Friday, January 18, 2008

Let The Games Beijing..!?!?!

08..!! Quite a Big year for us Chinks ... muhahaaha..!!

Olympics Beijing 08... Big boost in the economy and stuff... Ahh Thats boring stuff which you get informed by the news so i'm keeping it short hahaha... I just wanted a good title to my blog ^^...

Ok, Now back to Dim stuff.... Real Title... Let The Games Begin..!!!

My First Sneaker Cop of 2008... Well it is a 2007 Drop but it is still dope as Hell..!!

I re-arranged them to kinda make the Olympic 5 Rings... if u look carefully All the trainers have the same colours as the 5 Rings... ^^ Didn't want to drop it sooo Blatently lol...Another Link For You.!!!

Some lucky people are going to be receiving packages from Dan soon...

2008 Also marks the year i'm turning 21... Bloody hell Getting old... And that Golden Age of Millionaire... How close am I to reaching my goal... - 1%... (I don't think it is -1% it mite be more -0.1%)
But you guys get the idea..!! Fingers Crossed I Can still make it ... and if I do make it You heard it here first ..!!! Haha, no idea how I am going to make it tho >__<...

Like to call me a Geek for collecting Sneakers and Rare Clothing... Check out this photo shoot and you'll want to join the Game..!!


Allow Bape, Ice Cream All the rubbish..!! Much better brands out there... Jump off their wack stuff imo... They churning out the same stuff..!!

Chinese New Year Coming Up..!! And you know what that Means..!! MONEY MONEY MONEY..!!!

On that note... WUN DOR DEET..!!! (Make More)..!!

P.S My Boi Dayo has started his own blog... Link will be permanently on the side --->

But i'll provide one here Check It..!!

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