I wish I could get one of them...

Check out what I picked up as well Meeting my man Nixon and Ryan down Central... (Safe for the Pick up...)

I would like to thank everyone who gave me feedback on an SLR camera I've more or less decided which one I want to purchase But it's just putting the cash down for it ...

Well I would like to say Welcome To The NEW ERA..!!

I've picked up a London Exclusive..!!! Finally managed to get it in my size...!!

Anime fans and Manga fans... Check out TokyoToys Guys have just opened up a shop in Troc... Prices aren't too bad... They import stuff from America so it is quality stuff none of this crap from China or Ebay...!!

RetroGT Check out this site... The Company belongs to my Mothers Cousin (No idea what u call them lol..) Not all that but i'm giving them Dim Ideas so maybe u should see a sick one on there soon..!!

If you've spoken to me recently then I probably informed u of my recent ideas and movement of MiND.. Check this space Soon...!!

I'm not bothered to type any more... Back to Watching How I Met Your Mother..!!!

Safe Signing out ... Dim

Leaving this for u boys and girls...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Why do we all fit into Stereotypes..? We try to steer away from it but we always do something Stereo-typical ^^...

We only fall into them because Stereotypes are made up from our racial, cultural w/e background haha...

You all know what type of stereotypes u fall into.. And if you want to act like someone who is Japanese, Chinese, Black, White, all you do is follow their stereotypes and people will think your that race.. ^^ Life Tips From Dan..!!

Well i'm at it again... Spending Spending Spending hehe...

Yesterday was suppose to be the most depressing day of the year... No idea why, but i was quite happy HAHAHA...

I got some new stuff...

This morning (Hence i am awake so early) I got this..!!

Anyways I got addicted to WoW so forgot to post this up...

Going to cut this short as I have no idea what to write ^^...

LV fans Check out this new line of Jewelery Pharrell Designed..!!

Angel Ring
Some Random Stuff ^^
Some Shield Like Ring lol

We will not be able to afford any of these hahaha... Over priced once again ^^

Looking to Get myself an SLR...

Anyone got any ideas Drop me model numbers and stuff I'll Check them out and soon you'll see some QUALITY pictures hahaha... Instead of all this crap I take photo's of in my room..

Back to WoW..!!

P.S Laces ordered for my Chukka Boot's... (Pictured above...) Check Back When They Arrive...

Friday, January 18, 2008

Let The Games Beijing..!?!?!

08..!! Quite a Big year for us Chinks ... muhahaaha..!!

Olympics Beijing 08... Big boost in the economy and stuff... Ahh Thats boring stuff which you get informed by the news so i'm keeping it short hahaha... I just wanted a good title to my blog ^^...

Ok, Now back to Dim stuff.... Real Title... Let The Games Begin..!!!

My First Sneaker Cop of 2008... Well it is a 2007 Drop but it is still dope as Hell..!!

I re-arranged them to kinda make the Olympic 5 Rings... if u look carefully All the trainers have the same colours as the 5 Rings... ^^ Didn't want to drop it sooo Blatently lol...Another Link For You.!!!

Some lucky people are going to be receiving packages from Dan soon...

2008 Also marks the year i'm turning 21... Bloody hell Getting old... And that Golden Age of Millionaire... How close am I to reaching my goal... - 1%... (I don't think it is -1% it mite be more -0.1%)
But you guys get the idea..!! Fingers Crossed I Can still make it ... and if I do make it You heard it here first ..!!! Haha, no idea how I am going to make it tho >__<...

Like to call me a Geek for collecting Sneakers and Rare Clothing... Check out this photo shoot and you'll want to join the Game..!!


Allow Bape, Ice Cream All the rubbish..!! Much better brands out there... Jump off their wack stuff imo... They churning out the same stuff..!!

Chinese New Year Coming Up..!! And you know what that Means..!! MONEY MONEY MONEY..!!!

On that note... WUN DOR DEET..!!! (Make More)..!!

P.S My Boi Dayo has started his own blog... Link will be permanently on the side --->

But i'll provide one here Check It..!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Man this week has been a big week for technology fans...

Macbook Air has been released and this shit is the sexiest thing i've seen... Looking to purchase one but it seems a bit pricey..

Countdown pack coming out This Monday @ Nike Town... 23 Pairs coming in...!!!

(Rumours not too sure but Q is probably going to be crazy)

Price Tag will be as Crazy lol...

10 and 13's coming out first... i see they probably going to be moving down from 10 ^^...

So the 9's and the 14's are coming next..!!!

Well both of them have to add up to 23 lol... That special number..!!!

DPMHI Have the Dr Romelli Dr X line that lupe Fiasco has been rocking ... Check that shit out man..!!

Lupe fiasco has just released his song Superstar in the UK... U heard it here AGES ago.!!!

Check his Album dropping in UK soon... Dope ass Album... Not as good as the first but Support the man.!!

Going to drop a hint of This years Toy..!!!

2 years ago I had the Wee Ninja, Last year it was Doraemon Hopefully this year i'll have that little cute thing clipped onto me..!!!

Anyways this was typed in Uni, at 6:30p.m... I need to get going home but waiting for my sister to pick me up..!!!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

New Year..!!!

Happy New Year it's been a while since i've posted on here ..!! hehehe....

Well I was going to write a nice little piece about STRESS and people having Exams and stuff... And how relaxed i've been with my coursework...!!

Well i've never had REAL stress, I shall call it that... REAL stress is like academic stuff and work related stress... or Any other stress u get with problems and stuff...

Like the only stress I get is waking up and deciding what to wear hahahaha...

It's good to be stressed a little according to Charlotte... As it fuels your adrenaline levels ... Well, so does a lot of other stuff like driving really fast and stuff ^^ (*Cough* Playing WoW HAHAHA)

Anyways i've been busy with my coursework... Partying and stuff so i've not had time to post for you guys..!!

2008 is a new year, another new start and MiND will surely bring u some dope ass shit this year... Well I hope so... If i don't spend all my money on stuff like this..!!!

Everyone is getting back to school and Uni and stuff... Well i'm still at home RELAXING hehe..!!!

TV series are all coming back soon.... End of last year we saw the end of Dexter and a few others but hopefully Stuff like LOST and Prison break will pick up this year...

A few Dope ass releases announced in Footwear and Clothing... Hopefully i'll have enough cash for everything..!!

Man I just cba to type any more... You probably bored reading this rubbish..!!

Going back to the stress Crap... Don't stress over Uni and stuff it isn't worth shortening your life over hahaha...Whats the point of having the best education when u can't live long enough to enjoy it..!!

Safe Signing Out.... Dimsum...!!!