Thursday, July 21, 2011


Alrite So I've not blogged in a while I'll drop u some catch up blogs... But This Shit had to be DROPPED... I actually signed in and gave two fucks to share this with u... Hopefully you'll give me 30 mins of ur time to watch a LEGEND...

First you have to watch the YOUTUBE Link...

Then you have to catch this fucking documentary about this guy... He FUCKING DID IT..!!!

People's Champion: Behind the Battle from Trent Babbington on Vimeo.

He actually deserves his legendary status... Them lines he drop are fucking deep..!!

Signing out... Follow me on Twitter... As Blogging has become Yesteryear shit..

Monday, March 14, 2011

Two Blogs One Day..!?!

Now I'm Spoiling you.. Haha Actually I Pre-wrote that shit like Donkey years ago.... on my phone but didn't put time aside to upload it for ya'll so I thought i'll update u..

I don't proof read my shit it is one time write, and bam it's online. So i couldn't be bothered to read what I wrote.. (Shows how great of a fan you are of my blog)... You read what i can't even be bothered to haha... Maybe because it's my own shit thats why I don't enjoy reading it.. Any ways this post is more about all the new (Small) things that i've encountered..

So here are just some pictures of shit I copped haha... POKEMON Black n White just got released so I've been on that for X amount of Hours a day... I didn't even have a WORKING DS.. because some guy jacked my Charger for MY OLD SCHOOL DS... So i had to borrow my cousins till i get my 3DS..


You know what I can't be bothered to write anything else...

Let The Images DO The Talking..!!

People Like Me...!?!

Aite I'm not putting myself up on a pedelstool. I'm not feeding my own ego, or even being big headed but people like me aren't good for you!

Bet you all wondering what I mean by that haha! Well the other day Ben Baller was on stream, and I was there watching and absorbing his words of wisdom. But his stream was so wack, everyone in the chat was like switch on up (this was because ustream wasn't working). So he jumped onto Tinychat. I dunno if any of you have been on it but it's pretty lame, web based chat room with function to do multi-cam and mic. So cats started jumping on Ben Ballers hype and talking to him. When I say everyone was smoking weed, a good 10 people was live all sparking up a spliff, bong or blunt (you name it).

I believe this is what social media, or the media in general has done to us. We absorb all this millionaire lifestyle shit, sitting around doing minimal amount of work with high pay outs. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about that shit haha. I mean check out my collection of sneaks and stuff. This is what the media has done to us. The new's is about which celeb kissed who, who's dating who, who's got the latest limited edition what. This ain't jersey shore it's the news! (Quote Lupe)

We have all become lazy as a generation! We all want that lifestyle but we are people with JOB's! You know what a Job stands for? Just Over Broke!! We just about manage with Job's, but what the media feeds us these people have a Car-rer. They have things making them money whilst they sleep. Their £1,000 outfits are given to them for free so people like us buy into that and buy from that company to just stay J.O.B!

You guys reading my blog and taking in my images, which are carefully placed and taken. Think about what's in each picture, I place it there. I give u my POV (point of view) kinda like a biased Opinon!

I mean we've all started to become sheperds, no longer are we just sheep following other people (no twitter). Things are going backwards, we strive to be different yet we want things to be cheaper. But by trying to be different we aquire limited resources. (Man on the tube, "Some people share the same tastes but not the same resources.") Why am I quoting that again, because it's true. Think about ur own situation and make do with what you got! It's not about how much money u have, it's how far u can push that money.

#Swag isn't just about buying designer clothes and throwing it on! That's some tool shit. What you need to think about is how it all flows and fits together. Smoking because ur idol does isn't cool, he or she may look cool doing it. Rocking skinny jeans because ur idol does doesn't make u look any cooler! It's ur own style that defines you. As I've probably mentioned in previous posts. It's about confidence, how u portray yourself.
Everyday you can learn something new, yet we always stick to what we know. That being said, Know How and No, How? Pronounced the same but meaning is very different. One being a statement and the other a question.

Question yourself, question thing's around you. Everything can be seen in 5 or 6 different ways. Learn your (Bourne) identity! Learn how to read situations that your not familiar with, sit back and enjoy how u'll soon understand the Universes Language!

*Note* All this is just some bullshit crap I wanted to share with you. If you believe it then accept it, don't preach it or follow it. Acknowledge it and integrate it into ur own lifestyle. Education doesn't happen in school, that's just teaching u how you learn. Education is all around you, inside you and anywhere you are willing to learn from!

Peace! Signing out! I'm gonna drop this track for you! Dissect that shit, deeper meanings than just lyrics. Don't let shit like E-gypt happen ever again! Drop Knowledge Not Bombs!

Monday, February 07, 2011

Long Long Awaited...!!?!

Pow pow pow!! 2011!! I'm proper not giving u guys any updates to my life. And I know ur wondering why?

I just can't be fucked, I mean I've had my bitch rant's about everything my yellow bean head can think of. You know what the latest one is actually!
I know u all complaining about it too! Fucking Petrol Prices, that shit just got spiked the fuck up! 127.9 cheapest around my end! That's why I've been broke, things to do, people to meet, don't make enough money!

That's slowing down my cop's and my luxuries. But watch this space I'm going to drop some heat. I'm actually giving u guys info on half the shit I carry haha, come jack me mother fuckers!

Anyways I've been busy occupied by my xmas presents. Alan Sugar's autobiography and Jay-z's decoded. These 2 men have double teamed my ass, (I wish in the literal sense) (I wouldn't be complaining about money) I've been switching between the two, and it's given me some insider tips haha. I'm even writing my own lyrics now!! (Ask Nixon haha)

Man, as I'm writing this blog I'm on my way to London to drop some VAT added money onto these kicks! My 6th pair of Jordan 3's!! I'm only missing the mocha, DTRT's, Cool Grey and Flips.. #OGSneakerHead Not them new age, footlocker boys *ahem*.

Black Laced them shit... because too much White isn't good for your life... Thats a hint for all ya'll Yellow > Black > White..!! (Racist Much? Fuck Off!)
It seems like when u get to that certain age, all you do is complain. 2 weeks ago I went to a restaurant and there was a party of 16-18 year olds. OMFG! Noisy as fuck and kept breaking stuff. I just think learn some manners!! The thing is thinking back I was once young and ignorant like that. Now I'm just a different kinda ignorant haha, dropping £250 on a LV Ipad case. That's right I'm gonna do it as soon as my funds allow it.

I tried cutting a deal with the devil , coz I wanted the extra toys like a mac donalds happy meal! But it hasn't happened. Hopefully the devil will reply to my gum tree post! Haha, don't even know how that shit is still up, the amount of shit that's actually on there..

Ebay used to attract that kinda attention, which brings me to the latest buzz. Someone selling Banksy's identity! It was pulled at first coz he was selling something intangible (you can't touch) (for all u non-business people) so he re-uped it saying he's gonna send u a post-it note with Banksy's name on it. The bidding was @ 1 Million dorra's before it got pulled.

Man.... This should be a separate post but it took me that fucking long to post this shit up i'm going to add a quick footer to the previous post...

It's Chinese new year.. Year of the Rabbit mother fuckers... Should be a good year for all of you... Not so much for the rabbits.. (1987)

Man Fuck this... Double EXP on CoD:BOP's I'm jumping back on... Dimsum118 add me if you want to play with me... Thats my PSN... Need to Prestige mang..!!

Anyways i'm going to leave you with some pretty sick youtube videos... just because it's better than writing a lot of Crap..

DISTANT RELATIVES "Patience" from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.