Monday, May 24, 2010

Teacher Till The Last Day..!?!

Well as I've been working stupid hours I've not had time to really write a blog. But I'm guessing u've all been keeping track and crossing out the days I'm not writing haha..
(I wish)

Anyways I've been enjoying my invigilating @ the school. And no I'm not entitled to bribes for exam answers, or am I willing to get hold of papers for you!!

I've been asked by many people why aren't I a teacher? The students love me and I always have a smile on my face when dealing with the students.
The schooling system is a failure to these kids, they don't know jack shit, and are usually more concerned with having fun than learning.

I've been considering becoming a teacher, just because the general satisfaction I'll have knowing these kids are better because of me. I've been reading a book recommended to me by Marco, Tuesdays with Morrie.

It's about a teacher who wants to help his former student complete a thesis on life and death.

"If you learn to die, you'll learn to live!"

Life isn't about all the things I've been chasing, a faster car, a big house, designer clothes/handbags or the latest gadgets. (Ipad is out 28th)!!
Life is about finding ur purpose and to give your love.
The book has opened my eyes what I wanted in life isn't going to make me happy, it mite make me rich. But being rich, amounts to nothing when I die. It'll just be a hassle for those close to me fighting for what I have haha. But if I was to be a teacher/preacher a role model of some sort, the advice I give will be like a voice speaking to them within their head constantly. As If I'm a sort of God or Prophet guiding them on their path.

Haha that's my god complex kicking in. It's been a while since I've called myself one, but it seems like my mind has been cleared. I was in a dark place. My vision was clouded. I'm now back on track and become stronger!! Just comes to show, the difference a person can make.

Recently I've been flowering towards my sun, she has become my eNerGy source. Time seems to freeze when we talk, giving me time to recollect my thoughts, harness the energy and plough through. As Lupe Fiasco says "I'm Beaming".

Everyday you learn something new, because no day Is the same. People who do the same shit different day, change it up. Read a book, read a magazine or even visit a different shop. Even something so small can begin something better. It's all in the detail, a con artist will tell you.

It's a marketeer's job to change your lifestyle, break you out of your habits and try something new. I'm trying to do that, not by telling u to buy our product, but to open your eyes and see further into the future!

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