Sunday, May 31, 2009

Not Taking It Yeezy..!?!

Aite, if your a Daniel Khor follower then you know quite a lot about me and my hobbies. Or as some would say My passion for fashion and splashing haha.

Anyways yesterday (let's hope I put this up on the 30th of May) I was Q-ing up 10 hours for a pair of Air Yeezy Fire Red's, based on a Rumor Speculation from a Nike Insider, who decided to sell his Air Yeezy to one of my mates. We had to risk it for these, we decided if they did drop, we had to be there. Resell value would have been crazy, people would have actually hated soo much. But in the end they never dropped and we had to cop the Red Suede Raging Bull pack, let the story begin!!

Aite, a little story about the Red Suede's. We get to Nike Town @ 12 am, Nike town opens at 10 am! No one in the line for these Yeezy's, so we decide to go shisha in Edgware Rd. 2 hours later and a couple of Louis photo's later, we decide to go grab some munch!!! (This photo was taken @ Westfield a few days ago, not actual food eaten yesterday)

From Edgware Rd, we walk to 97, for some munch! Chinese place @ 3 am, all dressed quite fresh, the first chink to ever compliment my kicks outside of my friends. " Li dui deem ah!" (This pair is amazing! [For you non Chinese])

Aite, it's now 4 or 5am, we head back to Nike Town, still no one. So we entertain ourselves for a while. Whilst debating whether to go home and come back in the morning or not. Shit, 6 am! Some sneaker heads join the Q, What for tho? Raging bull pack!! Oh shit, me and Andrea's saw them last week on sale in footlocker, so we thought meh, GR why they Q-ing? They ask us what we Q-ing for and we just reply yeah Raging Bull pack. An hour or so later whilst walking to maccy d's for our egg mcmuffin's (if your awake at fucking 6 am you gotta have McDonald breakfast) Sean Paul look-a-like, crazy Jordan fan comes along and joins the Q. There are now 10 people in line for "Raging Bull Pack!" (Alrite, if you don't understand it here I'll explain the joke)

These shoes are GR, which means general release, they aren't too limited, but pretty hyped. Mr Sean Paul, tells us there are 77 pairs today, and 50 coming in on Tuesday. Footlocker will have them in and so will Size? So why are these crazy people Q-ing? Who knows, about another hour some even crazier guy joins the Q! And starts handing out unofficial number's!!

This is starting to get out of hand. 77 pairs, 50 more on Tuesday, footlocker, Size? And Nike store will have these in. Yet these die hard sneaker heads are Q-ing from 5 in the morning for them. They have even gone to the extreme of making these tickets. WTF man, and one guy in the Q, made me look stupid, I thought I was a real sneaker head, not scuffing my kicks etc! This guy had a toothbrush on him, to clean his kicks on the go. Well, 10 am came and went, we all managed to get a pair and in our size. Shame it wasn't the Yeezy's but the Raging Bull pack!! Must have been like 30 people Q-ing for these trainers, and they were available everywhere, some of the guys were older than my Father, comes to show, sneaker collecting is for all ages!

Next Time DK Society!! Watch this space for that post!! My views and opinions on UK!! You know it'll be a laugh to read! Bloody chavs and stuff haha.
Peace, gonna take a quick nap at work. And for all those who do miss out on these kicks. A picture preview of what we ended up Q-ing 10 hours for!! Shows what happens when you don't take it Yeezy! Anyways June 6th we will see if I can complete my Set of Air Yeezy's. I'm sure it will be easily completed because at the end of the day I am Daniel Khor.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention!! H & M Designer Against Aids, N.E.R.D tee!! Sold out on the day, design is sick, colourway not so much. Thanks to Andrea's for picking that shit up for me. Saved me waking my ass up at 7 am, to go central and cop it.

Monday, May 25, 2009

New Era..!?!

No not the Fitted Cap's, but a new chapter in my own book's... I've finally finished academic education.
Well July 7th marks my graduation and the end of an era. So begins the newest money making era, in this time and age with the recession going on, Tories spending your money, people are getting made redundant, Uni students looking for jobs. What are you doing with yourself? Summer is nearly here for all those still in education, I mean I've finished uni officially but what next..?!?!

When I wake up I used to think about deadlines and uni work. Thinking about going into uni etc, but now I've finished what do I think about...?? Uni gave me a purpose, a meaning to get up out of bed at stupid o clock in the morning, now? I can wake up at 4:30 p.m and make it in on time for work @ 5. Pay is good and the hours are short at Takeaway. Well I really need to start looking for a job, I think I'm planning to do that after my invigilating job, as I can rake in more ££ atm. But what then after..?!? Once I get a 9-5, there isn't all that much else left to do. Everything will become routine!! Human's are creatures of habit and routine. We follow rules, follow cultures and tend to follow something. But why follow?? We are taught that red means stop on the road, Danger when put in a different context.
Those who break out from this routine or habit's are those who strive within the real world. They are able to achieve things other people may not. Because they would be classed as leaders, why isit I always try to be different, try to stand out? It's not for attention it's a statement. I'm unique, I'm not just a payroll number, an N.I number within a company. I'm not just a student ID, some people are content with that and I'll tilt my hat off to them, following is playing it safe.
Also when you start to do thing's differently, and you benefit from it, people decide to hate on you. You know what I have to say, Hate Away!! I'm a leader, a born trend-setter, a role model and an idol to some. I don't title myself, I've been given them from people.

Peace out, more photo's coming your way, since I got my camera back haha. These photo's are probably a little late. I should be able to catch up after this blog.

Aite, this bag here, isit Crooks or Gucci..?!? Haha, I make fun of Gucci so much, but I don't hate on designs or practicality. I don't buy shit because of the brand, I buy it coz I think it suits my style and I will use it. Price isn't an issue, because I buy what I like! Yes Calvin this is the same bag as ur's I think, but shit I add swag to the bag haha. Anyways I'm going to stop here because I am bare tired!! Worked close to 16 hours today. Gonna catch up on Gossip Girl and Apprentice!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Missing Camera..!?!

Photo Pr0n...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Problem..!?!? Error..?!?

Alrite this maybe a sort of depressing blog post, but recently at work I've been chatting to a few customers who are usually down and upset. I ask how their day has been, and when I see them walk past, even if they aren't coming in, I'll greet them and ask how their day was and say look up and smile at the rest of the evening. Maybe it's because I'm young and problem free. Nothing gets to my head and nothing much hurts my feelings. But when I was talking to this one guy, he kept saying your young. All you have to think about is yourself. Only when your older do you think about your children, your family and problems arise then. Also, all problems are financial, they all arise from financial reasons. I was telling him, your born into this world with nothing, why should money be the root of all problems. Money doesn't give you problems, it is greed. All problems arise because of greed, if your a regular reader you would probably say I am greedy, materialistic and just rich haha. But I'm not really, I can live without what I have, but I just choose to buy what I can afford with the extra cash I earn. Nothing wrong with treating yourself after working hard. Anyways back to my story, he was saying back in Afghanistan he used to have land, passed down from generation to generation. But due to Taliban and other groups they signed off the land to themselves so he fled to UK. Fuck risking your life for that shit man, life is worth more than anything u can buy!! Then there was some weird shady customer, I always thought he was kinda cheery and used to laugh a lot at his own lame jokes, then he goes telling me he has depression and OCD. Saying he has to touch things 3 or 4 time before he feel's it is safe. And how he is banned from a shop coz he touched something 3 or 4 times. I wanted to laugh because what came to my head was he was touching one of the sales assistants.
Anyways this blog was suppose to tell u share your problems, with people who are close to you. They may not be able to help but talking about gets shit from your chest man. Everyone has problem's and they may be personal, but shit man don't express them problems on your face. Look up and look forward man, shit's always going to happen. It'll happen whether your happy or sad, so why not smile at the problem, maybe then your MiND is clear enough to think of a solution.

Ok.. This blog was typed up on my Blackberry Like 2 weeks ago... And I've not had time to post this shit up... My life has been quite hectic these last few weeks...

Let me do some quick Episode Recap for you guys...

So Exams officially finished... That means My life as a Uni Student/Bum is Over... I'm a working man... (with probably a shit degree, but a degree none the less) This was last week Tuesday...

Ahhh you know what I can't be bothered to recap u guys... I've been working two jobs... Invigilation is back it's racking in the ££'s for more Cop's...

I've still not got my camera back so... I think my next post is going to be some Swagger P0rn for you guys... All my new shit shall be posted, I shall call it the Swagger Catalogue..?!?!

Watch this Space... Don't try Swagger Jack... Coz half this shit you can't afford hahaha Recession... Credit Crunch... Please... I put Recess into Recession..!!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

How To Hate On Yourself...!?!?

(Image Courtesy of Michael Liu)
Well this post was inspired by Chris, and the Air Yeezy line up haha. It seems now a days I show too much love for myself and stuff. So I thought why not put thing's in another perspective.
The other day when I joined the Air Yeezy line, I manage to make the Q, turn and watch me haha. That's how I roll man. But I was thinking, if I saw a guy like that I would think what a fucking prick. Who does he think he is?

I mean you've probably heard this over and over again, never judge a book by it's cover... But it's what your eyes see... Use your mind's eye and see past all the exterior... Give people a chance man... But at the end of the day some people are just hating for stupid reasons haha..

So this is how to hate yourself, put someone else in your shoes (I'll never let anyone into my shoes but Hypothetically), and just think how you will feel looking at them in their position. But I wasn't doing anything apart from walking and speaking to my mates, so there was no need to hate. Just pause to think, that guy/girl u are hating on. What actually have they done? Fair enuff if they actually done something to physically or mentally hurt you, but what if someone is just amazing, has style and is pulling off something you couldn't. Don't hate, at the end of the day there is always someone who is better than you. I know this as a fact, that's why I am who I am, and if you are still hating then you don't know me haha.

Peace out!! Back to revision man, need to bang out this shit for my last exam. Oh watch this space for a Black/Fire Red surprise!! Rumours may be true, or not only time can tell.

P.s Designers against Aids & H&M, dropping garms on the 28th, if someone can cop the Use Your Brain tee large or xl for me, in black I am willing to give u some good financial rewards for your efforts!!

Oh and TP, all my stories are true, not made up. If I made shit up, I wouldn't have to take so many days off for something interesting to come up to blog about. Stay fresh!!

Air Yeez, You Missed Out On These..!?!

What again? Nahh, couldn't have haha. People who hit me up got their pair. My network or the so called Dan Brigade in the Q outside 1948!! It's good to see everyone I spoke to got a pair, allow being them dickheads saying even if you have a number we aren't allowed to jump in front of them. Fair enuff I wasn't Q-ing, during the day or over nite. But people seriously need to take it Yeezy!! It was a first come first served basis, u never dedicated yourself to get them then u missed them.
Anyways, 1948 sold 36 pairs on Saturday morning. A few of them are up on the bay, but mine are up on my shelf. These bad boys, are my baby's and those who know me will see them on my feet!! Watch this space haha.
Also the girl who I mentioned in a previous blog, about her knowing about these! She worked in the store and gave me my pair of shoes!! But Saturday wasn't just about Air Yeezy...!!?!? Those of you who are into street wear and know some shit about your clothing would have heard of some of the UK brands representing UK, at the RESET LONDON market @ 1948. Big players such as Trapstar, Second Son (former known as Loki), Currency & Dope Chef also a list of other brands. Were selling some of their shit their at knock down prices, I picked up a few pieces, much love and support for Local brands man, keep doing what your doing. I personally don't like half the shit some of them put out, but that's an opinion. Everyone has their own unique style and taste, don't have to like everything everyone puts out. Pictures shall be posted up when Jee passes my camera back, otherwise you could check out WeAreHQ's blog for some photo's as well as Calvin Yu's facebook and Michael Liu's facebook. As well as Nike sportswear blog for a video, shame I wasn't featured in it, but I never made an appearance.

Sorry this blog was late, I was waiting for my camera, but by the time I get it back my information would have expired. And I was busy with revision for my 2nd last exam.
So pictures will come afterwards...

Peep this video..!! and Some Pics for your viewing pleasure...

Video of Q 4 Yeezy's..!!! Starring Andrea's... Jeeve and a few other unknown people... Sister happens to be in it hahaha... RYAN YOU GOT CAUGHT..!!!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Haters Continued...!?!?

Wow, I never thought I would actually do another post on this topic.


You know the little game Chinese whispers, right? Shit gets back round to me.!! Say what you want behind my back, but I will find out. You know why, I am like the center of all networks. You put me down, I'll find out and retaliate. The closer the people are, the more their words hurt. It's all good tho, Dan doesn't give 2 fucks about them. But to insult me like that will definitely result in a backlash. What you say to a Chinese person will always be passed on, that's a warning to all u non-Chinese readers. And even if they not Chinese but they have Chinese friends, shit will get passed. Once again the message may get muffled and amplified. This in management is called the Bullwhip effect, and a great name it is.


Nice guys finish last? It seems the nicer you are to people the more likely they are to screw you over. A good example of this is, some girl at uni asked for my work. You know being Dan and smart and all, using my work as a guideline is a must haha. So I thought I would be nice, fingers crossed this shit doesn't fuck up my degree. The chick, copied my paraphrases and literally shoved a dildo up my ass. Hell doing that would have been better, at least that will heal. Now my trust/bond with her will never be healed. Anyways, a few people have been asking why I haven't been myself it's because I was soo fucking pissed off, my hands were shaking and shit as well. But after this weekend Dan should be back to normal.

Enough about the bad new, good news!! Air Yeezy, Black/Black/Pink colorway here Dan comes!! Also 2 exams left till I graduate!! Mother fuckers!! Dan is a working man soon, and trust me you'll see the difference haha.

Peash out ya'll.
Let me also take advantage and upload my latest cops! Can't Stop The Crooks.!!
I said I was going to stop with my cop's of Crooks and Castle, as shit is getting way too common but, these ones were too sick.

Sorry for the botch job... I am sleeping... Work tomoro.... (Next post will be YEEZY LINE UP...)