Sunday, May 02, 2010

I Relax..!!?! (Borat Voice)

*Note This Was Typed during the Easter Holidays.
Forgot to update, but newer blog should be posted soon.
Relaxing too much hahaha!!

Well it seems like everyone enjoyed their 2 weeks off. Same Shit for me, I've been off since last year haha. Sorry for not posting recently been relaxing too much at home, well when parents aren't there that's what happens haha. Bringing out all the crazy shit, with my mad set up in my living room. It seems as if I've not really progressed with my blog.

Everyone seems to be jumping on hype's bandwagons and shit now. I've been there done that, still fucking doing it. I'm not a follower of trends, and when people jump onto my ship I'll look for another method of transport. (I'll(m) just fly)

This had to be written down because shutter island is probably one of the most confusing films I've watched in a while. I mean I sussed it all out before the end. But I dunno if I was right till the end. It was worth the watch, and I wanted to give u guys a little opinon on life based upon shutter island. (Advice don't watch it when u are high as fuk)

I'm guessing a lot of you kind of have split personalities, or what most people are like now a days 2 faced. Some find that insulting to me your playing the game correctly. We as humans have learnt to adapt and survive. Come into contact with a new group and u'll be quiet for a while. If ur too loud to begin with, they won't gel to you. And probably start to dislike you. Play their game, ease urself in. Change the way u are to fit into the group. I'm not saying don't be urself, but hold on back till they understand u.

A lot of people get this shit wrong. U can't just be the way u are around everyone, not everyone shares the same humour or tastes. Read, analyse and evaluate. I never thought I'd be using them words after school. But that's what every situation needs. Learning to do all this subconciously and then once u've evaluated you share, so u can be analysed and evaluated (or judged) but who are they to judge u? (I hear u asking)

Because every single one of us has an ego, we tend to judge. Tbh, fuck it don't give a shit what people think. As long as the people think how u want them to, that's when u come out on top.

Everything around u is a power game, who is one step ahead? It sounds really pointless and complicated but this shit gets u far in life.

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