Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Man this week has been a big week for technology fans...

Macbook Air has been released and this shit is the sexiest thing i've seen... Looking to purchase one but it seems a bit pricey..

Countdown pack coming out This Monday @ Nike Town... 23 Pairs coming in...!!!

(Rumours not too sure but Q is probably going to be crazy)

Price Tag will be as Crazy lol...

10 and 13's coming out first... i see they probably going to be moving down from 10 ^^...

So the 9's and the 14's are coming next..!!!

Well both of them have to add up to 23 lol... That special number..!!!

DPMHI Have the Dr Romelli Dr X line that lupe Fiasco has been rocking ... Check that shit out man..!!

Lupe fiasco has just released his song Superstar in the UK... U heard it here AGES ago.!!!

Check his Album dropping in UK soon... Dope ass Album... Not as good as the first but Support the man.!!

Going to drop a hint of This years Toy..!!!

2 years ago I had the Wee Ninja, Last year it was Doraemon Hopefully this year i'll have that little cute thing clipped onto me..!!!

Anyways this was typed in Uni, at 6:30p.m... I need to get going home but waiting for my sister to pick me up..!!!

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