Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's not the truth!!

Sometimes it's not the truth that hurts it's the hiding of the truth!!
We as humans have the function to forgive, our conscious allows us to decide what's right and what's wrong.

To be able to forgive someone who's hurt you give you a lot of power! If your a regular reader of my blog you will have heard me reference 48 laws of power quite a lot, if u've managed to grab a copy of my e-book then u've probably invested in the 48 laws. Let me explain.

If someone has lied to you, cheated you or done anything to hurt u, be it physically or mentally. The usual way to get over this would be to ignore said party and move on. But then u may have lost a good mate. Well "good" mate haha. But if you can be the bigger man, the stronger character and learn to forgive them. They are forever in your debt, because their "guilty" conscious has come into play. By having a stranglehold on that person, they will feel inferior because your able to let them go as a friend quicker than they can apologise.

Trust me with great power comes great responsibility!! They will try and do everything for you, so it will seem like you owe them. This may all be internet text but the lesson learned will give you immense power over your relationships and yourself.

I can hear you saying to yourself, but sometimes I just can't forgive them! Then you'll have to do the reverse of this law, try and fuck them over! Do what they did to you, revenge is a dish best served cold. But never forget, retreating and planning your own attack is never the cowardly option. You may have lost the battle but the war can still be won, never assume you are the weaker one. By assuming you are, you've already become weak.

Anyways mayne, peace out I'm going to watch Lost on my Ipad!! This final season is slightly shit, but I've already wasted 6 years waiting for this to end, mite as well forgive and soldier on!

Here's what most of u have been waiting for my iPad blog/ Dan-review!!

So I Q-ed up fucking 9+ hours for my iPad 64GB 3G. The top spec, that's how we ballers do shit now a days. None of that half arsed shit, wifi only or anything. The line was a right laugh, I had a great time and great support from my Man Nixon. Ray, Geoffrey, Sara, Rosie and Sanjay came down in support of my name haha. 8 people and only 1 person was buying it! Now that's what u call friends!

Shit was a mad laugh, we met a few geeks! And when I say geeks these guys made me seem like a fucking jock. I was baffled by some of the terminology they were using. They showed me shit which I didn't even think was possible! 1 guy, connected to some random wifi, turned on his tv and imac at home via his iphone and watched it all on his CCTV set up via his Macbook Pro! He also managed to set his sky+ box at home to record his interview on GMTV. This guy was soo crazy he downloads up to 800gb a month!! I can't even think of that much shit to download!! So those who would consider themselves or even consider calling me a geek think twice!!

Anyways back to the iPad!! For all those haters who say it's a giant iphone it's exactly the same why u buying it, etc etc. I would like to say. The same fucking reason u have an iphone!! The ipad is an iphone yes, but it can be so much more! It's what u make out of it! The iphone isn't much use as a phone. Typing on it sucks, reception on it sucks! Battery life is the worst, if u leave it on and go bed without charging it, when u wake up it's dead (even if it was 100%) standby drains battery too!
So I've had it for over 24 hours and I've only just put the shit down and out of my reach. Web browsing on it via wifi or 3g is amazing. Speeds are quick and navigation is simple. Typing on it is probably just the same as typing on a standard apple keypad, maybe not as accurate because it's got a different feel to it. Not many good apps on it atm, but that will definitely change. I've not picked up anything extra for it yet, as everything is soo expensive and pointless, I.e a dock, wireless keyboard and shit. But I'll see to them in the near future. Battery life is amazing, been using it with wifi + 3g turned on, watched movies and listening to music whilst browsing. Still had a good 30% left after 24 hours. This was from 100% charge.

It's well worth the money, and when u start using it, and switching back to the iphone. U feel as if the screen's too small and not as responsive! Let's hope the 4G will live up to the hype. The only thing I can say about the ipad is, be prepared to pay a little extra for the apps and stuff. It's pretty shit without the apps!

Last blog to be written on my Blackberry!! Rip my little friend!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ipod, Iphone, Ipad..!!

It seems I've been completely Appled!! Inside out I've owned or I own, every Apple device in any shape or form, you know what I used to only Microsoft. Hypocrite some you mite say, but I was only as dumb as my knowledge!!!

This is why Knowledge is one of the best things in the world! It manages to give u power! This is why I'm always educating myself because one day I hope it will be put into great use!

Alrite so when this post goes up I should be on my way to getting my Ipad!! It's needed in my life!! When I didn't know about it, what it could do for me, I was like all the other haters.

"It's just a Giant ipod touch!" Etc etc.. But it's not! It's more than that!! It's the ultimate media device which is kinda portable!! Fair enuff the size is slightly big to some, small to others!! It really depends on the user!!

I'm not allowing anyone to bash any other product unless they actually own one, then they are give their opinon!! None of this shit fake stuff, reading reviews and using them as ur own opinon!! I can personally say, as a phone the iphone was the worst device I've ever used!! But as a device to absorb media, it was the best thing since my macbook pro haha. I've got rid of it for my nice ipad!! Since I don't need 2 phones and I have a 3G ipad!!

Many of you are probably thinking what's the fucking point of getting the pad, and I'm just getting it to show off etc etc.

You know what fuck all y'all, just coz u ain't got Stacks like this!!

Courtesy of Ben Ballers Blog...
Ben Baller approved mother fucking shit.. This week I've had next to no sleep, been working hard hustling them ££ to stack them like that haha. So I'm slightly pissed off.. A life lesson on my next blog!! This one's just to inform u, my blogs will now be written on my ipad haha.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Teacher Till The Last Day..!?!

Well as I've been working stupid hours I've not had time to really write a blog. But I'm guessing u've all been keeping track and crossing out the days I'm not writing haha..
(I wish)

Anyways I've been enjoying my invigilating @ the school. And no I'm not entitled to bribes for exam answers, or am I willing to get hold of papers for you!!

I've been asked by many people why aren't I a teacher? The students love me and I always have a smile on my face when dealing with the students.
The schooling system is a failure to these kids, they don't know jack shit, and are usually more concerned with having fun than learning.

I've been considering becoming a teacher, just because the general satisfaction I'll have knowing these kids are better because of me. I've been reading a book recommended to me by Marco, Tuesdays with Morrie.

It's about a teacher who wants to help his former student complete a thesis on life and death.

"If you learn to die, you'll learn to live!"

Life isn't about all the things I've been chasing, a faster car, a big house, designer clothes/handbags or the latest gadgets. (Ipad is out 28th)!!
Life is about finding ur purpose and to give your love.
The book has opened my eyes what I wanted in life isn't going to make me happy, it mite make me rich. But being rich, amounts to nothing when I die. It'll just be a hassle for those close to me fighting for what I have haha. But if I was to be a teacher/preacher a role model of some sort, the advice I give will be like a voice speaking to them within their head constantly. As If I'm a sort of God or Prophet guiding them on their path.

Haha that's my god complex kicking in. It's been a while since I've called myself one, but it seems like my mind has been cleared. I was in a dark place. My vision was clouded. I'm now back on track and become stronger!! Just comes to show, the difference a person can make.

Recently I've been flowering towards my sun, she has become my eNerGy source. Time seems to freeze when we talk, giving me time to recollect my thoughts, harness the energy and plough through. As Lupe Fiasco says "I'm Beaming".

Everyday you learn something new, because no day Is the same. People who do the same shit different day, change it up. Read a book, read a magazine or even visit a different shop. Even something so small can begin something better. It's all in the detail, a con artist will tell you.

It's a marketeer's job to change your lifestyle, break you out of your habits and try something new. I'm trying to do that, not by telling u to buy our product, but to open your eyes and see further into the future!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Lifes a Game..!?!

Life's a bitch!! You've heard all that shit before.. It seems like people don't give it (life) a chance!

We play life like a game, but do we follow the rules? But then again who makes the rules? If only life was like GTA, L1 aim, R1 shoot, one less person you have to deal with. Press start to pause the game and do something else, come back and resume in the same position.

Sometimes we wish we can load a saved state. Go back and re-do our own mistakes. But there are no such options in life. We have to live and learn. Life's learning curve is much steeper than that of a game, after the tutorial, your done, u've got ur wings to leave the nest.

Usually there is only one objective to reach the end, but what is the end point in life. Some of u may say Death, but in my eyes, the end point is when u've achieved everything u've dreamed you could. Hitting that 100% mark on GTA isn't easy, specially if you've cheated. I know most of u here are a bunch of cheats, done something illegal in ur time. I'm not saying I'm perfect and I'm not here to judge.

Sometimes life is much simpler!

Alrite enough of that mumbo jumbo! Let's get to the good shit haha.

Man, I've probably been playing way too many games to make up shit like that haha. I've managed to get hold of a New PS3 Slim, waiting for the RED Dead Redemption to drop on May 21st. Enough about games.

It seems like the 'lost generation' of "Broken Britain" will become a bigger problem!!
Speaking of Britain as a whole elections are coming up! Everyone keeps asking who I'm voting for, and my answer is Conservative! I was too young to vote for last PM, but this time round we need a change. This donkey isn't helping me at all, all Labour wants is fat lazy white people who benefit from benefits. Get up off ur ass, we are becoming some poor, lazy nation thanx to all u benefit fraudsters!!

I'm also voting conservative because one day I'll be the upper class, fuck having all these taxes when I'm one of them. I've seen changes take longer than their suppose to, it takes on average of 4 - 5 years before MP's implement anything. And fingers crossed by then I'll be up there with upper class haha.

Also I've reaped all the labour shit I can already, student loans and what not. I never qualified for EMA, Under 18 free travel what ever else they've given us.

It's time we worked for ourselves.

Anyways that's the fullest extent of my government and politics knowledge goes.

Vote Lib Dems before Labour! We want to reinforce 16 year old porn! Haha, that's the worst. Jail Bait! Shit just encourages more teen sex and paedophilia!!

Anyways peace out I'll give u guys more Dan Updates when I have time!!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Footlocker Ghost..!?!

Dear Footlocker Ghost...

I don't know if you read this shit, but I was shocked and surprised by your random encounter...

I've actually got a few sources selling Yeezy's... I was about to tell u to hit me up and give you my number so if you read this hit me up and i'll sort you out..

I'm just wondering why you literally disappeared into thin air once I put down the Foamposites. I couldn't even see you upstairs or outside Footlocker...

Anyways it's nice to know i'm Well known for the Yeezy's..

Looking fwd to hearing from you (Footlocker Ghost)

Daniel Khor

P.S Introduce yourself next time because you knew my name, I had no fucking idea who u was... (Stalker Much?!?!)

Sunday, May 02, 2010

I Relax..!!?! (Borat Voice)

*Note This Was Typed during the Easter Holidays.
Forgot to update, but newer blog should be posted soon.
Relaxing too much hahaha!!

Well it seems like everyone enjoyed their 2 weeks off. Same Shit for me, I've been off since last year haha. Sorry for not posting recently been relaxing too much at home, well when parents aren't there that's what happens haha. Bringing out all the crazy shit, with my mad set up in my living room. It seems as if I've not really progressed with my blog.

Everyone seems to be jumping on hype's bandwagons and shit now. I've been there done that, still fucking doing it. I'm not a follower of trends, and when people jump onto my ship I'll look for another method of transport. (I'll(m) just fly)

This had to be written down because shutter island is probably one of the most confusing films I've watched in a while. I mean I sussed it all out before the end. But I dunno if I was right till the end. It was worth the watch, and I wanted to give u guys a little opinon on life based upon shutter island. (Advice don't watch it when u are high as fuk)

I'm guessing a lot of you kind of have split personalities, or what most people are like now a days 2 faced. Some find that insulting to me your playing the game correctly. We as humans have learnt to adapt and survive. Come into contact with a new group and u'll be quiet for a while. If ur too loud to begin with, they won't gel to you. And probably start to dislike you. Play their game, ease urself in. Change the way u are to fit into the group. I'm not saying don't be urself, but hold on back till they understand u.

A lot of people get this shit wrong. U can't just be the way u are around everyone, not everyone shares the same humour or tastes. Read, analyse and evaluate. I never thought I'd be using them words after school. But that's what every situation needs. Learning to do all this subconciously and then once u've evaluated you share, so u can be analysed and evaluated (or judged) but who are they to judge u? (I hear u asking)

Because every single one of us has an ego, we tend to judge. Tbh, fuck it don't give a shit what people think. As long as the people think how u want them to, that's when u come out on top.

Everything around u is a power game, who is one step ahead? It sounds really pointless and complicated but this shit gets u far in life.