Sunday, January 24, 2010


Well this is the first post of 2010.. I have no real excuse as to why I ain't been posting but it's hard because nothing interesting has really happened. And what has happened has been on twitter. Knowing some of my blog readers are close friends and twits I tend not to over share knowledge you already know. But then I have new readers who find this blog via searches on the internet of their favourite sneakers and stuff. So I'm just going to give u a quick wrap up of what I copped here is a list it runs from the end of 2009 to 2010. I mean, I've sed I've stopped with my trainers, but I can't sleep on these I actually love them.

X-mas sales were a flop, I got up early drove out and everything and didn't buy a thing. By the time I got to selfridges at around 11am, the racks were empty!! I've been sale shopping year after year and I've never seen that happen. But once again I came home empty handed, was pretty pissed the patta airmax 1's I wanted weren't in my size. Not to worry I jumped on ebay and purchased them for a little mark up but what the hell I love them. (I still ain't worn them but that's like half my kicks haha)

Well, I decided to finally write this blog because I've been having some pretty dull moments of my own. Some people would call them problems, to me it's just a distraction from the real goal. Usually I ignore them and they disappear. I've taken that option and then it only got worse so I had to dig a little deeper to find the root of the problem. I mean curing the symptoms never stops the problem!! So, after re-evaluating my own options and opinons I've come to notice this wasn't my problem to begin with, I just shouldered other people's words for no reason. I've always been the open minded, smart thinker who doesn't really care as long as everyone is happy.

I've been heavily addicted to CoD! I've finally prestieged once! And I've been watching some mad killcams on youtube. Check them out if you have time!! Shows you how your being owned!!

So 2010, what's all this crap u'll saying u will do differently or this is your year. At the end of the day, you've made no real changes and u'll just get another year older. We don't set out to make changes! We just change as the time comes. I mean we change with the times, hard times, sad times, rough time or any other time we change to adapt to our surroundings and our tastes mature and grow with us and with age. If you look back at your years and just think about what u used to be like, the generation reading this should be confused about what they want. The media and advertising gives us false hope. Look at all the kids now wanting to be celebrities and singers, performers you name it. Britians not got much talent, we have been shaped by the media our surroundings and that hope that winning the lottery will solve problems.

Fact is all these game shows and reality tv shows, aren't reality. They are putting dreams at arm length's reach and a lot of people think they can grab it whilst it's there. Truth is, it takes hard work, and determination to reach your goal, not just trying out for X-Factor and making it. Think about who's made it on them shows. Think about how long they've lasted in the spotlight.

Don't try and claim your 15 minutes of fame, you'll soon realise it's just empty and lonely at the top.
Sorry about the depressing start to your year! Technically it isn't my new year yet haha. Chinese new year ain't for another month! And it's year of the tiger!! It's already back round. Just shows me being the year of the rabbit how old I am.

Patta AM1's... Beautiful Shoe... Took me a while to cop but i copped...

Air Jordan 11's .... Because They are Space Jams...

Air Jordan Spiz'ikes... DO YOU KNOW..!?!?

Air Jordan 1 25th Anniversary Silver Anniversary