Sunday, May 31, 2009

Not Taking It Yeezy..!?!

Aite, if your a Daniel Khor follower then you know quite a lot about me and my hobbies. Or as some would say My passion for fashion and splashing haha.

Anyways yesterday (let's hope I put this up on the 30th of May) I was Q-ing up 10 hours for a pair of Air Yeezy Fire Red's, based on a Rumor Speculation from a Nike Insider, who decided to sell his Air Yeezy to one of my mates. We had to risk it for these, we decided if they did drop, we had to be there. Resell value would have been crazy, people would have actually hated soo much. But in the end they never dropped and we had to cop the Red Suede Raging Bull pack, let the story begin!!

Aite, a little story about the Red Suede's. We get to Nike Town @ 12 am, Nike town opens at 10 am! No one in the line for these Yeezy's, so we decide to go shisha in Edgware Rd. 2 hours later and a couple of Louis photo's later, we decide to go grab some munch!!! (This photo was taken @ Westfield a few days ago, not actual food eaten yesterday)

From Edgware Rd, we walk to 97, for some munch! Chinese place @ 3 am, all dressed quite fresh, the first chink to ever compliment my kicks outside of my friends. " Li dui deem ah!" (This pair is amazing! [For you non Chinese])

Aite, it's now 4 or 5am, we head back to Nike Town, still no one. So we entertain ourselves for a while. Whilst debating whether to go home and come back in the morning or not. Shit, 6 am! Some sneaker heads join the Q, What for tho? Raging bull pack!! Oh shit, me and Andrea's saw them last week on sale in footlocker, so we thought meh, GR why they Q-ing? They ask us what we Q-ing for and we just reply yeah Raging Bull pack. An hour or so later whilst walking to maccy d's for our egg mcmuffin's (if your awake at fucking 6 am you gotta have McDonald breakfast) Sean Paul look-a-like, crazy Jordan fan comes along and joins the Q. There are now 10 people in line for "Raging Bull Pack!" (Alrite, if you don't understand it here I'll explain the joke)

These shoes are GR, which means general release, they aren't too limited, but pretty hyped. Mr Sean Paul, tells us there are 77 pairs today, and 50 coming in on Tuesday. Footlocker will have them in and so will Size? So why are these crazy people Q-ing? Who knows, about another hour some even crazier guy joins the Q! And starts handing out unofficial number's!!

This is starting to get out of hand. 77 pairs, 50 more on Tuesday, footlocker, Size? And Nike store will have these in. Yet these die hard sneaker heads are Q-ing from 5 in the morning for them. They have even gone to the extreme of making these tickets. WTF man, and one guy in the Q, made me look stupid, I thought I was a real sneaker head, not scuffing my kicks etc! This guy had a toothbrush on him, to clean his kicks on the go. Well, 10 am came and went, we all managed to get a pair and in our size. Shame it wasn't the Yeezy's but the Raging Bull pack!! Must have been like 30 people Q-ing for these trainers, and they were available everywhere, some of the guys were older than my Father, comes to show, sneaker collecting is for all ages!

Next Time DK Society!! Watch this space for that post!! My views and opinions on UK!! You know it'll be a laugh to read! Bloody chavs and stuff haha.
Peace, gonna take a quick nap at work. And for all those who do miss out on these kicks. A picture preview of what we ended up Q-ing 10 hours for!! Shows what happens when you don't take it Yeezy! Anyways June 6th we will see if I can complete my Set of Air Yeezy's. I'm sure it will be easily completed because at the end of the day I am Daniel Khor.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention!! H & M Designer Against Aids, N.E.R.D tee!! Sold out on the day, design is sick, colourway not so much. Thanks to Andrea's for picking that shit up for me. Saved me waking my ass up at 7 am, to go central and cop it.

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