Monday, May 25, 2009

New Era..!?!

No not the Fitted Cap's, but a new chapter in my own book's... I've finally finished academic education.
Well July 7th marks my graduation and the end of an era. So begins the newest money making era, in this time and age with the recession going on, Tories spending your money, people are getting made redundant, Uni students looking for jobs. What are you doing with yourself? Summer is nearly here for all those still in education, I mean I've finished uni officially but what next..?!?!

When I wake up I used to think about deadlines and uni work. Thinking about going into uni etc, but now I've finished what do I think about...?? Uni gave me a purpose, a meaning to get up out of bed at stupid o clock in the morning, now? I can wake up at 4:30 p.m and make it in on time for work @ 5. Pay is good and the hours are short at Takeaway. Well I really need to start looking for a job, I think I'm planning to do that after my invigilating job, as I can rake in more ££ atm. But what then after..?!? Once I get a 9-5, there isn't all that much else left to do. Everything will become routine!! Human's are creatures of habit and routine. We follow rules, follow cultures and tend to follow something. But why follow?? We are taught that red means stop on the road, Danger when put in a different context.
Those who break out from this routine or habit's are those who strive within the real world. They are able to achieve things other people may not. Because they would be classed as leaders, why isit I always try to be different, try to stand out? It's not for attention it's a statement. I'm unique, I'm not just a payroll number, an N.I number within a company. I'm not just a student ID, some people are content with that and I'll tilt my hat off to them, following is playing it safe.
Also when you start to do thing's differently, and you benefit from it, people decide to hate on you. You know what I have to say, Hate Away!! I'm a leader, a born trend-setter, a role model and an idol to some. I don't title myself, I've been given them from people.

Peace out, more photo's coming your way, since I got my camera back haha. These photo's are probably a little late. I should be able to catch up after this blog.

Aite, this bag here, isit Crooks or Gucci..?!? Haha, I make fun of Gucci so much, but I don't hate on designs or practicality. I don't buy shit because of the brand, I buy it coz I think it suits my style and I will use it. Price isn't an issue, because I buy what I like! Yes Calvin this is the same bag as ur's I think, but shit I add swag to the bag haha. Anyways I'm going to stop here because I am bare tired!! Worked close to 16 hours today. Gonna catch up on Gossip Girl and Apprentice!!

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