Saturday, May 08, 2010

Lifes a Game..!?!

Life's a bitch!! You've heard all that shit before.. It seems like people don't give it (life) a chance!

We play life like a game, but do we follow the rules? But then again who makes the rules? If only life was like GTA, L1 aim, R1 shoot, one less person you have to deal with. Press start to pause the game and do something else, come back and resume in the same position.

Sometimes we wish we can load a saved state. Go back and re-do our own mistakes. But there are no such options in life. We have to live and learn. Life's learning curve is much steeper than that of a game, after the tutorial, your done, u've got ur wings to leave the nest.

Usually there is only one objective to reach the end, but what is the end point in life. Some of u may say Death, but in my eyes, the end point is when u've achieved everything u've dreamed you could. Hitting that 100% mark on GTA isn't easy, specially if you've cheated. I know most of u here are a bunch of cheats, done something illegal in ur time. I'm not saying I'm perfect and I'm not here to judge.

Sometimes life is much simpler!

Alrite enough of that mumbo jumbo! Let's get to the good shit haha.

Man, I've probably been playing way too many games to make up shit like that haha. I've managed to get hold of a New PS3 Slim, waiting for the RED Dead Redemption to drop on May 21st. Enough about games.

It seems like the 'lost generation' of "Broken Britain" will become a bigger problem!!
Speaking of Britain as a whole elections are coming up! Everyone keeps asking who I'm voting for, and my answer is Conservative! I was too young to vote for last PM, but this time round we need a change. This donkey isn't helping me at all, all Labour wants is fat lazy white people who benefit from benefits. Get up off ur ass, we are becoming some poor, lazy nation thanx to all u benefit fraudsters!!

I'm also voting conservative because one day I'll be the upper class, fuck having all these taxes when I'm one of them. I've seen changes take longer than their suppose to, it takes on average of 4 - 5 years before MP's implement anything. And fingers crossed by then I'll be up there with upper class haha.

Also I've reaped all the labour shit I can already, student loans and what not. I never qualified for EMA, Under 18 free travel what ever else they've given us.

It's time we worked for ourselves.

Anyways that's the fullest extent of my government and politics knowledge goes.

Vote Lib Dems before Labour! We want to reinforce 16 year old porn! Haha, that's the worst. Jail Bait! Shit just encourages more teen sex and paedophilia!!

Anyways peace out I'll give u guys more Dan Updates when I have time!!

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