Sunday, January 27, 2008

Be True..!?!


Be True To School..!! 2008 is the year of the Dunk.. Air Force 1 Move along with your 25th anniversary..!!!

I picked up one of the best release colourways of the Be True Campaign (Well IMO).. Tier 0 So Pick up ASAP if you've seen them..!!!

Thats a quick teaser of the model released with the kicks I wish I could get one of them...

Check out what I picked up as well Meeting my man Nixon and Ryan down Central... (Safe for the Pick up...)

I would like to thank everyone who gave me feedback on an SLR camera I've more or less decided which one I want to purchase But it's just putting the cash down for it ...

Well I would like to say Welcome To The NEW ERA..!!

I've picked up a London Exclusive..!!! Finally managed to get it in my size...!!

Anime fans and Manga fans... Check out TokyoToys Guys have just opened up a shop in Troc... Prices aren't too bad... They import stuff from America so it is quality stuff none of this crap from China or Ebay...!!

RetroGT Check out this site... The Company belongs to my Mothers Cousin (No idea what u call them lol..) Not all that but i'm giving them Dim Ideas so maybe u should see a sick one on there soon..!!

If you've spoken to me recently then I probably informed u of my recent ideas and movement of MiND.. Check this space Soon...!!

I'm not bothered to type any more... Back to Watching How I Met Your Mother..!!!

Safe Signing out ... Dim

Leaving this for u boys and girls...


Nixon said...

YOOO!! U laced dem up sik!!! Colourway on the yellow dunks are bad man!!

mike said...

theyre madddd.. i'm lucky ma girl bought me a pair in hk!!! :)