Thursday, May 07, 2009

How To Hate On Yourself...!?!?

(Image Courtesy of Michael Liu)
Well this post was inspired by Chris, and the Air Yeezy line up haha. It seems now a days I show too much love for myself and stuff. So I thought why not put thing's in another perspective.
The other day when I joined the Air Yeezy line, I manage to make the Q, turn and watch me haha. That's how I roll man. But I was thinking, if I saw a guy like that I would think what a fucking prick. Who does he think he is?

I mean you've probably heard this over and over again, never judge a book by it's cover... But it's what your eyes see... Use your mind's eye and see past all the exterior... Give people a chance man... But at the end of the day some people are just hating for stupid reasons haha..

So this is how to hate yourself, put someone else in your shoes (I'll never let anyone into my shoes but Hypothetically), and just think how you will feel looking at them in their position. But I wasn't doing anything apart from walking and speaking to my mates, so there was no need to hate. Just pause to think, that guy/girl u are hating on. What actually have they done? Fair enuff if they actually done something to physically or mentally hurt you, but what if someone is just amazing, has style and is pulling off something you couldn't. Don't hate, at the end of the day there is always someone who is better than you. I know this as a fact, that's why I am who I am, and if you are still hating then you don't know me haha.

Peace out!! Back to revision man, need to bang out this shit for my last exam. Oh watch this space for a Black/Fire Red surprise!! Rumours may be true, or not only time can tell.

P.s Designers against Aids & H&M, dropping garms on the 28th, if someone can cop the Use Your Brain tee large or xl for me, in black I am willing to give u some good financial rewards for your efforts!!

Oh and TP, all my stories are true, not made up. If I made shit up, I wouldn't have to take so many days off for something interesting to come up to blog about. Stay fresh!!

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