Sunday, January 06, 2008

New Year..!!!

Happy New Year it's been a while since i've posted on here ..!! hehehe....

Well I was going to write a nice little piece about STRESS and people having Exams and stuff... And how relaxed i've been with my coursework...!!

Well i've never had REAL stress, I shall call it that... REAL stress is like academic stuff and work related stress... or Any other stress u get with problems and stuff...

Like the only stress I get is waking up and deciding what to wear hahahaha...

It's good to be stressed a little according to Charlotte... As it fuels your adrenaline levels ... Well, so does a lot of other stuff like driving really fast and stuff ^^ (*Cough* Playing WoW HAHAHA)

Anyways i've been busy with my coursework... Partying and stuff so i've not had time to post for you guys..!!

2008 is a new year, another new start and MiND will surely bring u some dope ass shit this year... Well I hope so... If i don't spend all my money on stuff like this..!!!

Everyone is getting back to school and Uni and stuff... Well i'm still at home RELAXING hehe..!!!

TV series are all coming back soon.... End of last year we saw the end of Dexter and a few others but hopefully Stuff like LOST and Prison break will pick up this year...

A few Dope ass releases announced in Footwear and Clothing... Hopefully i'll have enough cash for everything..!!

Man I just cba to type any more... You probably bored reading this rubbish..!!

Going back to the stress Crap... Don't stress over Uni and stuff it isn't worth shortening your life over hahaha...Whats the point of having the best education when u can't live long enough to enjoy it..!!

Safe Signing Out.... Dimsum...!!!

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Nixon said...

Safe for the topic bruv!
Just on the shit i was layin bricks on, needed that blog lol :)