Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's not the truth!!

Sometimes it's not the truth that hurts it's the hiding of the truth!!
We as humans have the function to forgive, our conscious allows us to decide what's right and what's wrong.

To be able to forgive someone who's hurt you give you a lot of power! If your a regular reader of my blog you will have heard me reference 48 laws of power quite a lot, if u've managed to grab a copy of my e-book then u've probably invested in the 48 laws. Let me explain.

If someone has lied to you, cheated you or done anything to hurt u, be it physically or mentally. The usual way to get over this would be to ignore said party and move on. But then u may have lost a good mate. Well "good" mate haha. But if you can be the bigger man, the stronger character and learn to forgive them. They are forever in your debt, because their "guilty" conscious has come into play. By having a stranglehold on that person, they will feel inferior because your able to let them go as a friend quicker than they can apologise.

Trust me with great power comes great responsibility!! They will try and do everything for you, so it will seem like you owe them. This may all be internet text but the lesson learned will give you immense power over your relationships and yourself.

I can hear you saying to yourself, but sometimes I just can't forgive them! Then you'll have to do the reverse of this law, try and fuck them over! Do what they did to you, revenge is a dish best served cold. But never forget, retreating and planning your own attack is never the cowardly option. You may have lost the battle but the war can still be won, never assume you are the weaker one. By assuming you are, you've already become weak.

Anyways mayne, peace out I'm going to watch Lost on my Ipad!! This final season is slightly shit, but I've already wasted 6 years waiting for this to end, mite as well forgive and soldier on!

Here's what most of u have been waiting for my iPad blog/ Dan-review!!

So I Q-ed up fucking 9+ hours for my iPad 64GB 3G. The top spec, that's how we ballers do shit now a days. None of that half arsed shit, wifi only or anything. The line was a right laugh, I had a great time and great support from my Man Nixon. Ray, Geoffrey, Sara, Rosie and Sanjay came down in support of my name haha. 8 people and only 1 person was buying it! Now that's what u call friends!

Shit was a mad laugh, we met a few geeks! And when I say geeks these guys made me seem like a fucking jock. I was baffled by some of the terminology they were using. They showed me shit which I didn't even think was possible! 1 guy, connected to some random wifi, turned on his tv and imac at home via his iphone and watched it all on his CCTV set up via his Macbook Pro! He also managed to set his sky+ box at home to record his interview on GMTV. This guy was soo crazy he downloads up to 800gb a month!! I can't even think of that much shit to download!! So those who would consider themselves or even consider calling me a geek think twice!!

Anyways back to the iPad!! For all those haters who say it's a giant iphone it's exactly the same why u buying it, etc etc. I would like to say. The same fucking reason u have an iphone!! The ipad is an iphone yes, but it can be so much more! It's what u make out of it! The iphone isn't much use as a phone. Typing on it sucks, reception on it sucks! Battery life is the worst, if u leave it on and go bed without charging it, when u wake up it's dead (even if it was 100%) standby drains battery too!
So I've had it for over 24 hours and I've only just put the shit down and out of my reach. Web browsing on it via wifi or 3g is amazing. Speeds are quick and navigation is simple. Typing on it is probably just the same as typing on a standard apple keypad, maybe not as accurate because it's got a different feel to it. Not many good apps on it atm, but that will definitely change. I've not picked up anything extra for it yet, as everything is soo expensive and pointless, I.e a dock, wireless keyboard and shit. But I'll see to them in the near future. Battery life is amazing, been using it with wifi + 3g turned on, watched movies and listening to music whilst browsing. Still had a good 30% left after 24 hours. This was from 100% charge.

It's well worth the money, and when u start using it, and switching back to the iphone. U feel as if the screen's too small and not as responsive! Let's hope the 4G will live up to the hype. The only thing I can say about the ipad is, be prepared to pay a little extra for the apps and stuff. It's pretty shit without the apps!

Last blog to be written on my Blackberry!! Rip my little friend!!

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